Lakers’ Nick Young Pays Woman Settlement In Rape Case

Laker Nick Young Rapist

Nick Young has settled a case in which a woman accused him of rape.

The accusation stems back to 2011 when the woman says that the Lakers guard Bill Cosby’d her by putting a date rape drug in her drink at a club in Hollywood.  She alleges that after drugging her, Young brought the woman to his place and raped her.

In her claim she says she later went to the UCLA Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center where an exam showed injuries consistent with rape.   The woman was seeking $3 million but Swaggy P was not going to pay that, and they have now settled for an undisclosed sum.

nick young rape

Young has found his name brought up by several women in the past, one even claimed he paid $300 to smash, but he now has settled down with fiancé Iggy Azalea.   Stay away from those club girls Nick, they aren’t good for your pockets.

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  1. Them 2 chocolate women are better looking, than that pasty bish, their relationship is fake!

    How can you get engaged to someone you hardly know? they only been together for 1 year!! clearly their relationship is staged Nick was probably hired to make Iggy look cool and hip!

    Black men you must be stupid, how can you ditch a sexy chocolate woman, for a nasty pasty bish?
    clearly black men are dumb…….

    • I have yo disagree with you on this one. If she wanted street cred she would have picked someone in hip hop. Swaggy P has zero cool points–he’s more of a joke than a playa.

      • Not unless no other black man in hip hop would discredit himself by hooking up with Ickky. That would ruin any hip hop artist.

    • Iggy and other white gold diggers, only phuck with NBA nicca’s because of money!! hip hop no money in that area. Iggy is clever she knew if her “crappy” rap careers goes bust, she can live off her man’s earnings (just like a slave mistress)

      Nick is stupid, he thinks their relationship is real, but is not!

  2. Once you take $$ in lieu of your self-esteem, you’ve lost…you’re not winning

  3. This swaggy P character is the type of man that will f*ck a black woman but not wife her. Sell out Coon! He will marry this pasty chick and cheat on her with black women. Watch.

  4. Mystique,

    I hate to break it to you, but ALL “Sista’s” aint wifey material. I don’t condone rape at all. But don’t hate on Nick because he found love outside of the neighborhood. I’m all about uplifting us, but I know too many black women that think with their puzzys instead of their brain. Then end up getting “f*cked” literally and figuratively.

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