Nicki Minaj Sued by Safaree for Physical & Emotional Abuse

nicki minaj sued ex boyfriend safaree

You thought your ex was band? Nicki Minaj has been going through it with her ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, ever since they broke up in early 2015. And now, Nicki has confirmed that Safaree hit her with a lawsuit for physical and emotional abuse!

According to the rapper, she was hit with the lawsuit on May 9, just days after she celebrated Meek Mill’s bday.

Nicki goes on to say Safaree is still emailing her, and she’s threatening to expose him!

nicki minaj sued safaree

nicki minaj sued safaree 1

Nicki has alluded to laying hands on Safaree in many of her tracks, like these lyrics from “The Crying Game”:

Sayin’ that we had enough, but enough of what?
Another slap to the face, another uppercut
I’m just abusive by nature, not cause I hate ya
Not cause I wanna get someone to imitate ya
I know it’s hard, I know I intimidate ya
But is you stayin’ or goin’?


    • No, it seems there's going to be none of that "getting along business" since there's money involved.
      I don't believe this man really wants Nikki so much as he's most interested in getting the money and benefits he was receiving when they were a couple. She may do better to cut him a final check and have a him sign a disclosure stating "he's going to leave her permanently the hell alone." The right amount will make him sign without any hesitation!

  1. Pay that man. Its been 12 years together. .working, grinding, writing etc. Now Weakmill enjoying the
    e fruits of his labor. I say pay that man

    • Sounds like the usual story line of the Baller's come up. Except the weakmill in that story is the Becky.

  2. Well Fendi did say in an interview on The Breakfast Club that Nikki only tried to pay him 10gs
    for getting her started in the industry
    Pay Sarfaree what u owe him and he may go away

  3. *Fendi said allegedely Nikki allegedly offered him (Fendi) 10gs for all his footwork to help her get in the industry*

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