Halle Berry Slams Baby Daddy For “Trying To Turn Daughter White”


Gabriel Aubry stood before the Court, Monday … after Halle Berry made legal claims that he is trying to turn 6-year-old Nahla white by straightening and dying the child’s hair blond.

Reports reveal … The judge ruled neither Berry or Aubry could change Nahla’s look from natural state and ordered for Nahla’s hair to grow back naturally.

Check the Word:

“Gabriel was straightening Nahla’s naturally-curly hair, lightening it with highlights and Halle is convinced it’s because he does not want the girl to appear to be African American.”


  1. Isn’t that what you wanted Halle? Isn’t that what you dreamed of? Isn’t that why you ran to the first European and had a baby with him just like the child you just had is with a European man now he’s dying her hair and making her look not so African American hu? That’s what you get, you deserve every thing these cat’s take you through, you deserve every bit of what these men put on you. I didn’t know you had lost custody of the little girl, I thought she was with you, I don’t know you lost custody of her you a stupid ass broad halle really this doesn’t make any sense, you set your own dumb up.

    • calm down they have joint custody.

      Halle hates the dude now and she will say and do anything to piss him off

    • @ on topa; I agree with u. This was her choice; now she needs to deal with it.

      I thought they had joint custody of the child.

      For some reason Halle reminds me of someone who is not wrapped too tight( if u know what I mean).

    • Yall tripping . How did she run to the first white guy when she had nothing but black boyfriends and husbands: Wesley ankles, David justice, Christopher Williams, Eric Benet. Obviously she does not want her baby to look white or she wouldn’t be complaining and the judge obviously agreed with her. Gabriel’s lame ass needs a job. What kind of man spends time flat ironing and blond highlighting a 6 year old. I know if my child came back from daddys with a relaxer/ lace front combo I would shit a brick. Halls is annoying and can’t figure her ass from her elbow when it comes to men, but she’s right about this one.

      • I agree. Halle was messing with brothas for YEARS..she finally went to the other white meat and still catching hell.

        I would be crazy mad if somebody put chemicals in my 6 year old’s hair. That is BS. You know it was probably one of his jumpoffs who was there when the kid was visiting and couldn’t comb her hair (you know how they act if they see a tad bit of curls).

        A dayum shame. I hope they greases her scalp at least so it wouldn’t burn…

        • I agree she is way too young to be dying her hair what father do you know that if even thinking about doing their daughter hair let alone trying to put a chemical in a 6 year old hair crazy.

        • She married two Black men, Dave Justice and Eric Benet. She paid Dave alimony until he remarried. Eric signed a prenup and got nothing. Eric has since remarried to one of Prince’s ex-wives. They have two daughters together.

          Halle gave the brothas chance after chance after chance. Gabriel used her for notoriety and a come up. I don’t believe he gives a damn about Nahla. He is just in it for th $20k/month he receives in child support, which is ridiculous. He does not have sole custody of Nahla. I hope Halle can get full custody of her daughter, with supervised visitation for Gabriel.

          • Co sign all of this. That Gabriel Aubrey is one low down sneaky snake. And a user. Hate it when these hollyweird fools have access to black children. Someone recently called the cops on Charlieze Theron for publicly mistreating her black son.

          • I hope Halle can get full custody of her daughter, with supervised visitation for Gabriel AND…the court STOPS the amount of child support she’s paying. It’s absurd that a court would allow such a thing but the day that court order was created was the day Halle got her “you’re just another nigga” moment.
            A non-black woman would NEVER have had that happen to her, likewise, had Gabriel been a black man it wouldn’t have happened either.

            Gabriel is far worse of a bastard than Kevin Federline was. Him & Shar Jackson played & used the hell out of Brittany Spears but Kevin did have temporary full custody of his boys for a long time.

      • At the end of the day her mother is black and her father is white she will be the best both world but there are plent of rasict mixed couple and they really saw the truth of what the partner thought or think when they ha kids. I think that it is just stupid because obvious Gabriel saw that Halle was black whe he date and fked her so to called her a nigger just shows where he stand internally but what you won’t do is mess with my childs mind that wil create a real fight there.

      • You obviously missed the point. The point is if she wanted a black child then why didn’t she have one with the one of the black men from the list that you mentioned.

        • I didn’t miss shit. Wesley Smiles and David Justice abused her. One so badly she is legally deaf in one ear from him busting her upside her head. Christopher Williams and Eric Benet both cheated excessively, Benet had to go to treatment for sex addiction. In other words not a single one of those mofos was a candidate for fatherhood . That’s why she didn’t get knocked up by them. But she was with Gabriels lame ass for three years pre Nahla and said she would never marry him but she was getting on in years so she had a baby with who she was with. That’s the point you obviously missed.

          • Calm down and breath. Ok you didn’t bring their character into question the first time you only pointed out their race (them being non white). But if you must bring in character, this dude Aubrey was abusive to her as well(with no money). So what was the deciding factor in having the child? Could we speculate that maybe she felt that her biological clock was ticking? I don’t know her to ask her that. *And eric Benet went to sex rehab to secure his alimony, if you didn’t know that. She has her white kids now, I’m sure she is happy.

            • Things happen you idiot! Maybe its,because she was getting older and wanted to experience motherhood before its to late, or maybe they just slipped up and didnt wear a condom, people have kids and breakup everyday you dumb mf

            • Obviously u r about 12 and don’t know shit so you are talking out of your ass . You don’t know her well enough to kbow if her age was a factor on getting preggy, but you kbow Eric Benet went to rehab to secure his alimony. First of all, it would be palimony and he went to rehab to save his marriage, not that it worked because she was done. I’m sure she’s happy she has her daughter too. Bit of she wanted the kid to be white she would be encouraging that psycho to give the kid makeovers, not going to court to restrain him. Grow up.

          • Your comment is as wack and corny as your handle. Some real funny characters on this site.

            • What does.my handle have to do with the fact that your a dumb bitch who doesnt know that people fuk and breakup, your the corny bitch.who cant come up with anything to say other than “your handle is stupid” go back to preschool

        • Halle has always identified as being black. She just happened to get pregnant by a white man. I wouldn’t want anyone changing the state of my child’s hair unless it has been agreed upon by both parents. Give this woman a break!

    • remember halle was with a shit load of black men who dog the shit out of her. I highly doubt halle dreamed of being with a white man and having white children. if she found a black man that was worth a hill of beans, she would have married him and had his children.. and when are you coons going to see that gabby is racist as all get out. why the f*ck is he straightening the baby’s hair and adding sun-in. is it possible that halle is telling the truth about him calling her a nigger at one point, damn.

      • You calling people coons, whats the difference, in someone calling a person a nigger?

        • Are you that dense? Coon is a word used by a Black person towards another Black person when they feel they are being overly-hostile towards their Blackness… the person using coon uses it because they are very much in love with the Black struggle…

          You have to understand that you have devoided your ENTIRE point when you TYPED the word NIGGER. You didn’t type NIGGA and Blacks don’t USE the word NIGGER.

          So if you want to fall 60 feet close to making ANY SENSE… you may want to re-comment using NIGGA…

          And IN that case, the word NIGGA in everyday usage by non-Black men or Black men in a non-racial conversation use it as a placeholder for the term motherf*cker…

          Anymore questions? You are severely out of touch with anything close to resembling reality.

          • Some I’m baffled too. The woes coon offends you the same as the N word? Bizarre.

    • I feel sorry for halle and other super pretty black women. people are so f*cking jealous of her that they would rather side with a racist or an abuser.
      If you had any clauddamn sense, you would know gabby is racist as a mothaf*cka and had no business straightening and dying the child’s hair. she is still a baby with developing hair follicles.

      • Your comment is interesting. You say you feel sorry for Halle because she is super pretty and people are jealous of her. I’m curious as to what is there to be Jealous about? If you really think about it, there is only one type of person that would be jealous of Halle Berry and to be perfectly honest with you, I would hate to ever meet a woman who is jealous of Halle Berry because that would be one messed up woman. Look you have to put the blame where it belongs. Look at Halle Berry and her History of relationships. No one SHOULD be beaten on and no one WANTS to be cheated on. Just like no one SHOULD be killed and no one WANTS to be put in jail. But if you keep getting put in jail it’s probably has something to do with you, IJS. Look at all of the people that you say she was beaten and cheated on by, they have all gone on and married and have yet to be accused of what they were accused of doing to Halle Berry. I’m just looking at the facts here. And I’m curious to know whats your point when you are saying he is racist. If it didnt make her any difference then, what difference should it make to me that this dude is a racist? Did he just become a racist in the last six years, was a racist when he was digging in Halle Berry’s Glory Hole and planting his seed in her garden. If it didn’t matter to Halle Berry, why should anyone else care. Halle has gone from dark skinned dudes, to light skinned, to no shoes wearing bohemian crooners, to broke ass European models, to European actor, but the results of her relationships are consistent, that tells me that sh has a lot to do with the ssues

      • I do think that people give her a super hard time when we all go through things and too many people make perfect decision or even logical ones. We all have the right to go through trail and errors because that is why you learn. Halle has had her own battles with being mixed and having no real black representative around her so I give her mercy. I do wish that Halle had some critical thinking skills to see that Gabriel is boarderline racist but people don’t always show you who they are up front and to me he seems to be usuing her getting all that money and not working then have the nerve to cause all of this drama. I will keep taking his azz to court for everything single thing since he likes to live in court when he wants to use the system use that sh!t right back against his azz he is about to learn today.

    • So she was supposed to stay with the black men that kicked her ass and broke her nose and have a baby. Nonsensical thinking. The issue is not to lead the child to believe she is one thing when she is not. Nahla will be black to the world regardless of the color of her father.

    • Word!! She’s predominately white anyways. If she decides to be with a European man when she becomes an adult, that 25% 9Neter is gone. You procreated with a white man, not once but twice, so deal with it! I don’t feel sorry for Halle.


  3. He wants his kid to look like him and his relatives. After health and intelligence, looks is the next thing people pray for in a child, especially if they are attractive(or shallow). He is a cute white guy BUT should have dated someone Nordic-looking like Elin Nordegren if he wanted to do Josef Mengele selective breeding and keep the genes going.

    Also despite the natural hair movement, Ive seen plenty of 6 year old girls with two black parents with their hair ‘laid’. It’s not like Jeter and Eric Benets kids are walking around will full body tans donning afros nor did they procreate with women who looked like Lupita. Beyonce’s mom colored and straightened her hair as a kid.

    Aubrey needs to be careful how he treats his daughter and what he says to her. The first 7 years are the most impressionable and the more he pushes the greater chance his son-in-law will favor Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje.

    • Lol. Yes she will make sure his step son is prince Hakeem. I don’t understand people like him, if he wanted a child that was not mixed and looked like him then why not go to the swiss alpes to get the mama. And halle is so full of shit because I’m sure he didn’t keep his bigot ideas a secret before she even had her daughter but since she thinks her half and half self is better than a black woman it was of no real concern to her. So the most she can complain about is the chemicals being harmful to her daughter, when she told the judge “he doesn’t want the girl to appear African American” the judge should of said ‘girl Bye.

      • see what I mean, black people think biracial blacks and even light skinned blacks think they are better then them. no one thinks they are better than you, thats just your low self-esteem and hate for people who possess the look you really want talking.

        • Honey i said “Halle” not the entire population of biracial people. I know how to separate case by case. I made my analysis based off of halle’s history and statements. What look is it that I really want? I never mentioned what complexion i am so you are assuming. And if you are assuming that I’m very dark, that’s ok with me. Chocolate skin is beautiful. I wish i was kenya moore’s complexion. I never said that dying and straightening that child’s hau

          • *hair was right. No child should have chemicals put in their hair. I hate it when black people perm their daughter’s hair. Although many are becoming wise and doing natural hair care. In any event this should be a cautionary tale.

          • There’s no such thing as no fcking biracial,that was started during slavery to increase profits.The child comes from the dad point blank period.Women don’t produce kids they give birth and that’s a major difference.

            • Ok to get into the metaphysics of the term biracial is what’s up. The man does hold the seed. So i would correct that and say white mother and black father. Because if the father is white and the mother is black according to hebrew lineage the child is white. Not all accept that but it is what it is.

            • @jazzy… fyi , in Jewish law its decreed that the child is Jew if the mother is not the father. However if a man marries gentile then the woman and the children must be converted. Get your facts straight.

            • Right because the baby can just get up and walk out of the uterus as soon as its conceived, the 9month gestation period required to fully develop the fetus is just a myth

            • Anastasia, Why do you think Halle is going hard on this? She’s half-white, father of the child is white…Do The Math! Victoria Rowell from Young & The Restless fame pulled the same card. She mixed, married a whiteman, birthed a blonde, blue-eyed daughter. Said the same lines… “My Daughter Is Black Blah Blah Blah.” A Quadroon she is, Yes? Honestly Sis, will we ever get right on this stuff? It’s causing confusion in this country and drama. Halle is turning into a tragic mulatto, i hate to say it… Your Thoughts?

            • As far as Halle Berry, You summed it up. But the race of the child is confusing because it depends on what Law we are going to apply. If we apply white mans law then the child is black, actually if you apply white mans law then by default, everyone walking the face of the earth is black. Unless we are talking theory of evolution……lol. But if we are talking from a biblical standpoint then the father determines the race of the child…hold on but that can’t be right either because that means everyone is black because everyone came from Adam and Eve………which,………were…..aww man forget it, I’m confused.

            • @Black The suffix Ish means to pertain to just like blackish means something or someone wants to be black and it’s no different than Ju-ish meaning the fake joo’s wishes they were the real joos.Ju ish means they wish they were the real Ju’s.Ask Keagan Bullock.

    • NI straightened the hair with flat or a straighten comb on a mild temperature is ok. But the trick to that is get a shampoo that has a smooth care in it. It will help a helluva lot with a person who has natural hair. Aubrey is dead wrong for what he did. Why? Because Nahla’s hair is going thru an anagen phase. Meaning it is in the growing phase.Catagen mmeans the hair is in its resting stage. Telogen is in the stopping phase. So by this idiots and a few others I can name shouldn’t bother a child’s hair with chemicals until they are at 12 years old. There are two types of lightening. On the scalp and off the scalp. And knowing this dumbass and not thinking he could have put Nahla in a very hazard state by doing that. She could have had a serious reaction to the lighten and possibly could have burn her. Oh yes! Lighten can burn your scalp and skin if U are not careful. Thank God her hair has not fallen out cause of her irresponsible father.

      • How Are You Sis? I’d like to get your perspective on this? Mariah Carey Is That Woman…Father is half-black—Mother is white…Quadroon! It’s common knowledge, Wendy Williams pushed the issue heavy, knowing that she is technically not a blackwoman. Black runs deep as the ocean, but, it breaks off at a certain point. As human beings learn the truth about their african origins, this will pop up more often. Especially on the female side, which is more obvious to the naked eye. Garcelle Beauvais is in the same boat…Mixed Woman… White Sons.

        • Hey Ty. My prospective of comment is this. If there is a bi-racial that is born, they have to go by the father’s race. Why? Because his DNA determines what race, sex, and some features that child will have. Wendy was dead wrong. Mariah is black. It doesn’t matter what her mother’s race is, but according to Science, a bi-racial person has to go by the father’s dominant gene.

          • Appreciate the insight Sis…Always! The biblical lineage argument makes too much sense, which is the problem. I would say that most brothas agree with it, but i see the other side as well. The black male ego is already turnt-up, this genetic/science knowledge just adds to what we already know. In my opinion, it’s an alluring trap for us. Right now, multitudes of my brethren are seeding colored babies with every creed of woman on the planet based on hebrew law. In my militant days as a youngin, i was all in. Over time, my feelings changed about this. Today, i run away from it because it creates false expectations in many ways. Thinking we can replace each other, i can’t vibe with that. Just because we can create a chocolate rainbow with all women, doesn’t mean it’s good for us. Our blood has been diluted enuf already, why add to it? As to sistas, many are true believers on the other side of this. Any baby that comes from their wombs, is black. Based on what i see in the streets, mixed children with black mothers look like their non-black fathers on the male side in terms of facial features… That’s The Difference! The women look the same pretty much. We gotta rethink all of this, do we want to be black or something else entirely? Be Good Sis!!!

      • I think it did damage it pretty bad Daradiant. I read somewhere else that he only tried to straighten it, and denied really doing anything permanent to her hair. He tried to blame the damage on pool chlorine and sunlight.

        I guess she said ummm, no and had her daughters hair lab tested.

        • Black Enga, Chlorine does strip the hair but causes build up if anything. Anytime U jump into a pool ALWAYS SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR WITH A CLARIFYING SHAMPOO! Clarifying Shampoo removes product build up and strips the chloring chlorine out your hair. Follow up with a moisturizing shampoo, then do a deep conditioning to restored moisture. Also,use a carrot oil hair greese to put back more moisture.

          • I know, I guess she was doing all that but he was lying about the damage.

            “She said she first noticed a difference in her daughter’s hair when Nahla returned from visiting her father in August 2013, saying : ‘Gabriel continues to maintain that he has done and is doing nothing to cause the extensive straightening, color changes, stripping and damaging of our daughter’s hair.

            ‘I have personally observed the changes in Nahla’s hair texture and color over the last year. I have never personally experienced hair damage nor have I ever known a single person whose hair has suffered such excessive changes from spending time in a salt water pool (or even chlorinated water) and sunlight.’

            Halle put forward ‘before and after’ photos of Nahla to the court and said: ‘I have since reviewed the laboratory report concerning this very hair sample that I obtained, which confirms to me that Gabriel has not been truthful about what he has done and had been doing to our daughter’s hair.’

            And she noted: ‘I continue to worry about the potential psychological and physical damage to Nahla that can be caused by the use of chemical hair treatments and the psychological message that it conveys to Nahla, and to implore the court to put a stop to Gabriel’s attempts to alter our daughter’s appearance and most probably cause her to wonder why her natural appearance is not good enough.’”

      • Thanks Radiant. I didnt know that heat treatments were safe for children. Im not a parent yet but dont think I could apply heat to my kids scalp. But I may be one of those who grab the Just for Me kit when its time to detangle. Age 12-14 is the rites of passage for hair straighteners, fat camps and orthodontic work. Any age before that you lie to the kid and tell them that they are perfect as is,

    • Derek Jeter’s non existant children? You need Drug Addicts Anonymous, you delusional nasy kunt.

      • I meant to say ‘that black ass Wesley Snipes’. I lose track of all her black exes and their penchant for swirling. So many brothers.

    • I’ve heard Gabriel speak and he’s quite dumb and racist so i doubt he even knows who Mengele is. But Nahla appears to be on the special needs end of the early childhood learning spectrum. So her father should be very careful about the message he’s sending by messing with her hair. She’s beautiful just the way she is. She doesn’t need to get the impression that blond hair is better than brown hair. And long straight hair is better that shorter curly hair. That kind of thinking will cause self esteem issues in the teen years. And Gabriel news to stop it, he’s not that fine himself. Model days are over. These days he looks like he lives under the Santa Monica pier.

      • Yep which is precisely why he will have a dark kinky haired grandson since she will she is subpar and some color struck male will sweep her off her feet and treat her a sepia goddess and reaffirm her blackness that her dad shunned. Glad my dad told us that we were cute even when we were odd looking. I thought everyone heard of Josef Mengele…

  4. well Halle that’s what u get f*ckin white men that really has no love for us blacks

    • Come on Mane, SHE WON AN OSCAR FOR (REALLY) FUK N A WHITE MAN N MONSTERS BALL. (Not just a good acting job, da real thing)

      Now look @ EVERY Black Woman’s Relationship N EVERY TV Show/Movie, and U will find it is wit a Wite Guy!!!!!!

      Coincidence, or Planned every since Monsters Ball????

        • Cosign Anon. 6:14

          Yes and just about every black man on tv and in movies is now boneing a white chick every since sidney potier in the movie “whose coming to dinner”. But when the director said cut some of these black brother are still in character though.

  5. what proof do we have that this child is special needs. I swear you simpletons just repeat what other people say. come with concrete evidence.

    • Sorry to talk about ppls kids but..

      The child looks slow. She never looks very lucid or aware, as if the light is not on.

      You can spot an “aware” kid. My brother was born very aware, wIth hIs lIghts on hIgh beam. He didn’t miss a trick .. like an old soul.. ever hear that before? Well this kid here is the opposite.

      I doubt he is dying the hair. The kid was born blonde. She is at least 3/4 white born to a blonde white man. She will never be a Lupita or a Grace Jones.

      Kids with that texture hair could honestly blow dry it straight. I’ve known full black lil girls with semi good hair that blow dryed pin straight with no chemicals.

      • She has very similar coloring, skin and hair to Sydney Simpson at that age. Sydney had beachy blonde hair with soft curls. I also question that he is bleaching the child’s hair. I also question that he wants her to look white. I mean, with his coloring he could have had the whitest kid in history if he’d impregnated someone who looks like him. But he didn’t did he?
        Some, not all, of you have the blonde white dude thing bass ackwards. They are the white men that tend to lose they minds over a fully chocolate beauty. I know 3 fair colored WM who are married to very deep and richly brown women, and they are totally p-whipped by their wives. It’s usually the darker Italian type wm who go for the lighter skin bw. Anyways, I imagine he loves his girl just as she is and I will withhold judgment that he is using chemicals until it is a proven fact. Halle is the last person on earth who I would believe about anything.

        • Halle is a drunk d- chaser and serial victim.
          Let’s not forget who she is as a person.

          I’m sure this guy isn’t as bad as she says…

      • Willie baby!
        You have me cracking up over here. I try really hard not to talk about others children so I’ll just say I agree with you and leave it at that. If that guy was so worried about having a Black daughter, he wouldn’t have made a baby with a brown skinned woman like Halley.
        This sounds to me like another one of her bat shit plans to cut back on those child support checks. I read elsewhere that she took a strand of her daughters hair to a lab and had tests run on it. Really?

        • Thanks cheese.
          When was her last big paycheck? I know she has a show on CBS.. not huge money.. I’m sure she is no different than a Matthew Knowles with that child support..
          Its ok to be Halle Berry but only if its getting you somewhere..

          • Welllllll , Matt dont wanna pay at all. Halle wants to stop paying $16,000.00 a month when her kid spends half the month with her. Shea willing to pay 3,000.00 she said. But Gabi don’t want that because then he has to get a job, LOL

          • I think Halle earned some nice paychecks after that Oscar win but I still don’t understand how he was awarded so much money in a joint custody hearing. She must have done something to piss the judge off.

            • You know what the argument is when it comes to child support. The child needs to have the same standard of living when he/she is not under the same roof And the chief bread winner is responsible for making sure the standard is upheld. This is just the first time we have heard this publicly happening to a woman.

            • Right but I always thought the breadwinner only had to pay out like that in cases where the lesser parent had sole custody.

            • There is something strange there because she pays such high support and the child actually lives with her and her husband and son. I think its possible Halle did not supply the egg, just carried the baby. She was getting up there and might have used donor eggs, making Gave the only bio parent. That makes sense because Gabe has some weird leverage he’s holding over her. I think that’s why she hates him so much , and why she has to pay all that $ and can’t move the kid to France. And have you ever seen her son? He must be about 8 or 9 months now and no pap shots of him yet. Weird.

            • Halle doesn’t sell pictures of her children to the media. When Nahla’s image was first revealed, it was done via Halle in a retail store (if I recall correctly) on Robertson Blvd. A pap zoomed in on a keychain photo of Nahla that Halle intentionally positioned for them to photograph. Maceo has been photographed in Halle’s arms while at an amusement park. He is a handsome little fella.

        • Another poster was hollering about Gabby being a racist….now thats some funny shit, it sounds crazy. I guess he wasnt racist when she was serving up her Victoria secrets to him. Maybe he wasn’t a racist until he hooked up with Halle Berry, maybe she is so crazy she caused him to go “coco mama Cold Turkey ” This might be mean but if the dude was racist, I wouldnt give a shit. Does him being racist mean that he is an asshole for being racist or that halle is stupid for getting pregnant by a racist, then loosing sole custody to said racist and having to pay said racist 200,000 a year. you can’t play that race card Halle, now that the thrill is gone.

          • Not really getting your point. I’m sure every black person in this country knows hard core racists that are sexually attracted to blacks. We all remember slavery right? White looking babies born in the slave huts and then sold cuz it was just too obvious massa was the pappy. Thomas Jefferson is a good example of the sickness that lurks in the souls of some racist white folk. He wrote extensively againt race mixing. Yet had 6 children with his dead wifes quadroon sister and even lived with her in France and Virginia rather openly for the time.
            So, if your point was racists don’t race mix , I disagree. And I don’t think Halle sees herself as a tragic mullato, she doesn’t even look mixed, she just is. She said when she was in high school she wonprom queen but people accused her stuffing the ballot box because they didn’t think a black Girl could win. She didn’t say a mixed Girl, she said black. And she was the first black Girl to win Miss Teen Ohio. She is proud of this. So all this Halle hates her blackness is bullshit. I’m sure she didn’t realize he was racist when she was with him. I k ow first hand how this can be possible. Fame changed him. He used to be a hardworking guy with two jobs. People change .

            • No disrspect But im trying to understand your point as well. The Thomas Jefferson comparison I can’t take serious. Reason being, we are talking about a slave owner during a time when racism was the way of life and to have sex with slaves was the norm, wether it was to impose some sick power fetish or to humiliate the husbands of the slaves. It didnt always have to do with attraction. Plus, I don’t know if Jefferson was a racist, just because he had slaves does not prove he was racist, it proves he was in the slave trade which was a the backbone of the American Economy at the time. Plus you say that he lived in France Va, openly with this woman. Im aware that i might be misinformed but i have never heard Of a hardcore racist that galavants around the world with his black baby mama in tow. There were white peope during that time who were not racist but were to weak to stand against the rest of the racist due to fear of backlash and getting the “Nigger lover” tag. But as far ad knowing a hard core racist that still attracted to black blacks, I’m sorry but the only pace I have see that is on Television or the movies. I don’t socialize with hardcore racist so I have no knowledge of their desires and attractions. Do you really think racist believe in race mixing. If you think they do, I want to know what and who you consider racist. I guess we have different understandings off the word. Because I’m of the understanding that a racists is a person who believes in the superiority of certain races over others and is against race mixing. I wouldn’t call him racist because he tried to perm the child’s hair. Stupid, yes….an idiot, yes. Ignorant and in need of parenting class, yes. I have seen a lot of kids that have chemicals put into their head by their parents and most of them were black.

            • If you don’t get it, you don’t get it but its plenty clear to me. Sometimes people hate their own urges, even hate themselves over it, but can’t fight the urges that drive them. It’s called having demons and you can take it metaphorically or metaphysically but it is what it is. Jefferson wasn’t the only one. Strom Thurgood is another notorious example, so is that Chrisley knows best guy, and Dog the Bounty Hunter. List is endless, I was just giving well known examples. Put it like this: its exactly like clergy members and politicians that rage against homosexuality and gay marriage….and yet are gay themselves.
              Gabe aubrey isn’t racist because he straightened and bleached his kindergarteners hair. He’s a racist because he uses the n word freely and told his ex before Halle how he disliked black people. She is white and said she was shocked he was dating Halle because when she was with him everyone in their circle knew his racists beliefs. That’s all I really have to say other than in response to your comment about chemicals on black kids hair that usually has to so with grooming, not trying to make the child look whiter, imo.

  6. The male is the seed carrier so the child is determined by the ethnicity of the father.If apple seeds are planted appled will grow which is the same process involving sex/child bearing.So in reality,nayla is a Black looking whitewoman whom possesses her mother’s features but her father’s spirit.

    • If you think I sound stupid than why are you responding you dumb bitch!!Do me a favor,go without sexing a man for the rest of you’re pathetic life and see if you’ll ever get pregnant.Women cannot have children without the males DNA.Ask Latifah.

      • You do sound stupid and im glad someone finally corrected your dumb ass, because the seed = embryo AND sperm TOGETHER(conception) THEN that seed inplants in a womans womb (soil), the sperm does not hold all of the DNA therefore it is not a complete seed by itself, the embryo has half and the sperm has half and together that makes one whole seed, this is what happens when you have jailhouse thugs turned preachers, get outta here farraconvict

      • @Green Eggs and Ham which are both abominations of the dietary laws of the bible which in turn makes you an disobedient god hating AntiChrist.Go and fck yourself.Btw,the woman was created from the rib of the man so how could you possibly create me when I’ve created you? Let that marinate you dumb slut!!

    • I agree that the father is the seed carrier but both DNA is still carried now one things that you said caught my attention that because the father carries he seed the child also takes on the spirit of he father interesting that would explain how millons of kids who have never met their father definitely and completely act like their father or the absentee parent. I do think that a child can have the best of both parents. I have seen mixed children that do not turn out with a light tone and if you don’t look like it you usually don’t feel like it.

      • BA and Resurrect are correct. For a bi-racial person to determined its race, it has to by the father’s gene. His gene pool is determined which the sex is going to be and what race that child will turn out. Ever heard of Pyunet Squares?

        • DNA have 2 links from mom and dad, so you might want to read on DNA. As for nahla she’s white, Halle biracial but Andrey is full blood, so nahla is mainly Caucasian . Men of any culture is jealous when a woman of the same culture have a kid OUT of culture, that’s when is,”oh those kids don’t belong”, all cause of jealousy. And that 1 drop rule was started by white men toward black women cause they didn’t want to take care of those children they sired with them.

        • And as for DNA the child can inherit the mother OR the fathers blood type, my son has my blood type, and daughter is b positive, like her dad, the ONLY thing the mans sperm determines is the sex of the child

  7. …A color-struck ‘woe is me, I’m mixed’ actress with a shitty disposition catching feelings because the white father of her child supposedly wants their already-light-as-hell child to look ‘whiter?’ Isn’t that what she wanted all along? I swear you can’t make this shit up!

    • Thank you Raheim. You get it. That’s the point I was making above. You are always sharp and on point.

    • If that’s what she wanted she wouldn’t be suing to make him stop it. Those chemicals probably burn. That kid seems slow and maybe can’t really protest. Mommy to the rescue. The court docs confirm that Aubrey dude uses racial epithets and bleached the hair. I would try to protect my kid too. Dude is an asshole.

      • Well duh, I was being sarcastic. My comment stems from Halle’s concerted effort to distance herself as far from blacks & her own half-blackness as possible over the years. This combined with her reported shitty attitude and I say ‘To hell with her and her equally screwy, possibly racist ex.’

  8. The girl IS half white! LOL…Her father is white!! How is Halle screaming black pride when her daughter is half white? She knew that her daughter’s bloodline would have to be explained to her to understand both of her cultures. You can’t have it both ways Halle.

    • No TB Halle is biracial so that makes her daughter 1/4 Black. I’m telling ya’ll Halle is crazy.

      • Exactly, I was thinking that, talking percentages, she is actually 75% white.

      • @Say Cheese…that’s right, because Halle’s half white. You’re right. Well, that just proves my point even more. Her daughter is 75% white like Eddie said. So I’m puzzled as to why she’s in such an uproar. She knew there was a high percentage chance her daughter would have Caucasian features, skin tone, etc.

  9. I thought the little girl’s hair was naturally blonde. I have no sympathy for Halle you chose this bum to be your child’s father thinking being with a white man would have been easier. I believe Halle has serious mental issues that need to be addressed.

    • I don’t. She got dragged by brotger after brother so she tried something new. Yeah he was white but he was a Calvin klien model and fine as hayelllll. Many a sister woulda gave him some.

  10. ummmmmm okay, Halle has to blame herself for taking that cave boy’s cum inside of her…smh

  11. Halle had the best early in her career David Justice, Christopher Williams, Micheal Ealy, Wesley Snipes, Eric Benet, etc. She has nobody but herself to blame. Halle’s a self hating mixed broad like Stacey Dash. She needs serious counseling.

  12. Why was there so much hype about this wonan? She’s average looking nothing special.She’s not even fully black. She had no intention to have a baby by a black man. Halle always talked bad about her black side of her family and hated her dad.

  13. I read something about Halle ignoring the black side of her family too and when her father was sick she didnt even visit him before he passed. Halle is a hateful and non forgiving witch and karma is getting her good.

    • We can’t really judge Halle’s relationship with her father because according to her, he wasn’t around. I don’t know what I would do in that situation. But it may explain why Halle is so messed up in the head.

      • Exactly. Why do people expect any child that was left behind by an absentee parent to do the mending of a bond the parent broke. Ask Shaw about it.

  14. Halle is always playing the victim character with everyone she’s been with so it’s hard to believe that this may have been the reason he styled her hair that particular way. I think she has lost touch of herself and her identity and she is looking forward to having black folk jump on the bandwagon on her behalf for pity. She knows she messed up. I bet it won’t be long that Olivier Martinez will show her dust. Halle is crazy and pathetic. I feel sorry for her children, they will be lost and confused souls.

  15. Damn- you all are going hard in the paint on Halle. She is no different than any of these white broads out here in Hollywood & their insane antics. Actually, other than her personal problems which we all have she is one of the better behaved stars out there.

  16. this is the same reason why black people have to stop f*cking outside their race

  17. remember Gabriel is French, some French People do’t like Black People and that’s the truth.

    I remember Me and My friend went to France, We went to Micky D’s, Me and My friend ordered a meal, the Cashiers said it would take 4 mins

    Me and My friend waited. but no Food arrived We decided to return back to the Cashier

    Our food was waiting on the counter, usually They will give it to You, but They didn’t

      • TainoBoriqua: some Europeans do’t like Black People, a European Woman sat on a “Black Women Chair” early this year

        • Yes, that was a DISGUSTING picture. Dasha Zhukova was sitting on top of a black woman using her as a chair. It came out in this magazine called Garage Magazine. It clearly is an example of and I quote: “white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way.” There’s also a photo with a white woman as a chair but the black woman chair struck a deeper cord. For obvious reasons.

          They tried to back peddle by saying “the artwork and its use in this photo shoot is regrettable as it took the artwork totally out of its intended context, particularly given that Buro 24/7′s release of the article coincided with the important celebration of the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

          What intended context??? Once I saw the picture I know what they intended. Bastards!

          • TainoBoriqua: That chair really made Me upset, did you know in Romania They sell “Black Man Cookies”

            what’s next a Black Women handbag or t-shirts or

      • Anonymous: listen chit bag, there were no local restaurants .we choose the easiest option

        take your saggy balls out of your mouth

      • You have no idea. I’m with CB on this one. Mc Donalds France is the shit. I’m talking, real beef, fancy cheese, red potatoes friea with sea salt, brioche bread., My French friend drag me cuz when I’m in Paris and Ruell Malmaison I make it a point to go at least once to McDonalds…and Kentucky Fried Chicken! LOL, Im ghetto yall.

  18. From the outside looking in I think Halle falls to easy. She probably didn’t realize how much of an asshole he was until she got pregnant. He seems very controlling and manipulative hence her having to pay such a large amount in child support even though they have joint custody. You have to remember that she is not the healthiest woman either, he might have used that as an advantage too.

    After she got with that other guy he really started clowning her. That’s probably when ole boy got in that ass. Then he went back to court stating that he lost work because of what he did to his face after she wanted the payments reduced. *slither*

    I read somewhere that he tried to have her hair straightened and lightened so she went back to court. The judge told them that neither one of them can change the child’s hair.

    It sounds like the court system is getting tired of them, they better slow down before they both lose custody. Poor kid

  19. Halle is just pissed off because she has to pay a man alimony and child support. She wanted to have a kid by a broke white man, now she has to pay for it.

    P.S. Did you guys know that Halle was fired from the new X-Men movie?

  20. Tommy is busy right now trying to get Tariq Nasheed off his ass/to stop (deservedly) clowning him up and down the Internet.

    • Tommy is like your crazy ass cousin. You know he’s messed up, but you still have him over for Sunday dinner after church. I find myself wanting to hear what he has to say at least once a week, because sometimes he is so on point.
      I am surprised that Soncerae or any number of his haters hasn’t pulled a John Hinkley on him by now.

      • Yes, he has his moments when he’s on point, but the facts that he’s a proud shit-starter/stirrer (i.e. saying certain things, posting certain pics and, of course, flaunting the rejected Russian broad just to get black women riled up and [hopefully] send his views soaring) and a hypocritical piece of shit who has called for cops to shoot black boys & said the black race needs a ‘Purge’ knowing full well White Supremacists regularly view his videos damn near nullifies the truisms he speaks about blacks. He, like Winston Jerome–My bad, I mean Tyler Perry, is little more than a largely untalented opportunist with a ‘get rich’ scheme that found an audience to exploit for personal gain.

      • anonymous: honey thanks you for pointing out my spelling mistake, you should consider being a human spell checker

        like i said before you got nothing better to do, but making me into a laughing stock

      • lol!!

        Lol. Honestly, from what ive read, it appears, you do a good job of it!

        • on the sideline : sweetie, You must relish in My stupidity, but I do’t care, make Your nasty sarcastic
          comments the only person Your making look stupid is Yourself

          I love to sit and chat with you, but Your boring Me

  21. I’m shocked so many people believe Halle Berry! This is the same nut who hit someone with her car and conveniently didn’t remember it. All of her exes have said she lies to make herself look like a victim. I seriously doubt Aubrey is messing with his kid’s hair. I wouldn’t put it past Berry to be doing all this and blaming the guy so she can get out of her child support payments.

    • Lab report proved her chemically treated and damaged the daughters hair and Halle suffered a head injury in that accident. My.mom was on a car accident and same thing happened. She has no recall of it. None. The insurance co sent her to three doctors to male site she wasn’t faking it. So, it definitely happens.

      • Did your mother drive herself to a doctor to get her laceration cosmetically fixed like Halle did? There are many reasons why the judge did not buy Halle’s story.

      • Yeah, Halle probably treated the kid’s hair and blamed the father. She’s trying to get out of paying the child support.

  22. @Nba is fixed :
    Which one are you referring to? There’s one scheduled for 2016, and that will not include Jean, Scott or storm, according to the scriptwriter.

  23. My friend’s sister gave her 6 year old daughter relaxer and a hot comb. I don’t understand why. She’s my best friend and she relaxes her hair almost every month. I love her natural hair, it frames her face and she looks beautiful. She doesn’t agree unfortunately.

  24. Sorry, but Halle really comes of as an unstable hypocrite. The child (who is GORGEOUS) is half white, whether Halle likes it or not now. Straightening her hair IS NOT a big deal and black women do it all the time. Black women also sport some pretty blond hair these days (hello Nene)and on some, it looks really pretty. Nahla is who she is. Her beautiful skin will not change colors, no matter what is done to her hair. Hopefully she will identify and be comfortable with both cultures because Nahla is the American of the future folks. This is what majority America will look like in 30 years and she is BEAUTIFUL.

  25. Halle is unstable. There is no two ways about it. If she is so concerned about her kid looking black, she might want to try having her next kid with a black guy. Instead, she has two kids, each with a white guy. Yes, Martinez is a little darker skinned, but still considered caucasian. Nahla is BEAUTIFUL and she is half black and half white. HALLE needs to get over it. Can you imagine when Nahla is a teenager looking to push her buttons???? Girl, you better get over the hair straightening because there is a whole lot more coming your way very soon!

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