DJ Quik Threatens YG & Jeezy: “You’ve F*cked Up”

dj quik yg lawsuit

DJ Quik is coming for Compton rapper YG and Jeezy for lack of credits on the “My Hitta” remix.

Quik took to his Twitter to confront the rappers about stiffing him on the track, and he wants them to know….you don’t F*CK with DJ Quik!!!


dj quik yg beef 2


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dj quik yg beef

LOL @ “We are all waiting.”

Back in June, Quik mentioned he was planning on suing a “Compton rapper.” Looks like that rapper has finally been identified.


    • Yes we care how often does a non tran with Shirley temple curls gets gangsta on a tweet ??? Ok now you see ?

  1. WTF? At his age Dave should know better & do better. That song is already old now & so is this story most likely but seriously….Exactly WHEN did discussing business matters on social media totally replace a PHONE CALL, EMAIL OR LETTER SENT VIA CERTIFIED US MAIL OR COURIER? The issue is clearly understood & yes, it's a real problem, however, going about it by confronting the artists involved via social media is ridiculously unprofessional, ghetto as hell & downright embarrassing on many levels…. not to YG & Jezzy but to Quik.

    Dave, how can you talk about these "young cats don't want to pay you correctly," swear you NOT going to work any of them, turn around & work with them anyway THEN….rush to put them on blast via social media when they make a critical error? How are they supposed to learn the business & be better in it when YOU are their example of hood legend & rap music greatness? So, your past wasn't/isn't enough? You're going to make the naysayers be right about you? THIS is the continuing example YOU set to further tarnish the legacy you SAY you want to leave for other generations? I'm sadly embarrassed for YOU.

    ? If the issue hasn't been resolved be the end of the business day have the lawyers fire off a barrage of letters requesting they resolve the matter & if you're satisfied you have your lawyer file a lawsuit against them & include YOUR legal bill NOT talk crap on social media. You swaer you're forever the consummate professional…. well ^^^ THIS ^^^ is how "professional" businessmen handle matters of this nature. DAMN? (in my Prince voice)

      • DR1,

        Who you telling? That's why I'm like WTF????
        I JUST saw him last week in LV when I dropped off gratis boxes for Vanessa's client Puma1. We decided to last minute switch since she's already in Rio. I her took her 3 clients here & SF. Her, Tim, Troy & Lizebeth are taking mine up there so you KNOW I'm happy. I didn't want to go so I can prepare for that service trip I'm not ready for.

    • Has he always bbeen like this tho? I remember hearing something about how his sisters was screwing him over. Quik aint nothing but an old bitter woman hater and old washed up nikka tryna still gangbang at the end of tha day. Nikka stay gettin played by his people. Why can't he handle his shyt like a man?

  2. LOLOLOL I saw this shit last night on twitter, and YG's even clapped back at him. DJ Quik is too damn old, (nigga pushing 50) to be f*cking still gangbanging, thugging, and flagging, and especially doing this shit on social media. To anyone who ever wants to ask again as to why Quik never got bigger than he did, you have here direct proof; this and many other receipts. Also would explain why no one "flocks" to work with him. Quik is WAYYYYY too goddamn emotional, and you've think at the age he's at, he could have at least learned some self control. You also would have thought someone within his crew or whatnot would have at least pulled his coat tails and offer him some good guidance. (So much for the industry and it's enablers) This should be especially embarrassing because dude is a father. If I were his kids, I'd be mighty disappointed in my father.

    On the flipside I will say this- Get your money, your credits and what's owed to you. Don't let these industry cats and shiestas f*ck you over. He's put in FAR too much work insofar as music goes to let that happen, but at least have some damn decorum and handle it in private, in court first. After that, and motherf*ckers still want to bullshit you, THEN start putting folks on blast.

    I think it's pretty damn obvious from this a few other events that quiks elevator doesn't go all the to top floor :/. He really needs some serious mental, emotional and spiritual help.

    • TTS,

      I just found out he's started up this mess late last night but I tell you what…
      I don't know about Jezzy & YG but Dave has a separate room for all the trinkets, trophies, gold/platinum records & awards he's received for ALL his achievements. He takes it VERY seriously & trust me…they'll be sending him his plaque via FedEx real soon or he'll continue to show out on Twitter, everywhere he has presence on the Internet & WILL STILL SUE THEM. He did the work, he earned it, he wants his justly deserverd credit & plaque & he shouldn't have to ask for it BUT…blasting them on social media so ugly & unprofessional, at least in my opinion for an icon of his level.
      Unfortunately, he won't stop…smhd.

      • Yeah he's pretty emotional and he'll still continue to wild out. Im just curious, has anyone every seriously stepped to him and really sat him down and talked to him about his behavior? Why does he feel the need to act out and be so childish? I know he suffers from PTSD, which he has openly admitted in interviews, but I KNOW this is not it's side effects. This is very childish, and though I truly understand his anger, like you said- its HIGHLY unprofessional. Especially in this industry. Quik is an OG, a California/Compton legend, and more importantly; an adult. He should be more mature about how he goes about "handling his business." He recently deleted the tweets, but the damage is done. If you're going to sue someone, there's no point in putting them on blast. The cease and desist and the court summons should be a clear alarm to the opposite party.

        • TTS,
          See, I'm not on Twitter so unless I'm present to see for myself, get a call or see it here I never know until after the fact what goes on in these cases.

          To answer your question, I know 4 people, one who was VERY influential in the music industry who all have had many very compassionate, loving & empowering conversations with Dave in an effort to help him bypass & heal some of what causes triggers of imbalance for him. I tell people constantly…in spite of some the music he made & things that happened in his life he is NOT a bad person. Like all of us…he's made some bad choices, some of which he will never be able to live down & that more than anything aches his heart because to this very day HE gets blamed for things/events he had no hand in…I mean this sincerely & on good authority.

          TTS, trust me, it's a LOT of past issues starting with his family, industry mess, lies & stealing, friends & the ones he thought were friends….his list is way longer than the average person & to say he's endured a lot is flat out UNDERSTATEMENT.

          • Also one last bit, there's been something Ive been meaning to ask you, hopefully it's not treading on the lines of trust you have with David. If there's a way I can ask you privately, that would be fine as well…

            • TTS,

              You're welcome to ask me anything. Just know I may or may not be able to share with you what you ask due to confidentiality & can't say or because it may be something I truly don't know. Hit me up…

              • Thank you much! I'll will probly connect with you later today or tomorrow after I finish some things.

              • Alrighty I had sent you the message, hopefully it went through. Gmail had sent me an alert that the first one failed…

        • Is this dude still going at it with his sister? This nut wuz crazy enough to pistol whip her, and now he's took to crying on twitter. Lame needs to grow up. He deleted them tweets and iz now saying how he was going after the wrong person. He needs to be institutionalized.

          • Hmmm dude I wouldn't personally know the details of that. You might want to hit up @Ms Reg Says for hat. I do agree that he does need to grow up, and stop acting so damn childish about shit though. It's got to be pretty damn embarrassing.

      • TTS,

        You said: "I think it's pretty damn obvious from this a few other events that quiks elevator doesn't go all the to top floor :/. He really needs some serious mental, emotional and spiritual help."

        I forgot to tell you this…Dave was/is going to a therapist & was diagnosed with PTD & was given a prescription to aid the symptoms he'd been experiencing. As you may know without me providing details he's been through a LOT in the last 35+ years. It took a toll on him way before now, however, this is not to make an excuse for his current display of immaturity we're seeing at the moment.

        • Poor guy… Yeah Im aware of the many details, and perhaps more thanks to a dude on the web forum "The coli" spilling some tea about him. He's been through hell and back, and I can definitely tell that there's a LOT more stuff he's been through than what he's told of in his interviews. I have my own theories as to what these things could be, but I'll save that for another discussion. Sure he brings a lot on himself, but there are some underlying unresolved issues that are likely causing him to act out in such irrational manners. Hopefully he seeks some real spiritual and mental health, and some healing.

        • dunno. Quik is someone thats really hard to feel sorry for. Understand he's been thru a lot, but he still chooses to do stupid shit. Nikka is a father and should be above this shit. And like someone commented down below, ain't his wife a pastor? How are you a pastor married to a blood and a gangmember? what kind of shit is that? How do you condone that shit? Dudes done a lot of shit and like some others have mentioned in this post, still continues to surround himself with negative people and participate in negative activities. As for him having a good heart is questionable considering some of the things he's done in the past.

        • After learning of the full details that for some reason quik "conveniently" left out, this situation was largely his fault. He should have handled it better, and like an actual businessman. Fuck hood politics and f*ck just doing shit favors for the homies just to help them get put on. The streets should not dictate your business dealings, and you'll never rise higher with this level of thinking. It's this mentality that keeps niggas in the predicament their in.

          Here's the recent billboard interview where he addresses how what went down.

          Ive noticed, Quik has a real tendency to play victim whenever he starts up some shit, and the situation ends up backfiring; and he gets revealed to have been in the wrong. He also back peddled on twitter trying to "blame it on the alcohol."

  3. Lots of people did work and wasn't paid quick said he never got royalties off his first three albums Bernie worrells widow is all over Facebook talking about how he died broke and how George Clinton ripped him off hate quick ain't getting his props but he stay with drama d and kk dissing him but quiknis the most well known yes he put second to none, hi c, and amg out there but they played out hi c second album sounded like outtakes from his first all amg talked about was eating p*ssy and second to nonedidnt evolve either

  4. They need to just stop playing and give this brother what he deserves DJ Quik is still one of my favorite rappers ever, all the rest of these rappers is whack but on the real tip just pay this man I wish you the best DJ Quik

  5. QuicK still tryna gangbang in 2016? really nigga? aint this nigguh wife a pastor too? how you a pastor married to a gangbangin thug nigguh? Some so call man of god he is. Quick always gettin screwed over by somebody gotdamn

    • The entertainment industry is full of criminals: pimps, drug dealers, hookers, and etc. I'm sure he doesn't want to do this, but he's trying to protect his interests. Should he just let them exploit him?

      • Well of course not, but dude has a long habit of doing shit like this, and airing shit over social media. Someone above posted the recent billboard article where he talks about what went down between him and yg. It's just basically him crying and complaining when it was him who didn't have his shit together from tha jump. Besides he been getting exploited for years. shouln't taken him this long to learn.

  6. YG appeared to respond this morning with a screenshot of Quik s past tweets and the caption Fuck the police @djquik. All eyes are still on Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. Amid persistent breakup rumors, the power couple has made another …

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