The Brotherly Betrayal of Chris Brown: Fake Homey Exposed Selling TMZ Stories On Breezy for Bank!

The Brotherly Betrayal of Chris Brown_ Fake Homey Exposed Selling TMZ Stories On Breezy for Bank!

Chris Brown’s former homeboy “Kid Red” called out as the culprit who was “selling stories” about the singer to TMZ.

HSK Exclusive — If you’re not hip to the name Kid Red, not only will you now know who he is … you’ll also dig what dude’s really all about! Just ask Chris Brown. Know why? Industry insiders say Breezy has Kid Red to thank for selling him out to TMZ, reported to be the person responsible for feeding Harvey Levin & Co. stories about the singer for a price … all while playing like he’s one of tha homies!!!

“When Chris was hangin’ with Kid Red, it ain’t no coincidence that it’s the sane time when his house got robbed … and the same time when he was on TMZ all day everyday.”

So, how did Kid Red land that direct lane into Chris’ inner circle? Sources say he caught that from his pops, Phatt Rat — from Black Wall Street Records.

“Phatt Rat connected his son [Kid Red] with Chris Brown, but Kid Red ended up violating his ties with Chris.”

The drop:

“When Chris found out it was someone that was supposed to be his homey that was snitching on him to the press for paper, he got rid of him. Notice how Chris ain’t on TMZ anymore? From now on, the only stories TMZ will catch about Chris are stories released to all press.”

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    • Tmz got spies they are the via of the industry .. Any sounds like a lovers quarrel !

  1. That is what he gets…all these MFs talking about women and it is usually your boy who is f*cking you raw with no vaseline…smdh.

  2. His friends ain't loyal. No sympathy for Chris – he apparently does think too highly of black women ?

  3. black women will make this about them and somehow blame all black men for their problems in 3…2… oh, wait… i'm the late one

  4. Probably wasn't payin ole boy so he went to the highest bidder. Real stars pay their people to stfu!

  5. A father named "Phat Rat" would naturally have a "Snitch Bish" son! Come on now!!

    • Yeah that should've been a sign to to run when he met his friends father. Phat Rat passed down everything he knew about snitching.

  6. What have I been saying about Chris & the way his career & personal affairs have been handled the last 8 months or so? He probably needs to rid himself of a few others as well. This guy was the most recent one he caught on to but there's others as well. Once he totally cleans house maybe he'll finally be able to retail well qualified suitable & stable management.

    Many blessings to & peace to Chris….I'm proud of you. Dig your way back so you can focus on the many gifts God has given you. I want to see you in another film soon, I want your art placed in galleries all over the world to be viewed by all & don't stop doing the all 11 charity events you do for us annually….ball & all.?Clothing line is not my choice venture for you but if you press forward on it please remember to "be a blessing to others not a hindrance."

  7. That's what happens to a G's up H's down type of black male. Certain males sell their brothas out the catty queen type. I got no feels for Chris Brown period.

  8. The real question is, why would hoes be loyal? Chris's logic train derailed way back where.

    • Yup!!! Exactly! He's not the only one infected with that thinking, that's why most of these dumb asses are trying to wife up hoes. Their mental wiring if f*cked up. They think a hoe is supposed to be loyal and marriage-worthy, then want to bitch and cry when they find her on his home camera turning tricks while he's out of town.

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