Birdman Admits to Being Gay?

Birdman Cash Money Gay

We’ve all seen the picture of Birdman locking lips with his son/ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne, but now it looks like we have proof that Birdman is gay and playing for the same team!

birdman gay

Birdman posted the message multiple times and asked his followers to call him…so we did.

The first number is not even in service (pay your bill, man!), and the second number went straight to voicemail. We’re thinking either Birdman is officially waving his rainbow flag, or the rapper has been hacked. What do you think?

Birdman Gay


  1. birdman has been gay for years this is not even news hell, he damn molested everyone in cash money expect bg, juve, mannie fresh baby wanted to pop them dudes bad. 98% percent of these so called “hard rappers ” are gay they be havin shemales in the video you be thinkin that’s a real woman.

    • Who’s he admitting it too ? We’ve already known that shit for years !
      Gay ass thugs !
      Fucking up,the game with all this garbage ass music only imbeciles follow thinking that shit hop is real music !

      • “Only imbeciles follow thinking that shit hop is real music !” You said it, OG! I got a little nephew was talking about being a rapper. Shit he got TOLD by the family and is notw entering the University of Arizonza we smashed that rap dream!! Don’t let your boys get into rap they get turned out just like in jail.

  2. lol shit bg might be messin with some gay dudes in prison because he’s gonna be in their for a long time. man, if you sign with birdman, diddy, clive davis, la reid, qunicy jones, be ready to do some gay shit. homosexuality is one of the rituals to make in hollywood that of the director couch. quincy own daughters and son are bisexual and been passed around and he knows it


  3. Sign witj anybody u gpnna gonna get popped looks like all the hot boys been locked up and are now the broke boys and niw wayne got phukked too hard. And baby lwt it be known drake and nicki.aint going nowhere

  4. @ste Stephen, & CC, …..I believe you, but y’all makin my head hurt with your text! Lol. 🙂

  5. Typo! laughing! “STEPHEN”!


    NOW I “SEE” WHAT they MEANT (about MY text)! laughing! “YIKES!” laughing!
    imma have to work on that! 😉

  6. Smh! Another TYPO, DANG!! SMH! “I’MA”! this part I’m going to use Google Voice to translate for me! Laughing!

    That was me, Sophia! This darned thing keeps refreshing before I can enter all of my text! Smh!

  7. Google Voice should have capitalized the T in the word that, but close enough! Laughing!

    also, I did not say that I was going to use Google Voice to translate for me, I said that I was going to use Google Voice to transcribe for me!! Big difference! Smh!

    But, whatever! Close ‘enough’! 😉 Laughing!

  8. chile he gay. next! and lil Wayne dirty-skin having ass is gay too, depsite having multiple kids with a plethora of babymamas. no new news.

  9. chile it’s official…all rappers are gay and taking it up the exit only canal and letting other men suck ’em up – that’s including The Game, T.I. (which is not new news and has been for years), Busta Rhymes ( one who wanna be so hardcore and a proclaimed homophobe), Cam’ron cute ass, Jim Jones and his on the low lover Juelz Santana and a host of other niggas. so dont be suprised by this people.

  10. Wendy williams broke this story long ago.
    She had some rapper on the radio show that spilled the TEA.
    he said that all these “hard core” rappers are gay as hell.
    As soon as the get off stage and make it back to the hotel…
    All the pants are unzipped and are around everyones ankles. AND AINT NO WOMEN in the room!

    He said all of them…including the ones with kids! Dont be fooled!

  11. Look at the videos..its all sexual… What teenage men think about all day.
    A man dont care who he “engages” with as long as he has a happy ending!

    • teheheee @Traci. girl ur so right on the money and on point with it. it sure as hell do be the wannabe most hardest acting ones…and two of ’em are The Game, T.I. and Busta Rhyme whom @Tyriek alluded to.

      • yep @dubbautee
        I dont know any men that kiss on the lips. Unless its a Father and Son.
        NEVER EVER have seen this.
        Not even the tightest of the tight.

  12. Modern rap= anti Black woman, anti family values, anti love, anti community totally selfish bullshit.

  13. Why would he take a picture with a girly man that just stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist… Only a gay man would do something like that.

  14. How many more hints do we need theyre not even plain sight anymore

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