Secret Couple: Jennifer Williams and Datari Turner

Datari Turner Dating Jennifer Williams

HSK Exclusive – Filmmaker Datari Turner and former Basketball Wives cast member, Jennifer Williams, are secretly dating.

Here’s the drop:

“Datari and Jennifer are smashing and they don’t want anyone to know. They don’t want the press to ruin their relationship.”


  1. I liked her too, she is beautiful Black woman. I bet Evelyn is somewhere seething. And she didn’t have to trap him like her mean self did.

  2. I agree. She is an elegant beauty.
    She was out of place on the BBW, but it did give her some exposure.

  3. Jen seem cool and is educated why she was with eric williams??must be the money!!

  4. I actually used to check out BBW that first season mistakenly hoping it would give me insight into the real lives of hooper spouses. Wrong. That show was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever come across. So ridiculous that I haven’t watched a ‘reality show’ since. Still, I remember her.

    From what I gathered back then she was a phony, snobbish, whiny, annoying and immature material girl whose appearance was/is overrated and waaaay too important to her ego. It’s laughable to see people on here talking about her as if she was an upstanding representation of a young black woman or even resembled anything close to authentic. Yeah the bar is extremely low now.

    Who knows? Maybe she’s grown since those days but I had to comment that her appearance on that 1st season then was anything but a woman with real integrity.

    • That might be true but she was the only one that was (at the time of the show) married.

      I liked the show at the beginning, my favs were Tami and Jen til shit went left and people started showing their true colors. By the end of it the only one I still liked Was Jen.

      I don’t know call me crazy but I thought Jen was fly as hell. So much for standards, I liked Teresa off of RWONJ too…

      Meanwhile back at the ranch, “NBC News Blames Sources For Wrong Report On Killing Of Paris Attack Suspect – Update” have you watched it before the update? They said one was already dead. I knew then shit was getting ready to turn left. Then behold, they post up pics with DEAD DEAD DEAD and one still at large.

      Fuck the tea, you better start drinking coffee and wake the hell up.


  5. Few Year Ago Jennifer Appeared On The Breakfast Club
    Saying She Dates White Men… Now She’s Dating A Black Man

  6. …It’s always nice to see a woman find a new trick. High-maintenance doesn’t just apply to cars, people.

  7. @Chris your a f*ckin Clown. You don’t know that man to be commenting on him so stop. Everyone says Datari is a solid dude and his film company just signed a multi million dollar film deal with Lions Gate. No one has ever said that about him so just Stop. The worst I’ve ever heard about him was that he made the mistake of messing with Bird Azz Claudia Jordan who everyone knows is a Hollywood turned Atlanta Prostitute. She probably told u to write that with her bitter azz. Your a broke lame hattin azz simp who probably works at Ralphs or Kroger or hangs with CJ get your money up and stop hating Clown

  8. I work at Whole Foods in Westwood. I seen Datari come in with Paris Hilton just 3 weeks ago so I don’t know if he’s dating Jennifer but who knows. He just seems like he’s more into white girls

    • ? Did Paris buy some mustard and ketchup to put on that hot dog she was about to swallow?

  9. Call me late to the game because I did some checking and just found out she dated a producer named Cisco who also appears on LAHHNY. Now I don’t watch the show but they said he has been dating Diamond for two years and Jen broke up with him in November 2014.

    Ummmm, shady. I guess that’s why he never invited her to his house. Tell me how in the hell can you date someone for two years and only sleep with him in a car?

    Welp, good luck Jen!

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