Here’s The Reason Beyonce Didn’t Show Up To The AMA’s


HSK Exclusive – Last night’s AMA’s proved to be a very colorless — and a BEY-LESS — event.

Sources say Beyonce didn’t show up at the awards show because she knew NO LOVE would be thrown her way … and that Taylor Swift was the All American girl who’d be crowed The Dick Clark Award recipient.

Insider word reveals … the reported racism behind that AMA’s is the reason why Beyonce dropped 7/11 last weekend. We’re told … the video was Bey’s way of boss’in up on the competition.

Dig the Drop:

“Bey knew she can’t take a rest because the minute she does they’ll try to replace her with Taylor Swift. They’re so disrespectful! How you gonna invite Diana Ross to present Taylor Swift with the Dick Clark Award for Excellence?”


    • No she get what she gets!!! It seems like all the celebs sell their souls, mess with ppl,and when its time to move onto the next they wanna bitch about how things were unfair!

  1. “How you gonna invite Diana Ross to present Taylor Swift with the Dick Clark Award for Excellence?”

    There is so much that’s f*cked-up about this sentence LOL

    • Hey yes it is BUT the reality is we do not support our own and they support each other so they stay winning and we stay losing..we are bitter crabs in a barrel and seem to LOVE to find fault with our own seems like we just dont have the energy to find love for our own in nothing we do

      • Them award shows are rigged just like the polls during election week. Beyonce should’t cry foul now because after all she knew this @ the MTV ward years ago when Kanye West passed on the crown to Taylor Swift to succeed Beyonce once her times up. Beyonce then being the slave that she is then invited Taylor on the stage to complete her acceptance speach. Fastford 2014 now Bey crying that Taylors winning all the awards. Gurl bye!, Beyonce never had a problem with going to AMA’s in the past. She better be careful not piss of the elite because she already saw how the offed Michael Jackson; somehow i don’t think that they liked how her
        and JayZ put out her album last december. This is not about the
        black folks not backing Beyonce this is about the industry
        removing beyonce and putting Taylor in her place. Eminem
        replaces Tupac, Iggy replaced Azalae Banks and about finish off
        Nicki Minaj, Macklemore. Replaced Kendrick Lemar and then
        Bragged about it on twitter, Arian Grande replaced Mariah Carey,
        Justin Timberlake replaced Usher. If these black celebrities and
        music artist don’t understand that they don’t need us the just used
        us to get to their ultimate goal and that is to make everything
        that is ours their own.

        • Preach. This is why I do not waste my money buying this garbage they call music today. I like old school jams like the ojays, the spinners etc;

        • I hear what you saying but Eminem could NEVER!!!!!!!!! Replace TUPAC SHAKUR! Nigga you brazy! Never ever ever repkace Pac! You do have some points tho! Lol And Azelia Banks is Dope and has mad star power! Spit Fire and i luh dat!

        • I hear what you saying but Eminem could NEVER!!!!!!!!! Replace TUPAC SHAKUR! Nigga you brazy! Never ever ever replace Pac! You do have some points tho! Lol And Azealia Banks is Dope and has mad star power! Spit Fire and i luh dat!

          • Queen Monique I am a fan of Eminem, but not in a trillion years could he even hold Tupac’s jockstrap. That’s not even up for discussion.

      • Guest, I would agree if we were presented with more than Beyonce being allowed to be at the top. I come from a generation where we had many other artist to lift up like, Anita Baker, Janet Jackson, M. J., Prince, Chaka Khan, Whitney, Patti and many others who shared the spotlight. We were fortunate enough to have variety. How long will we be forced fed, Mrs. Carter? This is what’s not fair? As wonderful as Bey may be, the thrill isn’t what it used to be. We are not wrong for desiring the same thing they give to each other…a variety, please and thank you.

        • I agree 100%! FORCED FED is right! They aren’t talking about anything and really not that great except when they don’t have competition! It’s the same group of them when the real talent doesn’t get any credit. I guess they weren’t willing to sell their souls!

      • @guest.. Good , those celebs can stay supporting each other, hell, I’m the one who need my money. If its wrong then dammit the rest of us blacks who get the nigga treatment need to stop supporting them, cause they lost their way and have moral, just like yourself.

    • Honey!!! First off, WHO IN THE HELL TOLD YALL THAT TAYLOR SWIFT COULD EVER REPLACE BEY??? I barely even like Bey, but almost fell the hell off my dam chair when I heard this shizz!!! Lawd help us!!! Ii just dont see black folk, thugs, boss bitches or wanna be divas…hood or otherwise crowning TAYLOR the next coming. Let alone rocking out to her music in the club. Not now! Not never! Bey, with her shady azz just gets it popping!!! Single Ladies!!! Freakum Dress!!! Baby Boy!!! Shall I go on??? Bye, Felicia!!!

      • Blacks dont purshase cds anymore
        It is the younger white crowd who do
        Thats how Taylor Swift is gonna win

        • I kinda see what you mean in a sense… Whites do buy cds and im keeping with that….but Bey could and will forever be able to put Taylor in her place as far as rocking a show. Lets just call it what it is…..#SideEyePlenty!!! Lol

  2. All these glorified strippers( Beyonce; Jlo; Taylor Swift etc) needs to just disappear

  3. So if Beyonce doesn’t have a chance to win an award, she doesn’t show up..
    Girl please grow up, nothing is about one person

  4. Well what do you expect? Everyone has created this frankinstine so she believes every awards show she supposed to be worshipped and served, she must have all the attention and awards everything surrounds her, well like I said what do expect from her? she had hoped she could be on stage being and proforming one of her slut acts, but Taylor got a little shine and she didn’t awwwww

  5. Taylor is a 24 year old white blonde.
    Bey can’t compete with that.
    Most ppl can’t.

    Bey has been on the “no show” game.
    She’s pulled this since the first time she wasn’t nominated. She’s not a gracious loser and only wants to be the center of attention. She doesn’t even present awards. I suppose mingling with her peers and replacements is beneath her.

    • Her parents created the monster she is today, in other words she’s been this way since she was a kid. No wonder DC can’t and won’t come together, she’s the reason. Beyonce needs to lose it’s time, she’s had get run it’s been fun for her that is. Now she’s got to where she is she had no real friends, and her looks is fading from all that surgery and drug use.

      • She has no friends. That is correct.
        Kim doesn’t either.
        These two should join up.

    • Another example of people not knowing what they talking about! Beyonce won two awards last night and in a couple of shows and still didn’t show up. Why does anyone need another DC album? I mean damn, you guys love to hate on that chick for no reason at all! Stating shit like you know her personally, I see why her stans are always on edge!

      • Don’t get mad cause we see this gimmick, called BEYONCE, for what it is !! The jig is up, its time to go, to the left to the left.!!! Lol

    • There is no reason why Beyonce should not be able to compete with Taylor. Whitney, Mariah and Janet were able to slay girls half their age…Oops what am I thinking? These were real Queen divas, not media hyped posers.

      • VERY well stated & articulated.
        I could NOT have said it better!

        ***I’m going over to give you the drop I was telling you & @Just_Joi about on Cosby. Sorry I didn’t get back to it the other day…the fight was LONG AS HELL but Pacquiao got that ass & the dude he beat (Chris Algieri) is cute as he want to be!

  6. So what if she did a no show for that reason. What the fuxx is wrong wit people. You can’t win whatever you do nowadays. Good on Beyonce.

  7. White amarica doesnt give two f*ck about Beyonce,they just want to make money off of her, and that’s not happening anymore, Taylor is the golden egg,anybody remember the kanye\ Taylor awards bull, well this is the repercussions

    • Black America does not support her either ..they are even worse …black woman are the most self hating human beings and YES I AM A BLACK FEMALE

      • Why the hell should Black women support Beyonce? What has she ever done to portray Black women in a positive light? And she’s not Black…she’s CREOLE!

        Old Bey should just hang it up. I cannot wait to see the last of her and the rest of these no singing talent whores they call “stars”!

    • She has Kanye to thank for her career. Me or anyone else knew the girl existed until he did what he did. Surprise! That was his purpose.

      • humiliation ritual is common in Hollywood

        Justine Timberland pulled off Janet’s bra at the Superbowl back in ’04…..

        • I would of been pissed, you pulled my bra off and didn’t bite my nipple or rub the kitten. Darn!

  8. The day Beyoncé presents an award to another successful female artist, or black successful artists will be the day pigs fly. besides, Beyoncé Knowles has been making garbage songs and trash albums since 1999, the AMA’s ain’t drinking the coole-aid any more.

  9. You and I know that Taylor Swift cannot sing or dance. She is America’s golden girl.
    Actually just by her showing up she would have taken the shine off of Taylor.

  10. Beyoncé can’t sing or dance either. Janet and Ciarra dance. Beyoncé strips.
    Sade and Whitney sing. Beyoncé yodels, raps, and lip sync. She had the opportunity to showcase her true talent at the Super Bowl and Inauguration, what did she too, she played back autotune recordings. She is a fraud. Drunk in love, that new garbage song she just released, are examples of her nursery rhyme skills. We need a new Whitney or Mariah for our generation. Beyoncé is just there, not making any reall impact in music except hogging the spotlight and having the best super glue to hold her lace front tightly on her scalp. Her brand is completely disposable like a cheap Walmart product. And Taylor sucks too.

    • LMAO..okay I can say a lot of things about BEYONCE but saying she cannot dance will NEVER BE THE CASE….you are simple lol she shut down the super bowl and she is much happier than YOU ARE so take your bitter behind to the place you know best the bottom of the barrel ……80 Million last year alone …count it …LMAO

      • It’s a shame you can’t see how crazy you look bragging about a strangers money when you haven’t even seen their W-2’s. Worry about your own money and brag about what you have.

        • And claiming how “happy” Bey is.
          How do you know?
          She’s looks miserable or drugged out in all her pics so its hard to tell.

    • Lucid, she’s not making any real impact in music because she steals. She’s a glorified mime doing burlesque shows, with a touch of soulless vocal runs. I heard people are hesitant about giving her any of their ideas or songs and if they do, they won’t give her their best material. Maybe this is why she started lifting shit off of Youtube.

  11. Did Beyonce Mollyhead forget that little ritual she participated in a few years back, complete with an appearance by court jester Kanye West? After Taylor completed phase one of her initiation by brushing aside her humiliation after being clowned publically by west , she was rewarded. She was welcomed back onstage ( and onto the fold) by Beyonce. They even both changed and wore matching red dresses. Beyonce played her part cuz shes dumb as a sock full of rocks. She didn’t realize that she was crowning her replacement. Now, Taylor has replaced her, Macklemore replaced Kendrick Lamar, Adele has the Jill Scot spot, Sam S is the gay white answer to Luthor Vandross, Mikey Cyrus is taking over Nikki Minaj and Kim Kardashian thinks she is the prettiest “black” porn star/ escort/ yacht Girl there ever was. It was slow and insidious but the Powers that be have gone a long way toward watering down black presence in entertainment. Which I’m kinda ok with. Let them have their nasty ritual obsessed satanic industry. I don’t support the hollywood power structure with my hard earned coins anyway.

    • Then how come none of the categories featuring black people were shown on TV? BTW – Bey won two awards that night we just didn’t see it.

      John Legend – WINNER
      Chris Brown
      Pharrell Williams

      Beyonce – WINNER
      Jhene Aiko
      Mary J. Blige

      Beyonce “Beyonce” – WINNER
      John Legend “Love in the Future”
      Pharrell Williams “G I R L”

  12. I just read somewhere that Iggy Azealia won an AMA over Eminem and Drake. Oh and didnt the coon T.I. present her with the award.

    • Yes on all accounts.

      Iggy won favorite hip hop artist and hip hop song of the year. TI stood on a kitchen stool to give her a kiss and hand her the award.

      The Apocalypse is here and it is Iggy. Favorite hip hop artist? Really?

  13. Don’t get me wrong, these award shows are meaningless, but let’s not overlook the key difference between Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Swift plays guitar and has written or co-written all of her songs. Beyonce is a glorified lap dancer who can’t sing live and can’t play any instruments. It’s a music thing, not a race thing.

    • Dumbest shit written period! You all hate Beyoncé so much, you’re willing to take up for a chick that can’t sing or dance?She plays maybe two cords on her guitar and her writing is terrible. Beyonce can sing live..not even a fan like that but damn. Blacks love to hate on other blacks doing better than them..shits crazy!

      • Oh calm the f*ck down, Bee keeper. No one hates Bey cuz she is black and we as black people don’t support successful blacks. People dislike her because she is a fraud. Her house of cards is slowly collapsing and that fake image she projects is tarnished. That’s all. So you can stop trying to use it as some deep philosophy on the state of blacks and why we can’t uphold one another, Smdh.

    • Brian you are speaking the truth, and those of us who follow all genres of music know this.
      I was a bit shocked when a poster above lumped Taylor into a group of women who are just “glorified strippers.” Look, I don’t listen to or buy Taylor Swift’s music but she is the LEAST stripper-like of the pop chicks in quite a while. And I have to concede that many critics whose opinions I respect have lauded her album 1989 as a future classic.
      I guess what I’m saying is she is not the usual manufactured pop goddess pap.

      • U didn’t see Taylors performance where she was dancing very sexually with about six male dancers and she stripped sown to booty shorts . Your assertion that Taylor isn’t stripped like is false. She just does it less than the others . VC whole wrote up about it. And I’m pretty sure that dude isn’t black.

    • Don’t be fooled by Taylor’s scheme’s either. Taylor is just as much of a fraud as Beyonce. All they do is tell real songwriters what they want a song to be about and the songwriters put the song together.
      The one thing I think Taylor has over Beyonce is she has a personality and she doesn’t look too stupid when she speaks.

    • Taylor Swift is boring with no rhythm singing popcorn music. I wouldn’t go to her concert if I was given free tickets. And they talk much mess about Rihanna and Beyonce when Taylor have been with more men than the two put together. Stop looking to size up the black woman HATER!

      • umm Taylor is a lesbian and professional beard for gay men in show biz. She saves her love for Coco Rocha. I doubt she’s ever been with a man.

  14. That’s about accurate – Beyoncé was not in the running for anything and we know she still hasn’t accepted she is getting on in years. She needs to up her game to some sophistication not this teenage antics (makes her look desperate).
    Taylor Swift is definitely replacing Beyoncé and has been for the past year. TPTB have her image, name and music all over New York – it’s really obvious. It is not color, it’s age and talent.

  15. Fuck all that y’all. Ebola is fake!!!! repeat Ebola is fake google it.. the real reason americans are in Africa… please we all need to wake the hell up!!! See what going on really f*ck these celebrity, get with the know what’s going on, yeah feel me!!!!!

  16. Y Diana Ross was made an issue, I could see why that chose,her regardless of how you feel or think of her, she pave the way for alot of women and girl groups. And she had a close working relationship with Dick Clark. Keep it in perspective.

  17. Illuminati!!!!!!! Illuminati!!!!! Illuminati!!!!!!!! In y’all mind soul & body secret society keeping a eye on y’all…..

  18. sorry ill NEVER defend taylor over my own kind NEVER!! u hate bey because she’s successful. she’s our sister at the end of the day i will support her.

    • Well, She’s your sister because I’m not supporting or claiming folks who aren’t claiming and supporting me or my kind. Folks doing all they can to erase any semblance of me and my kind. Especially those in Hollywood. They usually end up trying to come back home after they’ve been used up by TPTB. It’s a good thing your arms are opened wide for their return. Let them use you until they make it back to the top and then AGAIN forget all about you. Good luck with that.

  19. But the AMA’s are for white people, right? Because I flipped through and saw a bunch of nothing.

    • I haven’t watched the AMA’s in about 10 years but back in the day it was pretty equal. I suspect the present day award shows are just a reflection of what’s being put out there. Even the Black performers out there are bleached out.

  20. Beyonce…..karma bitch….
    she shouldn’t of embarrassed Kanye, she shouldn’t of invited Taylor on stage with her………..

    Beyonce only has her self to blame

    • Kanye embarrassed himself just fine. Sh did the right thing to invite Taylor onstage. She didn’t need to be lumped into Yeezy’s lunacy.

  21. The American Music Awards is going down the same road as The Grammys. “Black Artists are persona non grata, but, we got Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Mac Miller… Aplauso Aplauso Aplauso! Beyonce is the Queen of Pop, R&B, etc. The funny thing about all of this, we don’t need their validation. Our music stands on its own 2 feet, we have our own shows to support. The butt-kissing is beneath us…Carry On!!!

    • tyrone, you should also blame black people for helping these music stealers, stealing black music for money
      white people are very sneaky and conning, not a fan of white music is just a rip off

        • Country Music is bigger than Hip-Hop today, Why? Their fans support the music… Units Sold, Downloads, Concerts. With Us, all we care about is mixtapes. Don’t fool with rap too much because many have sold out. Certain artists i like and am willing to pay for their material. I vibe to neo-soul pretty much… Bilal, BJ The Chicago Kid, D’Angelo, etc. No way in hell the sellouts gettin one cent from me…Kanye & His Band of Brothers!

      • Our bread and butter artists got drunk on success. Beyonce helped create this problem…Shakira, Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea. Gave all 3 shine when she didn’t have to. That’s our spirit all day long, no jealousy at work. In hindsight, a mistake it became. Other folk want our cultural icons to stamp them. I recall the hoopla when Iggy was invited by Bey to perform in Australia. I said to myself… “Not Another One.” We know better by now. They’re fans in the beginning, promoters of the culture, seek to produce and create, fourth stage is taking it away from our hands… Pattern of Behavior! Blackness=Wealth… Always Remember This Universal Truth. In terms of culture, we have no equal on this planet. The stealing of our culture is double-sided. If we allow it, Why Stop? Appreciate The Feedback!

        • Truth Tyrone. Our successful black artist have a
          Handed over the blueprints, keys, and our black footprints to white people. I don’t even think that Michael Jackson had that many white feature artists if none on any of his projects; yes maybe writers or a producer here and there, but they mainly kept it with the black spectrum as far a black artist??? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that. I cannot put Shakira in there because she’s in a league of her own and an original artist (just my opinion) plus Bey only worked with Shakira to steal her looks and a few dance moves (Vince BEAUTIFUL LIARS video ft. Shakira during the BDay album. And yes we have no equal as BLACKS on this planet because our Race is the true originators of R&b and Hiphop. Our history has been fabricated and rewritten to get to forget we are as black people. And besides Beyonce turned me off from her image years ago when I saw a pic of her looking whiter than her bff Gwenith Paltrow.

          • Oh and we are the the true originators of dance as well. I remember Beyonce found these two African brothers Kofu something??? off of YouTube and used them for her choreography for RUN THE WORLD video. Their dance moves was smooth too.

  22. Beyonce and her pet animal are shameful. when they were doing their tour they had Justine Bieber’s mug shot on screen. and Beyonce was praising Justine Bieber’s mugshot.

    • Exactly and have you seen this new video of hers. This woman has completely gone to trash. Anytime you see beyonce dancing around in a video with her underwears on looking like she just came off a cocane binge being recorded by her iphone. You know it’s over. Even her ratched beyonce album videos weren’t this bad. Beyonce has already predicted her future on this video and that’s exactly how the industry is going to leave her and Jay.

      • babbsbunny, Beyonce is the modern day version of Dianna Ross. the only difference is Beyonce didn’t have to f*ck to be lead, Her Father and Mother pushed Her in the Middle…..which was annoying.

        Her Ratchetness is for Jayz’s benefit, all them hoe’s He’s been f*cking got Beyonce a little crazy..
        but Beyonce Is getting her well deserved karma!!!

  23. @Anonymous12:43 the difference between Rihanna and Taylor Swift is yes theyve been with alot of men but Taylor is still a virgin and Rihanna just gives it all up. Taylor is country/pop and Rihanna is urban/pop but at the end of the day better than that fraud Beyonce.

    • I can’t stand Beyonce one bit but neither of those girls are better than Beyonce the singer/performer. It’s just right now music is in this era where hype trumps talent and it’s made everyone lazy including Bey.

    • Taylor aint a virgin, virgins don’t exist in Hollywood.. I guess she got unicorn Pus** now.. Smh…

  24. Love her video anyone who watches the kardashians knows she coming back at them …t the red cups, baby on bed when they said she forgot her baby in the hotel , lace dress with jacket bomber fake I could go on

    • You are so right. I never looked at that. I dont f*ck with beyonce like that. But beyonce is Tgat Bitch when it comez to tgem otger hoes. She is consistant with her hits and her Body and dance moves. Im sorry but she bad! And im gone give it to her before them White Hoes. They steal Everything we do but will never be as Original as Us. We are the blueprint for All that as dope and Original.

  25. beyonce doesnt need to make anymore albums she’s set her and jay so to all u that say its over for her she’s good.

  26. When JoL and Isszy are the faces for a big butt then I would have to say the AMA’s are rigged.

    • JLo has dieted all her ass away too. Iggy’s ass made JLo’s look like Miley’s ironing board ass.

  27. The AMA’s were created by Dick Clark Productions to compete with the pop category of the Grammies. Many acts (not artists, acts) who would never make it into the various professional Grammy categories could be nominated based on POPULARITY with the fans.

    Love it or hate it, Taylor Swift is at the top of the stairs on that one. In fact, I have a Bloomberg Report magazine from last week with her on the cover along with the caption “Taylor Swift IS The Music Industry”.

    The Bloomberg Report is a weekly global business magazine and if they report it as so, it’s gospel. Beyodel is slipping down the slope into irrelevancy. It’s about longevity as in who can make the most money for them the longest and right now it’s 20-something Taylor. Beyodel needs to find another job because soon she’ll be retired. By them.

    • I mean Beyonce’ has been the top Bitch for 17year….Beyonce and Taylor and in two different lanes babe….I mean for exp Beyonec didn’t do any promo for Beyonce beside the grammy’s and the Brits,and still sold 5mm worldwide. While Taylor on the hand has been on promo since the summer. Catch all the shade…..

  28. hate to say it, but I think that the comments on this thread are like the AMA’s—slowly changing in, ERR, demographic?. i suspect that some people here know entirely too much about Taylor Swift for my comfort. I think the name Taylor Swift brought us some, (AHEM!) visitors. be careful, ya’ll…you could get replaced! LOL!

  29. I only follow pop through blogs and people who have nothing else to do but watch tv/radio but didn’t Taylor release an lp in 2014 while Beyonce keeps rehashing club singles from last years album(per usual)? Everything isn’t racial or political. Swift’s possum looking azz is just popular. I even hear her crap on bigFM when traveling.

  30. Country will always sell because the single largest demographic in the US is poor white folks.

    • Thank you ….Tralier park trash bka walmart shoppers. Ugh I hate Walmart….Give me Target anyday, I don’t mind paying an extra .20-.30

  31. Why we always claim race when we don’t get our way…..hustle hard make your own breaks

  32. Imma let you finish, but… but… but… BeYAWNsie had the best _____ (fill in the blank) in the history of the WORLD!

  33. Where is this drop coming from ??? I don’t believe none if this stuff on this site. This is not news who cares about iggy and Nikki no one they don’t have a beef and if they did no one cares but this website this site sucks it’s no better than mto only the spelling is better. Bye

  34. The Hate for Beyonce’ is real…..Y’all going in and don’t even know if this infomation is true.

    I’m a Fan of Beyonce’ and understand she aint for everybody, but to say she can’t sing nor dance is just stupid. Taylor Swift could never surpass Beyonce in performing nor dancing. Taylor and Beyonce are in two different lane.

    What is the issue that some Black women have with Beyonce’? Some Black women are quick to tear down the next, why is that?

  35. How is Beyonce declining? I don’t count people coins, but lets use logic people, Beyonce made 84 million 2012-2013 and from 2013-2014 115 million. She made more money than in other Female in the game. Whether you like her or not she’s winning.

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