Rihanna Working On Taylor Swift Diss Track

rihanna taylor swift diss

Rihanna is working on a “brutal” diss track aimed at Taylor Swift.

A year ago, Taylor Swift vocalized her displeasure with female singers who are “over sexualized” to sell records.  Many thought this was an indirect shot at Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

Then last week Nicki Minaj tried to throw low-key shade at Taylor Swift after the MTV VMA “Video Of The Year” finalists were announced.  She hinted that it was her banging voluptuous body that led to her not getting nominated, and Swift was because she is a tall waif.  Taylor picked up on the dig and called Nicki out on Twitter.

nicki minaj taylor swift beef 3

Minaj played it off like she wasn’t speaking to “anyone particularly” although there’s not many women nominated for this year’s “Video Of The Year.”  Seemingly the whole of the internet got on board and picked sides, as the discussion turned into a race issue with some.

rihanna taylor swift diss 2

Now Rihanna is getting back in the conversation and looking to put Swift in her place with her ‘holier than thou’ attitude.  RiRi is going to drop a diss track, and she is going in hard:

Rihanna is recording an “aggressive” and “brutal” song about her HARSH feelings for Taylor Swift.


  1. Taylor was telling the truth about these whores in the industry (Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley, Nicki, Iggy,Madonna,Jlo, ). Their prostitutes being pimped by the industry. Taylor is who young girls should emulate to be like not these booty injected and breast implanted fake wanna be barbies.

    • ^^^^You better believe the rat Taylor Swift did the satanic casting couch! You better believe Taylor Swift sucked off and swallowe3d doezens of hollywood executives! The rat face white bitch can’t sing, can’t act and can’t dance, but she is the number one artist in music! She is the modern day Madonna! You must be a troll, a government agent or a delusional Taylor Swift fan!

  2. I don’t think “They” will allow Rihanna (The Bed Wench) to blast “Their” Taylor (little White Princess), do you??
    since Rihanna’s BBHM video, white women are starting to blast in through social media, it serves her right for throwing Chris Brown under the bus.

    The feminist movement was created, because angry white women were pissed that black men could vote, and not them!
    Still these feminist movement are always going after black men, nothing has changed black women don’t fell for their tricks, because they didn’t allow black women into the 60’s!! you would think the feminist movement would in include black women from the begin of creation.
    But the feminist movement was like a female racist group!!!

    • Well the industry loves a good cat fight ri is way hotter tjan taylors country ass

    • You are 20 kinds of wrong about this. “White women were mad because black men could vote and they couldn’t???” Did you even attend grade school?

      • @Anonymous

        Actually, someone done a video about it on YouTube. The feminst movement was created/invented because wrinkly ol’ white women were pissed, that black men could vote before them. They didn’t include black untill the 60’s
        anyway they only included black women, to take down black men! because the feminst movement were obessed over black dick

    • A diss track about Taylor Swift will be disaster for her career.

      Go ahead, do it. I dont like her anyway. Clearly she doesnt know how much power TSwift has in the industry. Aint no body buying Rhiana’s music. So she about to REALLY end her career.

  3. No white women became feminists because they was lesbians and their white husbands wasnt satisfying them

    • @CC, THISSSS!! laughing!

      “What (YOU) SAID!!” laughing!


    • I WAS JUST ABOUT to SAY THIS! laughing!



  4. Again, let Katy handle her own problems. Her and Taylor started this war months ago so let them deal with it. Riri is just justing this to make herself relevant again.

  5. Sip this… The industry(the devil) has given Rih the green light to bring Tay back to reality. The reality of her being a SLAVE. She recently pulled her music from Apple b/c she wanted more money, and they paid up. She did it with Spotifly too I don’t think they paid though

  6. Yeah they’re a bunch of hoochies playing the game to stay in the game but Taylor does irritate the hell outta me. Gotta to go dish someone in a song every time someone hurts her little ass feelings. GROW THE HELL UP! You’re a big girl now.

  7. Riherpes better calm down. The wealthy, racist white people will be pissed if you go after their favorite daughter. Taylor Swift may look like a two legged albino rat, but she is the satan’s favorite fake singer! If Rihanna goes after her, Rihanna may end up broke and screwed up like Brandy; or worse Aaliyah!

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