Christina Milian Had Sex For Money And Record Deals

christina milian sex for money

Christina Milian was using a lot more than just her vocal skills to get those record deals.

The singer was put on blast are recently as it was revealed she was using her body to get guys to sign on the dotted line.  Karrine Steffans, who you probably know as “Superhead” because of her oral game being so legendary in the industry, was the one throwing shade at Milian.

karrine steffans christina milian

In a recent interview, Superhead let it be known that Christina Milian was straight sleeping with men to get record deals.  The infamous celebrity THOT says on more than one occasion she has walked in on Christina giving it up to record executives.

I’ve bumped into her while she’s been ‘working.’  Getting those record deals.

Sleeping with men to get what you want is Steffans specialty.  She’s known throughout the industry as a groupie willing to spread her legs for guys that will support her, so she’s something of an expert on this subject.


  1. These record people will drop her like, chit on rice cakes. Her new music is crap, she’s suddenly using the n word to look cool!

  2. She been dropped by other labels her music was never that good nick cannon dumped her ass , dre dumped her, dream dumped her. Wayne gpnna dump her sooner or later she should stick with acting cause her music always sucked beyonce wannabe ass

  3. Please the bigger question for me is why is superhead so intimidated by THIS WOMAN she keeps christine name in her mouth so obviously lil WAYNE is into christine…this bag of tricks just has me laughing so hard thinking that she can actually have lil wayne as her exclusive man …I just cant with the modern day hoe mentality

  4. Christina Milian has f*cked a bunch of guys for a record deal. Question, has Christina Milian ever had a hit song? I can’t think of any.

  5. Yeah wayne dedicated a song called prostitute to karrinne yeah thats howvwayne thoight of her

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