Second Transgender Woman Outs Bobby V.

bobby valentino transgender shauna brooks

When it rains it pours!

The transgender women are coming out of the woodwork and exposing singer Bobby V.. This time, it’s a Trans-woman named Shauna Brooks who posted a screenshot showing a missed call from the singer. She also tagged him in the picture!

bobby valentino transgender

bobby valentino transgender2


  1. Instead of outing one man just tell everyone’s business and get it over with or is Mr. V the only ‘celebrity’ they had!

  2. Dis ninja having to pay for dyck? Are we really doing that these days?
    I guess that round thing wasn’t looking so good to him after all. ?

  3. Just because that his name on the phone screen. Does not make it his number. Where the number?????

  4. Damn, this tranny looks like lil kim. This dude looks more horrible though. I don’t know what these rappers see in a man dressed as a real woman, but hey; when you get turned out by label execs, this is what you have to expect!

  5. Bobby V been lying about them coins to kick it so the girls are coming together to expose to his ass. Damn.

  6. ^^^ ASAP and black males like him are ThugHunters and cannon fodder for the Triple Black Universe’s revenge!!! ~ Mary Omni (youtube channel: ConstEnforcer)

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