Marlo Hampton Thinks RHOA Cast Could Contract Ebola


HSK Exclusive – Marlo Hampton is facing a fear of going back on the Real Housewives of Atlanta set. Know why? Because Marlo thinks that other cast members of RHOA have African sponsors and have a high chance to contract the Ebola virus. Don’t belive me.. Just ask Phaedra Parks

A friend of Marlo Hampton has said she is a paranoid person and she believes Porsha Williams could get the Ebola virus because she’s dating a Nigerian man.

Here’s the drop:

“Marlo said if she’s talking to any of them b*tches she’s going to be wearing a surgeon mask.”


  1. marlo is another bed wench she swings on white men’s wrinkly pole’s she needs to swing her ugly ass back to the zoo

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  2. Its funny, every year, around fall time, theirs another man made virus afloat. Hmmm?



      TPTB ain’t foolin’ nobody, Man made.

      • There is a patent for Ebola. Look it up. Government patented it in 2008. True story. Truth hurts. Lies kill.

      • Fact of the matter is that monkies are made from caucasians and dogs wolves or both. HIV is a man-made disease u can believe the hype if ya wanna but its a known fact that disease of any kind didnt start til caucasians were created and started sleeping with mans bestfriend. Monkies dogs and caucasians share almost 85 of the same genetic dna. Blacks receive these diseases due to interracial sex blood transfusions so called vaccinations pregnancies when they take all your blood for “test” process food and anytime we go under the knife.

        • Anon 17:39

          Bio weapons are real. Go ask John a Holdren about it. He is in the current White House Administration.

        • Look up DOCSTOC.COM
          Under master list of dead scientists and microbiologists.
          They give the who, what, where and why.

          This thing is real.

        • Anon 17:44

          Plum Island

          Fort Detrick Maryland

          Names of two bio weapons labs.

        • I don’t care what you say. Patent is for when someone invented somthing and they want to keep it their own.

      • Anon 15:38

        Not only that, but google how many microbiologists have been killed. I think it is around 100 or more.

        Bio weapons have in existence sine the 1800s.

        Dr. Boyd Graves wrote about that and through his research he found out AIDS is man made. But you can’t contact him. Know why? He was killed.
        William Cooper, the man who predicted 911, also said that AIDS was a bio weapon.
        But you can’t ask him either. Guess why? He was killed.

        • I’m gonna have to look ALL this up and SAVE this information! You know why…because HSK will delete ALL of these comments in a few years.

        • GUF, let it go, most people are more comfortable with their heads in the ground and their asses in the air. This is the the very position of people who believe the saying “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” Now all of this time people though that was a profound saying that promoted peace. But now you know it’s nothing more than a Cult saying for the sheeople movement. It allows them to accept being f*cked because they are able to deny its happening. As long as your head is in the ground you don’t have to live in reality.

  3. @Bitch Stop Stealing my Name


    marlo is a harlot there’s nothing nice about her sexually or mentally she showed her ass up by sucking up to
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  4. Porsha, Phaedra, and Kenya playing with hot skillets. All of them do the same damn thing… Swallow! Remember, Ebola is transmitted via bodily fluids… Blood, Vomit, Feces, Sperm???

  5. I hate stupid self hating bitches. How racist and simple minded of this simple bitch.

  6. lol…she did clown dey asses tho! Phaedra, Kenya’s ole slimy ass, and Porsha. Speakin of Kenya, I need a bath after just typing her ratchet ass name.

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    • Hey GUF,
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            • @Say,

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  8. Nigeria is free from ebola now.
    All those affected either died or have recovered.
    Please verify.
    Nigeria is certified ebola free.

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            • If you have Windows 7 or older there is a program called hijackthis. Read up on what it does and see if it works for you.

  10. Why are these chicks posing with masks and taking pictures? If I was sick, I wouldn’t want to take pictures that would be the last thing on my mind!!!

  11. True GUF, earlier this year my email, that I had for 14 years was hijacked and that was the end of it. Had to say good bye to that email.

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    I don’t post on youtube anymore or from my iPhone.



  13. There’s 2 set plans for this out break of Ebola to deliberately sicken and kill people and also to make the president look bad and it ends up being all his fault, and the public or some agree and dislike him. For example how in the world could a man with a gun get in the white house? When George Bush or Ronald Reagan were president you couldn’t get with in a mile of the white house.this is blatant disrespect and racist, that never happened to another president except abraham Lincoln when John Wilks booth killed him. All of these things are aimed at him and the complete hatred of African Americans. BLACK PEOPLE’S WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

  14. Instead Of Marlo Worrying About Getting Sick This GoldDigger Should Fix Her Crocked Nose!
    Get Her Sugar Daddy Get Her A New Nose

  15. Marlo Has Self Hate Issue Remember On “RHOA” This Flat Nose Biatch Bought Those African Children (Perm Kit) AKA (Relaxer Kit)

    Why Would This Biatch Buy African Children A Relaxer Kit??!!!

  16. marlo confirms these ho wives are doing more than anal for these africans

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