Robert Smith: 2016 Forbes Most Powerful List

Robert Smith: Forbes Most Powerful

37. Robert Smith

Vista Equity Partners
Hometown: Austin, Tex.
Net Worth $2.5 billion
Assets Overseen $20 billion

Robert F. Smith’s Vista Equity Partners remains focused on investing in software. “The fourth industrial revolution is real, and it is global,” says Smith. “It relies on companies’ ability to harness the data that is captured from real-time interactions that are taking place within the networks of their customers.” According to Smith, the key for investors is to identify management that understands this big-data dynamic and can create analytically based products and cognitive solutions.


  1. People would be surprised if they knew that the powers that be set up the entire housing crash in order to become rich and more powerful. "They" knew exactly what they were doing. They knew the housing market would bust and they held all the aces to buy all the houses at lower rates and sale prices and now the housing prices are rising all over again. We are in the same position that we were in before.

    • Yep…plus with taxes you never truly own your home, it's always at risk just ask the folks in new orleans

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