WTF?! Rob Kardashian Spent $100K on Weight Loss Surgery

rob kardashian weight loss surgery

Angela White, also known as Blac Chyna, is suing Rob Kardashian and his entire family. In her court docs, she revealed some private information about his weight loss surgery.

“Rob Kardashian himself underwent weight loss surgery that cost $100,000, whereas Ms. White’s surgery was for a lesser amount.”

The court docs also go into detail about all the work Chyna has had:

“Ms. White underwent minor cosmetic procedures, including a breast and butt reduction as well as a small amount of liposuction around her belly button. Ms. White is a well known social media influencer and trendsetter who professionally endorses health, lifestyle, and diet products in her Instagram and Twitter accounts.”

Chyna’s claiming that when Rob revealed he paid $100K for her to get plastic surgery after having their daughter, Dream, it ruined the endorsement deals she had with fitness and weight loss companies.


  1. So she lied to the fitness and weight loss companies about how she lost her weight.

    Regarding Rob’s weight loss surgery, it’s his money. Clearly he is depressed and was unable to maintain the discipline
    that is needed for weight loss

  2. Rob had weight loss surgery and is still overweight. Poor guy he is Clearly depressed and Chyna trapped his ass with a baby. Poor baby with a gold digger stripper as a mom and emasculated milquetoast for a dad.

    • Exactly!! I’m like/ WHEN did this so called surgery occur? He’s still overweight!!

  3. So that was Chynas’ big Kardashian secret? GTFO of here Chyna. That was weak. LOL
    Shit, The Rock admitted to getting liposuction.
    Celebrities have the money to do whatever they choose.
    Not a big deal or a huge secret.

    • That is not the big secret. This is a counter-suit and a warning. R had a big mouth when he was with C and may have told her really REALLY damaging things about the family. That is why they are all listed in the lawsuit. If they keep fucking with her like they have been in the press and continue to do behind the scene she will take down the empire and seriously damage their brand. She really has nothing to lose.

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