Secret Recording of Rasheeda Discussing Questionable Behavior by Her Son Ky Leaks…

WTF is going on here?

A Love And Hip Hop page posted audio of Rasheed and another woman speaking on the phone regarding their son’s relationship.


  1. Thats ashame these kids are getting early exsposure to living a wayward life.

    He’s too young to be having sex with males. He mustve been getting molested

    • Is he at the age of consent. How about going to the police and pressing charges. If she knows something went on, she could be held liable too. Sickening.

  2. I hate that this went public instead of them being able to talk outside of social media. Smh

  3. Is this Kirk’s son? This is what happens when milk duds try to be young and forget they are parents. Also, wasn’t Kirk accused of having relations with an underaged girl years ago, before the TV show and before the Mendeecees scandal?

  4. Ghetto ass trying to get money. You recorded the conversation which is against the law. Then you put it on the internet. An your point is your son need a strong father figure so he won’t end up gay. Rasheeda can’t help you with that.Sit yo silly as down somewhere.

  5. This is stupid. I’m surprised Resheeda talked to her as long as she did. I would’ve been hung up, cause she not saying shyt. And what kind of Mother would put her child out there like that just to make Resheeda look bad, even if what she saying is true. As a mother she should have just sent Resheeda the prof and then take it from there. What do she expect Resheeda a famous woman to say to a random, posibably stalker calling about Resheedas son. Like really

  6. That lady already know her son is flaming lol.
    Just another bitch looking for attention.
    I don’t like it when ppl come at rasheeda; she has a good heart

  7. What type of buffoonery is this. Now this woman called Rasheedas Place of business. Okay why what’s the point?? You’re calling this woman saying you’ll whip her butt for what?? Because your son may be gay. I don’t know whats wrong with people today. Either this person is trying to low key blackmail Rasheeda or some other stupid mess. But what it all boils down to is that these people need to get a life asap!!

  8. OMG! This is so, so sad. Satan’s spirit has infested our society making people think right is wrong and wrong is right! I am sorry to say, these two boys are on a very slippery slope. I don’t give a dang what the world is selling about anything goes. I see nothing but shame and heartache ahead. And to put this on social media—if the other mother in fact has done this, she is showing lack of good judgement, selfishness, and evilness at the expense of her developing son. I pity the fool when she has to stand before God. LET US PRAY!

  9. Hollywood kids have the worst childhoods they get raped, molested ends up on drugs

  10. That lady is one ignorant azzed ratc thed individual!!! She on the phone being hella ghetto!!! and why is she on the phone talking about putting her hands on somebody??? Bih, them kids and yall are both mothers…SO why are you acting like a grown azzed child??? When hoodrats have no life and nothing going!!! Just my observation….. Raggedy azz!!!

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