Is Sanaa Lathan Cheating With French Montana?

sanaa lathan french montana

Actress Sanaa Lathan could be creeping with French Montana.

The two were partying with Diddy and he uploaded a video of them in his car with Sanaa on French’s lap and the two were grabbing onto each other.  What makes this really stand out is that Diddy later deleted the video because he had accidentally put Sanaa on blast.

Sanaa already has a man, and the two were even seen looking at engagement rings this summer, so she probably got right on Diddy to remove that post immediately.

Removing the post only adds fuel to the thought that something is going on between her and Frenchie.  It could also have been a one night thing after the two had too much Ciroc.


  1. I hope not. I fuxed with Sanaa it seems as if Frenchie would be to immature, and that he’ll drop her stock…lol… I heard that Sanaa and Regina Hall not King were more than best friends but lovers.

  2. Is this the same guy that was dating Khole Kardashian? Sanaa is a step up if this is true.

    Not sure why she is with him tho….

  3. What we need to establish is on one is perfects, some celebrities do cheat. They are sending a wrong message to their younger fan’s, that cheating is cool. But is not, people will get hurt in process.

  4. I’m not into judging people’s sex life, especially when they grown BUT in those two videos it looks like they are all high. It also doesn’t look like a “dating” situation but more of a “threesome” situation.

  5. And I doubt she is still with that dude and French is single. Now Diddy’s is in a relationship with Cassie.

    • Like puff cares about beong faithful when was puff ever faithful to anybody kim porter has to accept his infidelity and cassie us under contract to take his abuse

  6. They all look a mess like there high on coke or something….the industry is twisted…smh

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