Scottie Pippen Handles Shaq

Scottie Pippen vs Shaq

“If only you were as good at free throws as you are talking smack!”

Shaq may have set it off but it looks like Scottie Pippen ended the social media match. That’s because Shaq doesn’t seem to have a comeback that’s worthy to stand up to Scottie’s “Free Throw” diss! Now, with all that SideKick talk … the question of who’s the bigger SickKick remains!

“Speaking of being a sidekick … if I recall correctly you know a thing or two about that.” -Pippen

Let’s take it back to Sunday, when Shaq dropped a random IG post “claiming that the best players ever to don a Lakers uniform would embarrass a potent Bulls squad by 50 points.” Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were among some of the other players pictured in the post, who — unlike Scottie Pippen — seen to have steered clear of weighing in of the beef. It’s a beef that turned hella funny!


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  1. Yeah but Shaq wasn’t comparing his rings in LA to Pippen and Jordans in Chicago. He was saying that the best 5 all time LA Lakers would beat the Jordan/Rodman/Pippen team every time. I think he’s right too.
    But what position would Shaq play since Kareem would be center? Big ass power forward?? And, if we’re being objective, Jerry West(gasp!!) would be in the top 5. Sorry, but it’s true.

  2. ok, Shaq is right on this one. The only match up Bulls win is Jordan v Kobe…Jordan can stop Kobe and score on him. But the others, pfffft…Magic DEFINITEY stops Rose…Kareem DEFINITELY stops Grant, Elgin can score circles around Scottie one on one and Shaq can MOST DEFINITELY hold down The Worm. Never been a Laker fan, but truth is truth…

  3. I’m going 1. magic
    2. kobe
    3. kareem
    4. west

    6th men elgin and worthy

    but everyone has their own opinion.

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