Screwww is Screwed: Busted After Being Wanted For 3-Years!

Screwww Busted by DEA

HSK Exclusive – DEA officials arrested Joshua “Screwww” Varner at his Atlanta home, yesterday.

You may recall Screwww was indicted back in 2010, and remained a wanted man. Don’t believe me…Ask Jeezy. Now, reports reveal the CTE/Def Jam “Nicknames” rapper was busted with 100-pounds of marijuana, guns and a large amount of crystal methamphetamine.

Here’s the drop:

“Screwww was on the most wanted list for the past three-years. He was wanted in California and Georgia for trafficking marijuana, crystal methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy.”

Screwww Arrested by DEA


  1. I’m from savannah ga I know him he from my city he a good person f*ck haters broke bitxhes can’t talk

  2. I was just released from federal prison and Screws was my cell mate for last 2 months. Just wanted to let everyone know he is doing good.

    • @toby,

      I haven’t heard of this cat but I think it’s awfully kind of you to keep the HSK family informed of his wellbeing.

      Glad you made it home safe & please do all you can to NEVER have to make a return visit back to that place. I’m assuming you’re a black man which means
      you’re one of the single most strongest beings on this earth. YOU & ALL black men excel in ALL they set out to do. You guys take over everything you lend yourselves to even in the times when you lose your way. There is NOTHING greater than black men in spite of what you hear & see going on in today’s society. Please DO NOT be deceived by what’s going on now…it’s all just a test to make YOU forget your strength & greatness!

      Much love, blessings & success to you from myself & everyone here at HSK.

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