Rob Kardashian Threatening to Pull the Plug on Blac Chyna Reality Show?

rob kardashian blac chyna reality show in crisis

Rob Kardashian knew what reality t.v. did to his own family, so why did he think it would be a good idea to have a show of his own?

Rob is reportedly checked out of filming his new show with Blac Chyna, and he has skipped major filming sessions over the last month.

According to sources, Rob believes ‘KUWTK’ has destroyed his family, and he fears the same will happen with his relationship with Blac Chyna if they put their life on t.v.

The whole family, including Blac Chyna, headed out to San Diego to celebrate their grandma’s birthday, but Rob decided to stay home – leaving his fiancée to film all by herself.

Apparently producers are also concerned about not having enough material to make the show a hit.

Is anyone gonna watch this trash anyway?


  1. Y'all don't want them to work anyway. But I was surprised to hear Chyna agreed to it – especially filming something as intimate as the child's birth. Rob always claimed he wanted to keep things private. I wonder if Chyna is the one who talked him into it.

  2. Umm….no. I've never tuned in to watch any of those creepy critters & won't be watching the new mess they're about to show the world. I'm just going to be on hand laugh at the demise of all of them. Chyna should really be careful dealing with those hateful hussies.?

  3. Black Chyna's face looks f*ckn horrible man. I sometime ask myself is this bitch even real.

    • Rob's should be named Porky … what a horrible face and body he has …
      Black Chynz's face looks like some trans face…
      Two ugly people having a baby is a good idea : at least they keep their nasty DNA for themselves…
      I already feel sorry for their multi racial science project baby

    • @comment \ her face looks like a science project! ?????? omg! And a failed one! The experiment went too far!?????

  4. What ate they going to do when that baby comes out all black? Edit that part out?

    Rob needs to end this charade before the truth gets out

  5. I hope the baby won't be one of them ugly multi racial kid, we are sick and tired of such science projects…

      • The thought of Black Chyna's vagina scares me! She had sex with a kardashian, oh my lawd! Ooooh! Yucky! She's gonna be plagued with misfortune! She thought she was slick, but they got something for her ass!

        • she had also sex with that bi racial "vietfrican" science project Tyga from whom she had a baby…

    • Its not going to be multi racial. The father is some Trinidadian dude she screwed at Carnival. Its not Rob's kid. She's stringing him along until the blood test.

      • Drama is on the way ! katrashians are real good !
        I love hating them Katrashians !

      • Oh nooooo! I'm afraid for her, becasuse she's too dumb to be afraid for herself! She's like the Black lady at the beginning of a horror movie. You know she's gonna die first! ???

  6. Now you've arrived at the first decision point to determine if you should to pull the plug on the project or get it under control. News Corp has refused to negotiate in good faith and rejected calls from dozens of political leaders to not pull the plug and join Cablevision in binding arbitration.

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