DJ Khaled Gets Booed Off Stage, Claims Sabotage


    dj khaled booed

    DJ Khaled performed at EDC in Las Vegas, but technical difficulties ended up getting him booed by the crowd!

    The festival usually only includes electronic acts, but they hired DJ Khaled and Metro Boomin’ for the festival even though fans weren’t feelin’ it.

    After trying to work through his on stage issues, Khaled was booed by the crowd who were tired of his entire set.

    This video is painful. You can even hear the crowd laughing, telling him to get TF off the stage, and booing him at the same time.

    Khaled then said his entire set was “sabotaged.”

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    1. I don’t dislike him. He’s a hard worker and gets talents together for collabs. He seems to have taken over for Birdman and there is / was some beef there.

    2. That is what his arab, middle eastern whatever the fuck he is, fat ass gets!

      Make $ off your own kind and STOP appropriating our culture for your benefit!


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