Safaree Robbery Footage Leaks


    safaree robbery video

    Footage from the night Safaree Samuels got robbed at gunpoint has leaked. In the video, you can see Safaree and his friend lying face down on the ground as the suspected robbers – Shawn Harewood and Jonathan Ricketts – jack him for $183K in cash and jewelry.

    The two men were captured by the NYPD after fleeing the scene.


    1. I’m only laughing because Safaree is good and they caught the robbers.
      I guess they didn’t want the fur… lol

    2. @GuestfromMW…Yea that part that’s how you know it’s some bull shit…who robs some one ..and leaves him still looking stylish and fly …real gangster would had left them mf in their under wear….leave them lookin like who they really are..#Sumbitches..j/k…but I call b.s…I think it’s a pr stunt..why I have no just thinking to my self “What won’t people do for there 5,15 min of fame..smh

    3. So sad why ppl can’t just get they own money. I’m glad they did not hurt him, but why do something so mean?

    4. Safaree dont seem the gangsta type.. He seems like a mommas boy and thats ok. Im tired of all these rude ruthless soulless scoundrels. Strong armed robbery is some terrifying shit. Once a neighbors son kicked in my grandmothers door and put a shot gun to my 10 year old throat. Said give me money or ill blow her head off. I will never forget that night..


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