Nicki Minaj Is Using Meek Mill To Pen Her Rhymes

Meek Mill Nicki Minaj Relationship

HSK Exclusive – Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill posted a photo together to instagram recently in an attempt to dispel rumors the two MC’s were no longer an item.

Now a source close to Nicki is saying that, Nicki is dating Meek Mill because she wants him to pen her rhymes. Don’t believe me.. Ask Safaree Samuels.

Dig the drop:

“Nicki and Meek are on some fake sh*t. It’s a fake relationship. Meek is using her for mainstream attention and she’s using him to write her rhymes.”


  1. Wow. Where’s the love in the world. Everybody is just out for themselves. Nothing is real anymore. No genuine love. So people are f*cking for rhymes now instead of chicken wings and fried rice platters? Man I miss the old days.

    • Me and my Mom talk everyday about how the good ol days will never come back. So sad!

  2. Yeah, I will take the word of the newly unemployed scorned/hypeman/Beard. Forget what this dude talm bout. He needs to live up to his name and go “SO FAR” Awaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    • Maybe if he could write a rhyme, read a letter, boil water, toast toast, guard the luggage, book a room, brush his teef, wash his ass or help Nikki wipe her fake big shitty ass he would be of some use, but he’s not

  3. Pretty much the ONLY reason her and Safaree were together is because he was her main writer and knew all her dirt and secrets. Then he started feeling himself and forgot his role and started banging side chicks and thinking he was a celebrity himself.

    Now that he is gone, somebody has to write her rhymes.

    • I second your motion! I told my cousin this same thing a million times she still don’t believe me! All this shit is publicity, lies, and entertainment

  4. These so called entertainers are just ridiculous/ waste of space.

    Dear God can I trade the aforementioned ppl in this article to please bring back Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb.

    • oh yeah bring back that fag freddy mercury who died of aids we have enough gays here already


      I aM A





        • @crazychris normally ur comments are respectful; knowledgeable & somewhat humorous.

          However lately they have been nasty, rude & just disrespectful.

          I’m not sure if u r the same “crazychris” or if some1 else is using ur name.

          Either way; u r entitled to ur opinion.

  5. But I mean who cares???? I could care less as I do not listen to either or their music.

    • Listening to Meek Mill is like reading a website page with nothing but words in All-Caps. Between that and Onika’s severely dumbed-down rhymes & Industry Puppet/Nut Rag status, it’ll be interesting to see how her shit sounds if/when Meek starts writing it.

  6. If she needed someone to write her rhymes isn’t it logical to think she would just go to Wayne or Drake?

    • Lawd, you ain’t never lied!!!! I loves me some North Philly hood nicca’s with that rhyme and spit game. Remembering…Major Figures and Beans early days. Broad and Erie ave @ Eagle Max’s!!! Truth! North and South hood bars are bonkers!!!West Philly keeps it really real 2!! The days, old and new. Dam, I miss them streets. Nashville sucks!!

      • I feel you, I chilled in those hood bars in north philly many of nights back in the days. Don’t think I would be brave enough to do that these days lol. All in all those were some good times.

  7. what about queen latifah, salt and pepper, and queen pen? I believe Mia X, Rah Digga and Jean Grey, wrote their own rhymes.

    • salt n pepa had hurby azor write their rhymes.

      if latifah had anybody write her rhymes it was treach or or native crew affiliates.

      mia x possibly those no limit dudes.

      don’t know much bout jean grey but rah digga if anybody wrote her rhymes it was busta.

      these female rappers could never hold their own while rapping and while most never could write a lyric which was why they was used for sex and kicked to the curb.

      these female rappers in the past 15 years did nothing special but sold sex.

      shawnaa’s best known song was about oral sex and her debut with Ludacris was about sex and getting head.

      khia we know her one hit ode to getting her ass ate out.

      no wonder nobody wants to hear black female rappers they offered nothing but sex.

      surprised nicki lasted this long female rappers have way short lifespans ask jj fad.

      and oaktown’s 357, surprised choice never came out of wherever she was and talked about her role in the sex game and blazing trails for most of these females same with hwa and bwp.

      monie love where she at now.

      nobody wants to play with yoyo anymore.

      • Two female rappers that didn’t use sex to sale music and I think wrote their own rymthes and where dope in my opinion are Mc Lyte and La Chat.

      • Nicki’s only lasted this long because she crossed over to Pop by sucking and f*cking the right Industry dick to get the opportunity (Kim, Latifah, and possibly M.C. Lyte have done the same or similar with men & women Execs). How else does one explain Nicki hosting ‘American Idol’ when she isn’t even classified (Or classifies herself, for that matter) as a singer?

  8. It was funny to me when she said she writes the shit she spits at that award show when MANY of her rhymes were rearranged Lil’ Kim rhymes Lmao… the stans believe everything their fave artist says Smdh

    • they sold though that’s all that matters to the industry and the gays.

      the lgbt community supports nicki and young money.

  9. I call bullshit. Using him for rhymes? Can you imagine anybody using meek for rhymes? Stop. Synthetic ass tea. They are both mediocre lyricists, and she may be higher than him on the scale, but there is nothing she can do to boost his career. And them dating isn’t an attention worthy topic in the least bit.

  10. Seem like a fair trade yet defeated the purpose of her insulting icky. Heard she got a butt reduction, i meant got that crap sucked out her back, Kim k need to follow. Soon allot of people gonna find out who been getting this mess all along and it won’t mainly be black women, cause butts been exploding lately.

  11. If true, it’s hypocritical as hell on her part, considering all the shit she gave Kim and Foxy for not writing their rhymes, and the lengths she went to to let people know she wrote hers. As for Meek, he pretty much hit a home run, mainstream-attention-wise, hooking up with ole’ girl fresh out of prison. His PR team should be so proud.

  12. The outsiders wrote for rah digga she married to young zee from the outsiders

    • Oh word? Funny how this has never came up before, especially considering all the respect Rah has gotten for her rhyming prowess and her also making it a point to say she writes her own rhymes.

      Moreover, about female rappers in general, I don’t see why so many of them claim they’re rappers yet can’t write a song to save their lives. I know the majority of them are controlled by men, but who better to speak for you than you, album budget or not?

  13. Meek is a dope rapper but he is going to put hands on that girl and be back in custody because of her mouth and ego.

  14. glad if he is writing her stuff, maybe she will drop some good stuff next album or mix tape.

  15. Never Knew Tricki Nicki Garabj Dates Younger Men
    August Alsina Is 21 Years Old And Meek Mill Is 26 Years Old, Nicki’s In Her Early 30’s.

    If She Was A Man It Would Be A Different Story.

  16. I swore for a second Nicki knew how to freestyle how can this corn ball come for Iggy azalea when she had a ghost writer smh she claimed to be the female weezy she should let Lil Wayne write for her

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