Rihanna Under Fire: T-Boz’s Honor Defended By Daughter


The last thing T-Boz’s teen daughter is gonna do is sit back in silence while Rihanna rags on her moms. Chase Rolison — the 13-year-old daughter T-Boz and Mack 10 share — just got in on the social media beef on RiRi, set off by T-Boz and Chilli.

“She [Rihanna] needs to respect TLC.” -Chase Rolison

The jump-off happened late last week, while T-Boz and Chilli were touring in Australia. The duo came with a comment from Down Under… firing shots at RiRi for selling sex rather than music.

“Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked. It’s easy to sell sex. It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say ‘Oh TLC must be jealous’ but I call a spade a spade.”
-T-Boz, to Rihanna

RiRi responded by reminding the duo… that they were playin’ like the pot calling the kettle black…


Enter T-Boz’s daughter:


Chilli has since checked in:


Was Left Eye the talented glue that held TLC together? Of course! Just ask Pebbles.


  1. Hope Rihanna does not come for Tboz daughter talking crazy but hey Children of her age do speak their minds and are watching and listening.


      • Lol I think your caps lock is broken! You must be outta breath, because I am from reading it! Lmao calm down killer!

        • LOL!!! Rihanna is a hot mess. She has smoked too much weed and done too many drugs. She is suffering from brain damage like so many others folks out here. She needs prayer and an intervention.

        • @To be or not to be

  2. I dont believe rihanna want those problems with mack10s daughter he quick to smack a bitch dont believe me ask tboz lmao.

    • She’s accustomed to thugs going upside her head. At the same time who the f_ck is Mack10 to be scared of? Their daughter really has no business trying to beef on Twitter with anybody on her mom’s behalf. If Chilli and Tboz can dish it they should be able to take it. Don’t say shit if you don’t want shit said back to or about you. That little girl needs to go do her homework and let her mommy fight her own battles. Weak move Tionne to let your kid fight your battles.

      • It does look inappropriate to allow her daughter to get involved even if she does have valid points .

      • true dat , how baby girl know anything her mom did back in the day , they was all on their knees at some point . talk about the pot calling the kettle black . TLC needs to sit down and STFU

      • Any child has a right to defend their parents. What the f*ck are ya’ll talking about? Or are ya’ll just mad 13 year old has enough balls to stand to idiots you defend so much? Hmmm? A child just pulled all ya’lls bullshit card.

  3. ummm
    did TLC not throw shade first?
    is rih not allowed to defend herself or throw shade back?
    and if she “should respect TLC”, shouldn’t TLC respect her?
    I mean we all can agree rih is doing too much, but at the same time who are we to judge, or have opinions about how she is living HER life?
    If she’s selling sex, so what.
    Don’t throw random shade & expect somebody not to throw it back bc you’re TLC.
    TLC had their time, this is her time, instead of throwing shade, they need to be throwing out some positive advice, or some words of wisdom.

    • Ok then here is some positive advice for Rihanna, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! You may not have any respect for the rest of the world, but at the very least, have some for yourself. You are going to regret this road you are on if you don’t change direction. And for the rest of you, stop making these folk rich, stop buying what they are selling! It is not rocket science people, they only have a voice because you are the audience. Silence them all!

      • She does not control her own image her team does, whatever image she has wether its goodie two shoes or slut is the one they want her to have, same with Beyonce and the rest of , when they come out of a club in a see through shirt its because they want you to see thier nipples, controversy keeps them relevant , its called a publicity stunt

    • rihanna not american, and her singing voice sucks.
      tlc been in the game longer then her and have better music then her.

  4. The eye makeup and mesh top with her preteen cleave is distracting from the message. Maybe my parents raised me old fashioned. Cant believe tboz lets her dress like this. Another Reginae Carter I suppose.

  5. I love tlc but on this they need to shut up they had there time and now its RI time to shine I hate to say this but sex sales and tlc you was saleing sex too any many ways I am not even going to go. In to and tboz please get your daughter. Of of the internet RI is going to come back at her hard looks like chas is not to fat from dressing like RI anyway

  6. This is a little off topic, but I saw on TMZ last night that Rhianna was at Giorgio Baldi’s with Chris Martin aka Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow. I think this could be a “thing” because he once said she is his favorite female singer. I wonder what Jigga thinks about it?

    • Rih rented some weird mansion in La. Complete with pyramids and standard illuminati crap. I think she’s planning some sort of party to gather souls. That, or she just rented the place to have a sex party which im sure Gwen will be there! I can see her making Chris do her dirty work and pick up girls!

      • @GP, you do know that pyramids are indigenous to black culture, right?

        Lol … honey, don’t diss a sex party unless your and/ or your man was flacid. All that energy surely can create some marvelous things. Sex is the portal we all took to get here!

        • If you see the house pic it is pretty suspicious, as a house to build and rent out. Also pretty harsh flacid comment, I had a hysterectomy last June and it does mess with your body 🙁 Not knocking those crazy awesome sex parties everyone’s always talking about, just waiting till the kids are out of the house. 😉

        • Dont throw your pearls to pigs, these so called awake people will not appreciate it, they will just call you a devil worshipper yadayada

    • i saw that too and the same thought crossed my mind as well because its not like the collabo they did was all that to do another one!

  7. I dont think Rih has to respect T-boz, everyone can speck their mind. But good for sticking up for your mom, and remember Rih is not from the U.S T.L.C may not mean the same forher as they do for us. And to jump subjects, Lisa”LEFT EYE” isn’t that Illuminati stuff? Being that it’s the left eye and all? I always wondered about that.

    • lisa represented thje all seeing eye symbol.

      left eye was into buddishm as well and believed in nimbers and reincarnation.

      • Thats awesome and really deep! With all the symbolism talk, I thought that car accident was a set up. When I saw the vid it didn’t seem right for the car to just skid off the road, but i wasn’t there. So sad.

      • Yea thats why they killed her she was making.conscience music that would have enlightened people, thats also y she distanced herself from tlc because the other two was down with the agenda and she wasnt

  8. Tboz come get your daughter! this harlot in training is going to be even worse the Rhi. She is 13 and look like she can be 18-19 by the make-up and clothing she has on. Looks like Rhi aint the only one selling sex. Tboz why is your CHILD coming after a GROWN ASS WOMAN, talking about respect her ass should stay in a childs place and learn some respect. She need the shit slapped outta her for being disrespectful to grown folks who ever they are, and being as tough TLC came for Rhi first they all need to go have a seat.

  9. and keep her behind out of growns folks business. I cant stand a fresh acting child.



  10. This is the problem with black folks today… You don’t want nobody to tell yo az nothin’ smh. And who best to tell you then somebody that been there done that, with experience and wisdom? Stupid mofos just Shame black history in this country, make everybody feel like the our ancestors suffered in vain. There was a time when black folks didn’t follow other races for anything in thee world and always looked upon any elders in such awe, for their help, suggestions, their wisdom and knowledge etc… Their suggestions, even if it was critical, were always respected and valued, bc we knew that they experienced and new better how to help is avoid the same problems they may have faced.

    Not only that but, grandma can just cuss you out for something and we’d always let it slide bc we knew that it she paved the way for us… and it was usually for good reason, even if we didn’t like her approach or what she said. We were more tolerant and protective of our elders or just ppl with more experience than ourselves, as a general rule in our culture. Nowadays??? Oh nooo we just have to have the last word and feel so insulted by anything our precious and dear, previous generations, have to say about our behavior, entertainment, image, about anything. As if we’ve just lost all our common sense of humility towards one another and we know everything once we’re making a ton of money. And? Or more like feeling yourself. Something like being a mentally deficient, entitlement issue, brat white child that thinks that nobody should be able to tell them what to do once they’re grown and making money. Sad az dummies.

    I understood perfectly well why tboz said she didn’t want to say anything bc this misogynist, male effeminate driven, shyt-hop culture, ran by a bunch ‘want to feel apart of’ black fraternity and sorority ‘desperate to be accepted and apart of white society as being able to get as naked as whites do for their money’, so called black house negroes (African Americans)… We all know blacks are caught up in the 5 vices and are now so indignant with one another that they will kill another dead if you are even a year older than them and try to tell them something that is for their benefit in the long run. That nasty racist South African prime minister Peter William Botha said in 1985 was right in his speech, blacks do not plan for the future and that avenue should be taken advantage of. Tboz just chastised Rihanna bc she took it to social media to show her disagreement with Rihanna overt public displays of nudity. She was justified in this bc it’s quite obvious that Rihanna’s mother should be doing this and is not. What happened to it takes a village to raise a child? Tboz said what many others with a sense of morals were thinking and wanted to say but didn’t bc everybody nowadays is worried about upsetting the status quo. She was not so subtle but didn’t have to be bc it showed she had real unhindered thoughts of shame towards Rihanna’s blatant disrespect for the young girls that look up to her and follow her dumb az. Feelings that she and every other woman with some self respect about themselves and the next generation of girls, should feel.

    Oh but I forgot, we live in patriarchy now and we should not care about the little girls and their future self respect, just the boys. And as for the daughter giving her opinion, this was also justified bc the daughter was ASKED about it and gave her honest opinion, she said nothing untrue nor disrespectful towards Rihanna. That is her MOTHER for crissake!!! When are you dumb blacks going to learn how to defend, protect and fight for your own mothers like you once did? She wasn’t even the slightest bit grown and did not volunteer this information. Wow…you stupid mofos are dumb as fk to sit here and say that a 13yo defending her mother in a respectful and honest way was wrong for that. If anything this should make Rihanna feel ashamed of her dumb self. However I forget she is mkultra’d up, so it depends on which personality to address by the day with her.

    Tboz and everybody else know that Rihanna is going to do whatever she wants when she wants, so why is it such an insult to Rihanna that she step up and show her disapproval of Rihanna not knowing when and how to keep her az covered sometimes??? Hey, if that’s the case… Why don’t all you Males-just keep on sagging more, better yet start showing your penis print on your underwear while you’re at it, or maybe just a part of your penis would be nice to show the world all the time… After all it’s your body guys, forget the children, forget te older folks, you’re young not old so don’t listen to the old guys bc they are old, corny and boring, but YOU are so young and know better. Heck you might be old forever. Isn’t this the American way?

    • P*ckerwoods are in a PATRIARCHY…knee-grows are in a reverse-engineered greek-philosophical maternalized unnatural matriarchy, from single mom’s to mascot Madea transference/entertainment in “b1+€h-@$$ n166@” invective. The upward mobility/independence provided by section8 & foodstamps made the Black Diaspora’s patriachy contemptible and expendable to the newly feminist, libertine sham “goddess”…everything else that you stated I’m basically in accordance with.

      • You are clueless for saying that bc there are less than 4% of black ppl with section 8 and less than 1% with welfare. And altho I have nothing against them besides their ability to get in the way of AA/B progress, you also sound like gay or in the closet. Matriarchy is the original rule and patriarchy is the everso unnatural Greek/Roman slavery rule of the day by dumbo az primitive thinking cavemen who claim unwarranted superiority over wombman. Only 400 Black males kept their 40 acres and a mule out of over 10,000 that was actually given it, and that was out of millions of blacks in America at that time. Left in a foreign country, mentally and physically, made top believe they were socalled free whipped without any resources whatsoever. How would you expect black that have nothing, born into drug families and dyfunction to help themselves? Everytime we make a big difference outside of the system, for example, they shut it down. Isnt black wallstreet, cointel pro etc great examples of this? Learn and use the system to beat the system bc its what we have been indoctrinated to. Learn black economics or stay angry at the small percentage of mentally ill black folks, mad at the poor black folks, ignant black folks and tangled in that web of blame the victim. This is one of the 48 laws of power and it works so well on black ppl. You need a history lesson. Matriarchy is flourishing in many parts of Africa and in Indiana right now with the blackwomenagendaDOTcom

        • Did you just type that only 1% of black people receive welfare? Check your statistics.

    • morals you wanna talk about morals.

      t bopz married an abusive man before that she was dating men who was abusive she dated dalvin or devane from jodeci and it was a drug dealer in atlanta who used to woop her ass.

      chili slept with a married man her mebtors husband but thats hollywood.

      this coming from a girl group who made a song no scrubs then bending over telling everyone to kiss their asses.

      tlc dressed like teenage dykes and they wqere in their ear;ly 20’s.

      everybody posed nude in hollywood.

      tlc and ri were all put on display the reason for nude piocs.

    • Typos haha i was heated… but I’ll correct this one “Heck you might be young forever.” Even though I spell checked it still changed words lol

    • Really…. You bored than a mothaf*cka! You type all that shit for nothing lol Rihanna is a high price hoe! Period. She b Fly tho…

  11. Mack-10’s little girl be done made a call to #QueensSt. on rih-rih struggle butt.

  12. ever since chris clapped the shyt out of her
    she changed into this skanky skank
    who sleeps with singer/rappers maybe at the same time!!

    her own father threw her under the bus saying
    rihanna is mentally unstable but the media
    bashed him he was only speaking the truth

    bytch can’t sing

    • maybe chris abusing her lashed out the reral her.

      ri likes being slapped and beaten shes a nympho.

    • Some of us like her songs. I do. Her singing ain’t sangin’, but it’s unique and I like it. I know I’m not the only one who likes her.

    • K now i agree wigh your ass on that one she cant sing a lick but she.can lick a Dick with the best of em

  13. lot s of these females cant sing.

    britney spears, ashanti, ciara is okay but not notghing to brag about.

    then again real r&b is gone just techno pop homorap or whatever this music is now.

    • Chris Rhianna is a pop singer and her voice is way better than Britneys. at least she can sing lve when she wants to. I agree that she doesn’t have the voice for R&B, but that’s okay. There’s a niche in music for her too. Everybody can’t be Phyllis Hyman or Whitney–although Whit had the pipes for pop and R&B.

      • RI IS a techno singer who does dyke chit.

        shes better than Britney and lady gaygay.

  14. why pose showing your tits in order to try to get people to be aweare of breast cancer like tlc you know they wanted to show thew goods.

    badu said she took her clothes off to prove her point know badu wanted to show everybody her ass.

  15. bet koonye is pissed rihanna used his photo
    apparently she and kim got beef. kim banned rihanna for entering her now husband’s dressing room
    she thought rihanna wanted koonye

  16. Ri-hanna is a mk-ultra whore/call girl & T-boz & Chili will do ANYTHING for publicity….enough said. Don’t be surprised if the jhews set this ‘beef’ up ask Dame Dash…

  17. men need to look after their daugthers. girls today act like slutz

    there’s a guy who whipped his daughter with belt because she was gone
    all night she’s only 16 yea old and she dressed up like a slut

  18. Um clearly Tboz did something to piss off the higher ups because this statement was from an interview July 2013…. They were asked about what they think of the new artists coming up and thats when Tboz made the comment! smh

  19. First of all TLC was in Australia on tour the commentator asked her (T-boz),a question about how female artist in the industry dress T-boz commented and never said Rhianna’s name…The man doing the interview said rhianna’s name..So RiRi needs to check her facts

  20. I think the best person to check Rihanna’s ass is Solange. Rihanna has been messing around with Jay Z since day one. Rihanna better watch herself.

    • no Solange already checked the person who needed checking, rih is a free person and is not obligated to stay away from anyone, jay z is the one who took the vows not rih, even though i hate that b i also hate when people go after the female instead of the male

      • apparently jayz ain’t happy with rihanna’s behavior he wants her
        stop smoking and drinking he wants her to detox. all he ain’t happy about her dating drake





    • how we know if jay and solange never had an affair wouldn’t put nothing past jigga and young girls.

  21. RiRi need to keep her mouth closed…. Mac 10 will make her disappear…. All i got to say is Inglewood Family will be on her ass…..

  22. this coming from tboz, who took her daughter to a Miley Cyrus concert? Why didnt she say shyt to Miley?
    I’m sick of these coons, riding for YT, and at the same time trash their own people… STOP SUPPORTING THESE COONS! and these same coons riding with Justin Beiber bitch azz.

  23. biebers hot right now.

    not defending bieber but think everybody has something negative to say about another race.

    whites have always talked about blacks.


  24. Rihanna need to shut up. She cool but wat does she offer w/ o being nude? Right! She is a young lady who is not being looked at for talent but because she keeps her ass out! We have all seen the crack of her ass so wats left! She is being used by the elite an has been tossed around for sex. Any nigga who wife her will only use her an Chris brown an his lil girl he been dating while f*ckin riri… Seems like a good fit for him. Farrakhan talked bout rihanna… So… she looks hard an lost! Put some clothes on!

  25. feel like chase has every right to stand up for her one and only mother you only get one! i feel like american born black women kneegrows have a total different view when it comes down to morals respect dignitty and how were carry ourselves compared to foreigner black women not all but most wouldnt be caught marching down the street in a g string and cup holders over the cheast in sum carnival. foregners black women a bit more loose free with there bodies so its no surprised rhianna can strip down naked for no reason at all black women sistas we see our self worth not in how quickly we can get naked but our talents and minds we we assert our selves to be respected.

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