Nicki Minaj Not Happy With Iggy Azalea at AMA’s


Nicki Minaj brought some serious shade to reporters on the AMA’s red carpet after she got word that Iggy Azalea was set to be presented with ‘Best Rap and Hip Hop Album of the Year.’

Sources say the Anaconda lyricist felt like she was being “disrespected” by reporters when they asked her to weigh in with her thoughts about Iggy Azalea.

Here’s what’s out there:

“Minaj was very rude to the press on the red carpet at Sunday night’s awards show. She was especially heated when reporters brought up her rumored foe, Iggy Azalea.”


    • this is a beef orchestrated by the illuminati. dont you see what’s going on.. nikki looks like a witch and so does iggy. look at the nose. black witch against white witch( the black queeen against the white queen ) some straight up alice in wonderland wizard of oz type shit. think which your third eye, think which your third eye!!

        • Iggy is supposed to be the white Nicki. Nicki was an experiment that the labels threw out there to make way for Iggy. If they resemble, it is because Iggy is a carbon copy. The same way there were numerous pics of Nicki dressed like Lil’ Kim in the mid-to-late 90s, there are pics of Iggy dressed identical to Nicki, posing similarly, after Nicki did press and promo photos.

          • Makes sense.
            If Nicki had on a blonde wig and her usual orange “white me down” liquid makeup. . I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

            Iggy has longer legs and smaller chest. Only difference.

      • um why waste good information on a page many people don’t understand portal ads or what u are saying about caged birds/Alice in wonderland

      • She doesn’t have enough money to be a member. She’s still in a slave contract with YMCMB.

      • Fool:

        You’re on to something. I DVRed the AMAs and fast forwarded through the 3-hour boredom fest. Pharrell and Beyonce were beat out by the likes of One Direction and Sam Smith. Iggy was nominated in the same category as Drake and she won. If that doesn’t tell Black folks everything we need to know, nothing will. Look at Adele’s Soundscans. 21 is Diamond. That cow is selling albums like crazy. Now Sam Smith will come in and be the new king of R&B since he can actually sing. Justin Timberlake is the prince of pop, which is a joke. Iggy and J. Lo are the reason why big butts are so popular. Miley Cyrus is responsible for the twerking craze and now the Shmoney Dance. These are all things the media stated in 2014. Notice the trend…

        • B. Stiviano, you certainly have a point. What you said is Totally True. If We all would just wake up to this and make moves in the right direction positively, we could take over the world but, there’s too many coons shucking and jiving for the pale whites to even get a step forward. #ArmYourselvesWithKnowledge


      • hahahha your name totally makes sense..with what you are typing. get the hell off the internet and go get yourself a real education fooool…


      • IF this was Really Jacky…..He would’ve covered this case ALL OVER THIS DAMN SITE. These new folks behind HSK want to keep us distracted. I wish everybody would wake up and realize Jacky was taken off of his own shit.

  1. Can someone please pull the plug on these non talented bitches already.

  2. Both of them can have several seats in the back..too bad nothing is based on talent

  3. That black hideous aids infested charcoal AND the blotchy caucasian discombobulated T-Cell redneck needs to just kill themselves already in order to reach platinum status LMFAO oh and by the way Queen Remy Ma’s new mixtape is on iTunes & Amazon RIGHT NOW

  4. If true, I don’t see what Onika is so angry about–She’s f*cked and sucked enough Industry Execs to have a cushy spot as rap (Not Hip-Hop)’s reigning Whore of Babylon. Besides, the Aussie Gecko doesn’t have much to go on…for now, at least.

    • She’s mad cause she did all that and is STILL being replaced by a white.

      I also think Nicki is looking old. She getting lines on her face. I first noticed them as she was being rude to the reporters!

      • Yeah I know, I was being sarcastic. I find it hilarious how all the shit she talked and did to Lil’ Kim and possibly others is now happening to her, slowly but surely.

        • I wonder what these acts will be doing in 10 years. .
          Their stage shows are so raunchy and nasty now (Bey, Nicki, JLo, Miley etc)

          At least Kim put in her dues.She did the raunchy when everyone was playing innocent..

          Good news about life.. we all get to play all the parts at some time.

  5. I think Nicki was so mad she had a horrible performance with Jessi mash-mouth J and that creepy woman child Ariana Grande. In mot entertained by non of these frauds. Iggy and her fake but that she can’t skake and Jlo trying to stay relevant doing too much with her old lady face. Just too much bs

    • It’s sad how the fame, youth, whatever it is dissipates..

      J.Lo ruined her own career with that “Benifer” mess. She became intolerable. Her movies bombed, her music got suckier. Then she married Marc Anthony in an attempt to reach a Spanish audience. After the divorce she wanted the blacks back, doing crap songs featuring Lil Wayne and Pitbull and now this.

      “Booty”? Maybe 15 years ago.. she’s anorexercised it away.

      45 is not and never will be the new 20.. time has moved on and passed her by. She’s still attractive but she’s not the reigning queen.
      I hate to see her desperation because she has children.

      Bey is another one. Not quite as old as J.Lo but in that same sinking ship. If Bey is doing the nastier stuff now, just imagine how low she’ll stoop in 10 years… if she’s still alive.

  6. Nicki should responded with no comment and kept it moving. Reporters trying to be slick and start some beef. We live in an era where garbage music is being celebrated and rewarded. I feel both Iggy and Nicki are trash and should not be considered hip hop.

    • PR 101.. never say “No Comment “.

      Her ppl should have prepped her for thIs. She also should have a better repoIre wIth the celeb reporters. Then they wont try to catch her off guard. She’s also creative enough to come up with something besides an attitude or getting salty.

      “So how do you feel being replaced by Iggy? ”
      “Oh honey they could never replace me! ” or
      ” I’ve always wanted to clone myself”…
      All with a sh*t eating grin. Never let em see you sweat Nicki.

      Btw, I do media training for groups and individuals. ..

        • Its the kiss of death.
          Makes one look incompetent, or as if they are hiding something. ” No comment” also looks contemptuous .

          Its now more acceptable to say “I don’t have that information”, “I don’t know” or even “I don’t wanna talk about that rIght now”.

          Say something! AnythIng! Just don’t say “no comment ” and walk away!

          • Makes sense WJJ! I didn’t
            consider how that phrase
            would interpreted by the
            What if , one were to say ‘no
            comment’ and not walk

  7. Didnt Nicki win an AMA last year? It wont be long before Iggy wins a grammy. Now the last female rapper to win a grammy was Missy Elliot. I know Lil Kim, Eve, Salt n Pepa, and Lauryn Hill all have won grammies before they took out the female rap category.

  8. The JLO thing is just sad! I think it insulting that JLO dropped a song, quiet similar to Nicki’s anaconda record and featured Iggy on it. If that ain’t a diss, I don’t know what is.

    • J.Lo wouldn’t want the butt comparisons with a black girl. She’s never collaborated with a black female, right?

      Eve and Gwen Stefani and Steebie J

        • #J.Lo taught me


          She’s the original not showing up, no competition wanting, perfect image faking diva..

  9. Makes sense WJJ! I didn’t consider how that phrase would interpreted by the listener.

    What if , one were to say ‘no comment’ and not walk away?

    • Thanks and good questions. .

      The person won’t have much of an interview if they don’t answer the questions. .

      There are plenty of ways to not answer a question with an intelligent response.

      A celeb and their team should be prepared for those questions. With my clients I practice by asking uncomfortable or absurd questions to guage a reaction. That reaction is what some unskilled thirsty reporter is looking to create a whole story.

      I’m sure some celebs can get away with a “no comment” with smile and a wink if asked about their love lives. It would be the worst thing Bill Cosby could say..

      He should accept responsibility (its not admitting guilt, its acknowledging his involvement)

      He needs to make amends with complainers

      He needs to be completely honest. The truth will come out and Its better if it comes from him. Ppl will forgive and forget. He’s old. Can’t live forever. And we’ll all die too and so will the story.

        • Well I’m in school for PR.
          But media training doesn’t take a degree. We covered “medIa traInIng” In class and my Professor recommended a few good books on it.
          That’s how I got started…

  10. I’d be pissed too! Who wouldn’t? However, she’s been mean to my girl, Lil Kim…

    • That Anaconda bit was forced and uncomfortable to watch. She knows she is done and resents some white trick is taking her place. She knows the PTB are orchestrating it all so she can’t fight back. She will have to do like Britney and Celine and head to Vegas for a while and solidify her retirement money.

  11. I HATE to say this but for some sad and bad reason…… Why do I have this feeling about NICKI MINAJI….. Being ……… Taking out………. Young Money is (Claiming to be BROKE) But who really knows what’s going on over their…… I’m just saying for NICKI to be CARE- FULL OVER THEIR…..

    • I kind of thought about that too. Also Bey too
      God forbid
      The industry can be 1 grimy place

      S/n: Wasnt Nicki 1 of the main participants in Whitney”s sacrifice ritual to blow her own career up?

      • Yep! In fact look at the Grammy’s performance the same year Whitney died. Nicki was dressed in a scarlet red dress. Hoist her up in the air to represent the fourth floor where Whitney had died in her hotel room. Monica and Brandy had something to do with that too. Look at Satan Son’s videos on YouTube. Its 7 parts but it is nothing but the truth!

        • I hate to say this-for the love of God I hope I’m wrong -but.I don’t see Bey getting old.

          As for Nicki, it’s obvious she’s getting phased out.

  12. Nikki is so jealous because Iggy’s stealing her thunder. I actually like Iggy rap style over Nikki’s.

    • Nicki knows she is being phased out. Is Lil Kim ever invited anymore to awards show to either sing or even present. No. Iggy is replacing Nicki and Ariana is replacing Britney or even J-Lo. Madonna tried to suck that energy back by pairing up with Britney and Aguilera and other youngsters. J-Lo is doing the same by trying to suck the energy out of Iggy. It never works.

      These women that never collaborated with others all of a sudden are in desperate mode. Soon Gaga will try to get with Grande. The PTB say move out and they have no choice but to get out of the way. This is why all these people need a solid business to fall back on. All that money ultimately dissipates. Look at Monica going back to school to become a nurse. Does she make $75K a year singing anymore. But nursing will do it for her. It’s time for Nicki to think about Vegas.

      • Exactly Blue Sky. Just got done mentioned that Monica went back to school to become a nurse. Now that’s a sign that nothing is guaranteed in the music industry.

        • Had Monica been a songwriter (Besides one non-single album track) and/or producer, she’d be in better shape financially, but as it stands, she and Brandy are similar to their mentor Whitney Houston in this regard. Unlike Monica, however, Brandy has the immense record sales of her second album (‘Never Say Never’) and syndication checks from ‘Moesha’ to fall back on.

          • Brandy’s Never Say Never CD was her best CD ever!,Whoever was the producer of her CD need to hook Monica up. Brandy has a BA from Pepperdine University. But what I can’t understand is why she is Honorary AKA instead of pledging the line itself? She has her two years in and the grades. *shruggs*

            • Rodney Jerkins was the main producer on ‘Never Say Never,’ similar to Timbaland & Missy’s (The latter doubling as songwriter) involvement in Aaliyah’s ‘One in a Million.’ Kenneth Crouch, the producer of Brandy’s first album, deserves some recognition, too, as the production on that was very good as well. But yeah, back to what I was saying above–There’s a reason you rarely hear of hit producers and/or songwriters going broke–Songwriting Royalties. This is also why Beyonce and her father insisted on slapping her name on pretty much every song she has, whether it was a hit or not or if she actually wrote it.

        • Is she studying nursing or forensics tech? Either way its admirable and am happy when I see a fellow female in STEM disciplines as we need more repesentation in science math and technology. Lord only knows why people pursue bullshyt liberal arts degrees.

      • True. However, these artist can still craft a career in the music business -albeit-not in the limelight.

  13. young money label ain’t broke but lil wayne having money problems.

    baby don’t care as long as nicki’s making money.

    female rappers have short life spans anyway and if they play the sex route it doesn’t last too long anmyway.

    lil kim was hot back in 95-97 but after her second or third album she had nothing to offer but sex, phukking dudes for money, and having her p*ssy ate out and talking bpout dudes who was packing.

    nicki lucky she survived this long.

    how many female rappers survive past their debut.

    queen latifah luckily went into actibng or she would have played out years ago and be on the whjere are they now list like these girls.

    oaktown’s 357
    jj fad
    real Roxanne
    sweet tee
    l trim
    la star
    monioe love
    mc smiley
    sparky d
    wanda dee
    ice cream tee
    ms melodie
    dis n dat
    k nock
    suga t
    suga and spice
    mia x
    nikki d

    • Add Iggy azealia to the list well, she’ll be short lived as well. Soon she’ll be pop, watch!!

    • @Chris, U forgot Yo-Yo, Foxy Brown, Lady of Rage, DaBrat, Miss Melody, Salt n Pepa

    • Salt N Pepa still tour. Saw them at the legends of hiphop show(biz markie, doug e fresh, naughty) show about two years ago and the still have good following. Was shocked to see the majority of the crowd were older black women though a male dominated lineup. They recently did a car insurance commercial.

      Dont forget Lboogie. With her one lonely co-produced/written lp and a 15 year haitus from the Babylon system (not counting that unplugged nonsense) she still garnerered a following. Many of the rappers like non chalant, bahamadia and I will throw Jean Grae in for good measure are more for the backpacker crowds and no one really supports conscious hip-hop, except cats on okayplayer. Maybe the pseudo intellectual Nas or KRS -1 stuff but even Nasty Nas was smart enough to maneuver to venture capital.

      Hiphop has always been misogynistic. Slick Rick was treating women like a prostitute since the 80s and he is a legend.

  14. The sad thing is these women have resorted to getting fake booty implants to be noticed. The music industry has changed for the worst. All these chicks have fake asses Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azealia, K Michelle, Kim Kardashian, Countess Vaughn, Kenya Moore?

      • Nawwww CoCo’s is the real deal. U should see her before pics. That ass is real. Plus she does alot of squats

        • My mama that raised me had a real Coco butt.
          She was born that way. Her family called her “bubble butt” growing up.

          You either have it or you don’t. No sense in buying it. Boobs.. now boobs should be bought. They’ve got many purposes. Shirts fit better. Its attractive to a point. These manufactured butts look awful. Blac Chyna? Kim? Awful.

        • DaRadiant1: Coco might have a big butt, but the bitch looks old, her ass will be saggy!

        • @daradiant1… I have seen her real pics years ago and it must’ve been removed and replaced with digitally enhanced ones . The pictures i saw of her was when she was a Playboy bunny and before she was famous. She has hips that are boxy but with a flat butt. Everything about Coco from her face to get butt have been surgically altered. You need to understand everything that you see on tv,ragazines, to anything the media put out can be manipulated, so don’t be naive and gullible.

        • I forgot to add radiant, squats don’t grow your butt it firms it. Only 2 body types of women have butts naturally and that’s hour glass and pear shaped women, none in between. Anybody who says squats grow butts is a damn liar and most likely bought a butt or thinking about it and plan on using that excuse such as i do squats as a diversion to how they got a butt. Does that female who squat allot on the internet ring a bell. Notice she don’t give classes cause she knows how she really got it.

          • You are so right about the two body types. I unfortunately have a swimmer’s build(broad shoulders no hips)and no exercise on the planet will build up my ass. It’s firm but it’s barely there. 🙁

            • You sound like you have a cute shape. Keep up the good work. Most bodybuilders are built that way too

          • Do’t Be Fooled Coco’s Face And Butt Are Fake,
            She Got Her Half Breed Slave To Pay For Them. And In Return She Made Another Nicca Touch Her Boobs And Butts.

            Black Women Have Different Body From White Women

  15. Lol, yeah.
    Coco also alluded to the fact that Nicki’s butt isn’t real, in an interview with Perez, 2011, June 15th.

  16. pasty Bitches do’t look good with Big Butts…only Black Women. Black Women like Hattie McDaniel, Butterfly McQueen etc all had Big Butts and Big Boobs

    but White People made fun of Them

            • Anonymous: Your cheap tactic to make Me a laughing stock ain’t working, I suggest You bother someone else. someone less botherish

            • Anonymous: sugar I’m a story teller, I tell stories, what I do’t need is You making Me look stupid by writing stupid stuff

            • Anonymous: I thought You was smart clearly Your
              stupid, every time You call Me stupid names or write something sarcastic, You make Me look stupid

              I suggest You bother someone else because this is getting boring, I do’t need this shyt, Your just bitter

            • I love all these shill baddies Shoe Lacez, Ungrateful Mind, CB, Glok, That414Chick. Are they all the same thing? Probably!

            • anon: listen honey, I ain’t a baddie it seems like Your doing The White Man’s order by causing trouble among Your race, what a damn disgrace!!

              By diluting Black People’s wisdom and intelligence, Black People’s given rights to talk!!

  17. Black Actress were ridicule by The White Media for having Big Butts and Big Boobs, now when White Women have Big Butts and Big Boobs is considered sexy???

    frankly Big Butts do’t suit White Women, it just doesn’t
    is like Their trying too hard to be Black!, We all know White Women like to outdo Black Women is a known fact

    Black Women are worth damn sight!! more than White Women

    • Some white women are born with big butts.
      It just happens. My mamas whole family has big butts.

      • Have you ever seen the porn star Alexis Texas?
        Huge butt and it’s def real. It has all the natural characteristics good and bad.

  18. With the way she’s going, I seriously doubt that, her famous assets will sagging.

  19. we love you, yes we do do do, do come inside and enjoy the ride oh yeah, you like it nice and slow, tell me how you like it oh yeah, talking about good sex so good to eat

    lay pipe in my drain

  20. Any Of You Nicca Heard Of Sarah Baartman??

    Because If You Had, You Would Of Shut The Fuck Up With Your Nonsense, White Women’s Ass’s Are Flat As A Pancake.

    The Only Reason Why White Women Have Fat Ass’s Is Because Their Fucking Fat!! Or Injections.

    Do’t Let These White Women Fool You, They Envy Black Women

    Coco Is Fake, Her Ass Looks Like Water Balloons Her Slave Paid For Boobs And Ass!! And She Let Some Other Nicca Touch Them!!

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