Rosie Perez Throws J-Ho Under The Bus


Rosie Perez is saying, “Jen used me, Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony to get to the top.”

Rosie Perez went on to tell our industry source that, “Jennifer Lopez doesn’t love anybody but herself.”

Here is the drop:

“Rosie knows Jennifer better than anybody. Puffy needs to get over Jennifer, because she never loved him.”


  1. Just another of many examples of “brothas” bringing up anything other than a sista.

    • lmao…Hate don’t discriminate. Instead of checking out how massa tricked all of them, they fighting amongst themselves…instead of being happy for each other’s success. I think Rosie grabbin’ at strawz, cuz her career stopped blowing up…bytch on the View now. lol

      • Before JLo, Rosie was THE PR go-to girl..
        She did Soul Train, Spike Lee movies, In Living Color choreography, she had a great career because she had some talent..

        Along comes JLo, who had to trim down to play Selena, who can dance but not choreograph, who can’t sing that well… but she was able to sell her body to become famous.. not sell as in rent, but sell as in ” hey guys, curves are in.. “..

        Fast forward 15 years, Jlo all but abandoned her urban audience when she married Marc Anthony and began singing in Spanish.
        She’s even exercised her booty away.

        Rosie never left us. The View is a paycheck and may lead to something else. Hell, Id still let her show me a few dance moves…

        • I agree. But just to add, in all fairness, salsa is also urban to us. So when she married Marc Anthony, she still engaged and kept her culture’s music which we respected. But you’re right about Rosie…she was always there for us and never abandoned the struggle.

          • Said it B4, and I will say it again.

            Rosie put5 her on with In Living Color, and she got fired when when the Bald Headed Wayans Wife caught them Fuk N.

            Got with Puffy 4 a Record Deal AND A Clothing Line, when the shit got thick, she Dumped Him.

            Got with Ben 4 the Hollywood Connect, Got a Big Diamond Engagement Ring, and her Movies Bombed, she dumped him.

            Only thing left was the “Claim My Heritage” move with Marc Anthony. (Hispanics/Latino market)

            Broke up his Happy Home, helped to strung him on Drugs, and once she was firmly cemented in the Culture move, divorced him.

            She used everyone she was associated with 4 the come up.

            • Amen I always felt her and Ben was a joke and he was the only one who couldn’t see it, we all knew she wasn;t going to marry that man. Ben Affleck.

    • Lmao, Yeah I was just about to say that this looks lil the puerto rican Stacy dash vs the puerto rican Halle Berry…

      And I hope Jalo does not think we forgot she sacrificed Chico, the puerto rican goat from Sanford and son. I talked to Julio the other day and he still coming for your ass….lol

  2. No really? The real story is that people didn’t realize this before it was spoken.

    • They’re just angry cause they ddint get the better of her. I’m sure they got their’s but they’re are pissed cause it didnt go down as it usually does with the fresh meat giving and not getting.

  3. In the industry they all use each other so she did nothing out of the ordinary for those cut throat demonic people. Using people is nothing new in this industry. Diddy used a lot of people to make his mega-millions and so did Jay-Z. It’s the nature of the beast so Rosie needs to stop whining like a little girl.

  4. +1 So true! Too many get fixated on color, the white man does teh same thing. This business is by selfish people for selfishpeople and its gonna attract evil.

    • Not only that, all those people equally used her, you mean to tell me Puffy, Ben, Jaime and others were in it for love, because they were so goo gaga over her? Hell No. Each of those men benefited from endorsement deals and parternership deals. Equal opportunity users. Hollywood is about business, it ain’t got ish to do with Art and artistry.

  5. ben cheated on jlo with jennifer garner on a film set

    damn he likes the name jennifer he dicking down women with the same name

  6. Rosie has been jealous of Jen since their flygirls days. Jamie Foxx said that Rosie felt Jenn was getting too much shine on In Living Color so she had Jen cut her hair short but Jen rocked that hell outta that cut. It’s been a million years–let it go.

    • lean times at hsk… i don’t know were this piece of bullshit came from… seems any old shit will do nowadays on this board…. people alway fall for it….. RIP HSK!!!

      • Well bitch why don’t you start your own site and keep it fresh at all times? Why complain about this site? It’s not like you paid for tickets to be here.

  7. This! It’s all a part of the hustle. But Puffy got his revenge when Ben dumped Jlo right before their wedding.

  8. She might be pretty but she isn’t pretty enough to cover up the evil. Looking in her face I see is a jackyl. There is something real sinister about her in that picture.

    • ELTH

      I was thinking the exact same thing. She looks hard, and she looks evil.
      Those eyes, nan, look at those eyes.

  9. I love Rosie! Jennifer Lopez is a mean and spiteful bitch. Its true she’s a hater and uses people. I heard she was in a car accident this past weekend. Anybody say karma. J Ho is wack!

  10. Rosie is a true boriqua! She and Tupac had something going on. They made such a cute couple.

    • Lies… Rosie said on Wendy Williams that they never dated. Do ur research Dumb Ass!!!!! Rip Pac. An jlo looks like shit without makeup. Google it!

  11. J-Lo been stealing money from the start… Fake Millions! Dancing does not make a woman rich. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Only reason we yappin’ about her is because of Puffy. And, she supposed to be a role model for latinas, Okay! Earn your stripes Jennifer aka Jenny From The Block!!!

  12. They should make a show called the real witches of Hollywood. With Bey j lo and Jada pinkett smith. They all got that evil look. I’d be too scared to watch though. I’m bored and its hot.

    • Anon 16:17

      To this very day, I refuse to view Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.
      When I first it, the change that came over her face scared me so bad I almost went into a panic attack. I have seen some scary movies in my life but that Super Bowl thing beat every single one.

      • Be careful, if you say Beyonce in the mirror 3 times while praying to the Easter Bunny the ghost of Sasha fierce will come out and slap you with her weave!

  13. Rosie is in a different place in life and is a proud latina. She ain’t say this isht.

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    • You are doing the most, and you are doing too much. When you do that you reveal too much.
      Derision is a tool used to discredit those who learn the truth.
      I am not here to argue, it is what it is.

    • Why are you posting under a different name. I don’t know who you are.

      Look up Project a Mockingbird for answers to your HSK questions.

      • Project Mockingbird is very real. It is not a site. It was a blueprint to control the media and shape the public’s opinion. It is not some fanciful story.

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  15. Rosie is the original backstabbing hoe. She did ugly Spike Lee for a come up. She’s just mad cause JLo elevated the game and was more successful at it.

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  17. No she used Marc Anthony for his sperm… she was DETERMINED to have a 100% puerto rican baby(ies)

    • Lol no I know what I was saying is that was JLo’s way of thinking because hispanics think that way unless they are awake and aware… my name itself is a redundant joke my mom is black my father is pr but AA and hispanics are made up of the same mixture African, Native, and European so there is no difference between them racially just culturally…I’m well aware of ethnicity and race being two VERY different things

  18. @ Lola Bunny,

    In reading your comments I can tell one thing about you, that is you are very intelligent.
    Instead of using all that intelligence attacking me, why not go weigh in on some of the HSK articles ? I would love to read what you have to say.




    MOST LATIN AND WHITE GIRLS WHO DATE BLACKS DON’T MARRY BLACKS ASL MADONNA, fergie, pinkl, and gwen Stefani and the rest of the wiggers.

    Eminem married a white slut which ,means nothing to me.

    rosie’s a dyke anyway.

    could have swore she dated white guys like Christian slater back in the 90’s.

    • I heard she told someone that Ben’s dick was way too small and he was not good under the sheets. I guess it caused issues in their relationship.

      • matt damon had no problem with ben those 2 used to kiss each other all the time and nobody called them out.

        matt didn’t want ben marrying jlo he was too jealous.

  20. don’t care if j lo does witchcraft that’s damn near everybody in hollyweood.

    don’t care who she marries she can phukk all the college boys she wants to doesn’t mean nothing.

    don’t care j lo is another cutthroat to me as well.

    bitch wanted to be black back in the day dancving on a black show dating all types of black men Wesley, puff, pac then after one shooting ioncident in a club she wanna run to the whiteboys saying my music hip hop sampling riock james and dancing for hammer, janet, and coolio phukk her.

    but j lo gets a pass she has a fat azz.

    white girls and latins take notes you want black Americas approval get booty shots, phukk black men and pretend you like hip hop ask j lo, and the kardashians.

    even ask miley, fergie, pink, paris, Britney, x tina and all the other white dykes.

      • Don’t forget most of these white girls who get their start trying to please the black audience are calling black people the N word. If you don’t believe me, ask that ugly white bitch Iggy Azalea.

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