Drake & Meek Mill’s Beef Staged For Nicki Minaj’s Reality Show

Nicki Minaj MTV2

HSK Exclusive – Nicki Minaj recently signed a deal with Viacom for a reality show, which is planned to air on MTV2.

“Nicki has a camera crew filming her on her tour and all the drama in her life with Taylor Swift, Drake, Safaree and Meek Mill—it’s all a story-line for her reality show.” ~Industry Source

The drop:

“Nicki wants to make sure her reality show doesn’t flop. So, she using all of her resources.”

Nicki Minaj Reality TV 2015


  1. Knew something smelt fishy about Drake and Meek’s beef, Tyga also have a new realty show coming out this month, all his drama with that trans most be a publicly stunt.
    It just proves all celebrities are full of chit, all they care about is money and fame. Her realty wasn’t last for 2nd session because, she’s fake!!

    • @Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4EVER

      Your talking about a guy who likes watching (Sex In The City) he probably knows what’s going on but, he’s just playing the game. Hollywood is shady people lie all the time.

  2. Stage drama equals she is not entertaining enough to uphold a show on her own. Makes sense when you’re not talented.

  3. Absof*ckinlutely! obviously everything is nothing but just a faggoty publicity stunt especially ever since 2Pac and Biggie Smalls got murdered SMH we have to continue to expose these battyman before they completely brainwash the new generations but then again the new generations don’t even listen to the radio LOL they are listening to their mothers and fathers CD Collections and blasting it in their rooms and on their iPods at School HAHAH gangsta rap will always WIN!

  4. Nicki is lame from the way she talks and that unproportioned booty implanted body of hers. I hope there’s a therapist on the show because this chick has multiple personalities.

    • That shit getting cancelled like Boris and Nicole , Ice and coco bullshit … Fuck that skuzzbucket bitch !

    • That shit getting cancelled like Boris and Nicole , Ice and coco bullshit … Fuck that skuzzbucket bitch ! Them shows are dog

  5. And all should be a shock?!! What isn’t staged or scripted these days. Those PR peeps behind the scenes are seriously cashing mega checks.

  6. All the money in the world would not make me play myself the way Meek is looking right now after Back2Back dropped. You mean to say Nicki is getting a reality show to save the career Meek is destroying.

  7. Naw I ain’t buying this one, ain’t saying the reality show ain’t true but drake coming too slick at him. Steady hitting him below the belt, if it is true then I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong but I highly doubt it

  8. I knew that this SHIT was FAKE I told twitter about how FAKE this beef is AND NO one believe me. Now they will see.

  9. The L that Meek is taking on this is immeasurable. I seriously question who ever wrote this dumb post.

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