Rihanna And Travis Scott Are Dating

rihanna travis scott dating

Rihanna is dating rapper Travis Scott, and the two have been seen kissing in public.

Never one to keep her bed empty for too long, Rihanna is now sleeping with Travis Scott.  A while back she attended Scott’s birthday party with her then bae, Chris Brown (alright, maybe Breezy will always be Rih’s number one) and at the party she spent some time handling his snake.

rihanna travis scott dating 2

The two have stayed in touch, and been linking up recently.  This past weekend Travis was performing at Southampton Club 1OAK and RihRih was in attendance wearing a sexy sheer black dress.

rihanna travis scott dating 4

Her and Scott were seen hugging up on each other and later were making out in the VIP section.  Guess Travis’ birthday wish ended up coming true.

rihanna travis scott dating 3


  1. What a lucky bastard!! Lord knows I’d go to hell and back to get Rihanna in the sack. I’d go chin deep in that p*ssy with a cloth dinner napkin tied around my neck, no lie. Beat the p*ssy so good she’ll call PETA. I know, just nasty!

    • – yuck, nasty!! – laughing really loud! –

      • Nigga, I’m a hound. I leave being classy to the ladies like yourself, honeychild.

        • You can’t read so well !
          Don’t call a Man honey child !
          Keep your homo erection thoughts to your damn self !

          • My reading skills are gravy, it’s your comprehension skills that could use a touch up. I called you a lady for referring to another mans level of class.

            • Comprehend this !
              Low class meets no class !
              Pull up a seat class is in session!
              I comprehend you called a man honey child ?
              Which means it’s more of touchy-feely subject for you! Only gay homosexuals would use the term honey child !
              An only a young boy wouldn’t understand the difference between ! So now who is the real lady boy ?? You’re a hound as you put it !
              Well I’m a real man so,have a seat ! Only bark when ordered ! Good boy ….

  2. Rihanna is dick chaser indeed, or maybe a fame chaser. She’s only interested in him because he’s popping!, if he wasn’t popping I’d doubt she would be with him. Wasn’t she dated that white guy??? damn she moves fast…….

    • who the heck is he ?? ?? not really worth wasting my time googling, that’s for sure! – laughing really loud! –

  3. I have never heard of him, but since Rhiana can pretty much have her pick of men, he must have something going for him.

    As for the herpes comment, try to find anyone in showbiz who doesn’t have it. It’s not even considered a big deal.

  4. Rihanna got herpes so does every one in hollywood its not secret they dont care they f*ck each other


  6. When a woman sleeps with anything she loses stock even if she is Rhianna. This nigga aint no where near her level and he look dirty. They about her on the Fetty Wap Cheif Keef dirty circuit, what a fall from grace.

    • Yaaaassss! I bet that dudes yuck mouth kisses taste like cockroach juice!!!!!!

  7. Rihanna is a hoe she isnt respected shes the pass around girl of the industry she probably blue out. Like chris said the whole industry done had her. U think dem niggas care about herpes no they dont cause half of the industry got em

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