Ghostface Killah Threatens To Kill Action Bronson

Action Bronson PoserAction Bronson has been compared to Ghostface Killah, but Bronson, may have taken things a little too far during a recent appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation, when he said “[Ghostface is] not rapping like this no more,” in reference to the success of his most recent album, Mr. Wonderful.

Yesterday, Ghostface released a response to the perceived diss—a video in which he calls out Bronson by name, alternating between noted calm and intense anger.

Here’s some highlights of what Ghostface Killah had to say:

“You’ve got this little fake ass n—-, Action Bronson, running around sounding like me. I want to tell his little fat f*ck self, I gave you a grace period. I was supposed to destroy you a long time ago. You go on Sports Nation, kicking that shit, acting like you the n—-…first of all, you little fat f*ck, who gives you the right to even mention my name.

You done made a mistake boy. You can never f*ck with my pen — my sword, my blade — I’m too nasty for you. This is why the f*ck you look up to me and sound like me.

Don’t let me hang you from a rope and gut you like a pig and leave you out to dry. Because you’re done.”

Action Bronson Ghostface Killa Threats


  1. I want to post something. But I can’t, cause i have no clue what this is about

  2. Why is this fat pigskin talking about black music??? bronson are a guest in hip hop! so shut up.

  3. These dudes need to learn do not vouch for your clone at all just look at Wayne he damn near been replaced with thug

    • Fuck ghost face he ass kissed this dude looking for an opportunity like a groupie bitch! … Now he getting clowned

    • Uhhh…Ghost has put out 3 full length QUALITY releases since December of 2014 (36 Seasons, Sour Soul and 12 Reasons to Die II).
      Shout out to all artists who don’t need Clear Channel, Radio One and BET to have a successful recording career out here. Down with the machine and the dummies that only consider artists’ within it “relevant”.

  4. That’s what black people get, for letting white people join the rap game. What black people don’t understand is white people are cocky
    just because their making money off black people’s struggles they think they can talk about black people in general.

    Action need to shut the phuck up, fat piece of chit.

    • WHC The thing is that blacks and whites in hip hop have a successfully symbiotic relationship.
      both sides have reasons to collaborate with the other. It’s simply about the money.

      • It is NOT simply about the money, it is about Jhews controlling the money and authorizing approved persons to get money, but it is more about Jhew control of people’s creation, art and enterprise. They want to prevent blacks from getting their OWN money, which I why Jhews always replace black things with whites. No, it is not about bringing in more money with whites, because none of the entertainment biz HAS to go on you know….

  5. Beat response is,make an album that will outsell Action Branson, anything less is just noise,me thinks..

  6. I have noticed that the white world seems to be promoting the original white man model again all over media – the blue eyed, pink, Albino red head. All other types aside from the yellow haired are mixed.

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