Halle Berry Ordered To Give Up The Guap To Bigot Baby Daddy!


Gabriel Gets Estimated $323K Plus $300K In Legal Fees…

Halle Berry picked him, and now she’s been ordered to pay him… 16-Rack$ in monthly child support!!! That’s right! Gabriel Aubry has pulled a pass-go on the monopoly board — on top of being secured with monthly parental paper FOR THE NEXT 13-YEARS, Aubry’s also landed an immediate $115K in retroactive support, and $300,000 in attorney’s fees, from Halle.

GET THIS: That’s while he and Halle share equal custody of their daughter, Nahla!

We’re talking about the same dude who, back in 2011, was exposed as a RACIST… who “constantly demeaned, abused and called Halle the N-word… and he insists Nahla is white”.

Associated Press reports:

“Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon signed off on the agreement, which also calls for Berry to pay for Nahla’s tuition, but she and Aubry will split health care costs.”


  1. Who said he called her the N word, Halle? Was it in front of anyone else? I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I don’t know if I’d take Crazy’s word for it.


    • You know Halle’s crazy ass tried everything she could to remove her donor from that child’s life after she was done with him. It backfired on her and now she has to pay up. Too bad, so sad.

      • Totally! She’s nuttier than a loon and this is what she gets for trying to separate her kid from the father.


  2. This is not surprising. Every black person involved with interracial marriages and issues involving child support always come out on the losing end. It is designed and calculated this way. Take the wealth from the blacks and give it to the whites. Black athletes are encouraged to marry whites in order to get the money into the white families. Ask Tiger Woods, Michael Strahan, etc. Pay attention people.

      • There was an athlete who said that team owners were encouraging the athletes to marry white women. I don’t remember his name but it’s true. I guarantee you that every time Tiger Woods cheated on his wife it was arranged by a white man. There is no way they are going to allow a black man to keep his money. Black people don’t understand the game.

        • @Anonymous
          I believe that story, if you listen closely that’s what Donald sterling was saying in that recorded conversation. He identified black ppl as the enemy…..now the big question why would the black race be the enemy of a Jewish billionaire?


        • Maybe but its some self hating coons that go along with the program. All the owners can do is encourage.If these fools weren’t so obsessed with earning Massa’s approval they wouldn’t care what he encouraged. They would marry women worthy of wife status and not care about skin color.

        • Most black athletes are done in by there black baby mammas due to child support payments get your facts straight.

      • They are actually. If your club tells you not to date that black woman but to date the manager’s sister’s daughter then you do it.

        Likewise when your coach tells you not to date that black chick cause no one wants to photograph them in the media then you most likely date out etc etc.

        When told that you will get more endorsement deal if you are seen with the right type of woman then you are going to date out.

        It is not hard to figure out.

        • Well if black male athletes are that stupid to believe that bullshit they get what they deserve.

          If true, that would then make Black athletes eunuchs, cuz the YT man got his dick on lock and has had it on lock for centuries. When someone can tell you who to f*ck and procreate with, you are no longer human, you are an animal who is breeding.

          It is why no one in the world respects the Black male. He kidnapped his own to be sold to the YT man, he seeks and goes after other women and religions for he is easily beguiled with worthless bullshit.

          Y’all know we were sold for just some cloth and cowrie shells with some whiskey thrown in, right?

    • AGREED…Halle been bat-shit kray-kray since David Justice days, remember she was on Opfat calling David Justice all kinds of bastards & he never retaliated, all David Justice ever said on record was” No one knows the REAL Halle” meaning she’s a lying, crazy bitch and stay far away from that psycho!

    • Over here in the UK, our black footballers do not marry black women either. They are conditioned – or encouraged to date out. In fact, on nights out with their clubs they are surrounded by white women only – black women are not allowed (turned way at the door). So it is not surprising that these black men fall in to the trap of only seeing beauty in white flesh.

      *They are told that they won’t get the endorsement deals that they like to get if they don’t follow the party line.

        • one blaque footballer was engaged to a blaque women but a white women did a kiss and
          tell and ruined the relationship

            • jamilla the singer and darren mayfield they were about to get married
              when a white trailer trashed sold a kiss and tell story on them

          • CB,jamelia and Darren Byfeld, were married in June 2009 and, they divorced in November 2009.
            She walked in with a girl on tow-from a previous relationship. Now she’s walked out of this with another kid.

        • I see the game is the same all over the world. Black men still fallin’ for the okey doke and have been for over 400 years.

          When they marry out, put them out… out of the community and let them see how much those YT folks love them. They will see. They will be taken to the cleaners and wind up as bitter, nasty, old drunks.

    • No matter what they do or whom they tell, they will never ever ever forget it! Why? It’s good! The mixture and differences that makes it feel so dang good. That is why I can’t not understand same sex nothing, difference is a turn on.

  3. He called her it jus cuz she crazy dont side with that honkey n thats what she get tryna play like black men wasnt good enough but she biracial im sure she been called that by her own fam all white ppl say it they wont admit it but they do

  4. The Swirl is about money, first and foremost. Whitewomen got it down to a science, and blackwomen will experience it as well. Gravy Train ideology…Whites live good on this planet because of black people…Universal Truth!!!

    • interacialism is just a fade they want to wipe out blaque people and
      replace them with white people that’s why their jacking blaque people’s style and music

      sooner or later blaque people is gonna be extinct!!!

      • @CB

        What’s Up CB? As others have stated on this thread, no one can force black celebrities to pony up their wealth to others. They have free will. Brothas should know the rules by now, they have no ownership of their dollars. The pesos are evenly split among the posse, groupies, jewelers, bankers, IRS, etc. Most often, this is #BlackmanProblems type of ish. We produce a lot of wealth for others, Not Us! Don’t cry for Halle, she got bad instincts. This man has no character. A good man would take a lump sum and move the hell on..Not!!!

        • the blaque race is going to be wiped out why are white people jacking blaque people’s
          music and fashion style ect etc

          with all this interracial mixing is gonna wipe blaques out

          • Sadly, interracial is going to wipe out blonde straight hair and blue eyes so your comment is very wrong.

            • Co-sign. The sun ain’t goin nowhere and last i checked its lumunosity is intensifying. That’s what the interracial agenda is about. In science we learned about dominant and repressive genes. Guess who has which.

            • Even if it did there’s no guarantee that it would never come back, considering it started as a mutation that eventually evolved into an inherited characteristic. As long as there are dark skinned people humans will survive with all their varieties because black skin is the original. Everyone walking the planet has black ancestors. Blacks are the blue prints of humans.

            • @JHa

              That’s a true statement, but, we’re still diluting our bloodlines nonetheless. We need to keep our eye on the ball, and not get sidetracked with the foolishness, especially blackmen.

          • @CB

            Halle Berry is half-white. Her offspring are white, this is the real issue. Mulattos are unpredictable, so, they can lean either way. As a people, we gotta keep it 100. Bringing half-breeds into the world is not the utopia we think it is…Mirage!

            • tyrone you make a good point biracial people tend to lean on the white side
              especially when the blaque father walks out on them

  5. I feel bad for Halle in spite of the fact that she created her own situation. It has to burn her ass that she has to support his ass along with the baby and they were never even married. When she got with this guy he was a successful model/ restaurateur. Now he looks like he lives under the Santa Monica pier. It makes no sense she has to pay him so much when the child lives with her. I suspect maybe Nahla is Gabrie biological child but Halle carried the baby using someone else’s fertilized egg. Because he always claims the daughter is really white. It’s like she’s paying to keep him quiet, which is really shitty on his part if he uses that as leverage.oh well. Hope it goes better with oliver Martinez but I doubt it will because Halle makes really bad choices when it comes to men. And she hasn’t learned yet that she is the one w the problem. It can’t always be all the men all the time.

      • Gabe is the dad, Halle did birth the child, but the egg is from a biracial donor. Period. And as someone else said, THAT is the leverage Gabriel has hanging over her head.

        If he was a total money grubbing jerk who wanted nothing more than to ruin Halle emotionally, he could seek FULL custody as the biological parent of Nahla. But he isn’t doing that. He loved Halle and she loved him for a minute. I don’t think that her paying him 13k a month is absurd given the underlying facts of the case.
        She prolly should have just gone to a sperm bank and requested pretty white boy sperm, but she didn’t.

        • All true. And its really not about race like folks are trying to make it. She was with Gave for 4 years. And before that she loved Eric benets daughter who is all black. That little girl mother dies and Halle was like a second mother to her. She wanted to adopt her . She really just wanted to be a mom . So under the circumstances she should just make some more movies, pay him and enjoy her kids.

  6. What’s this mean for Puerto Ricans? LOL…should I worry about the white man taking my Racks?

  7. She wanted a light baby. She had to pay for it. Dudes do this shit errday bawl one to our world.

    • She’s biracial herself. Odds are she could have had a light baby w Eric benet. If she was Colo struck she would never have been w Wesley Snipes.

      • You know her name because she was with Wesley snipes. That was a come up. Don’t get it twisted. I know her well. Color struck as hell.

      • wesley did’nt like black women anyway at the time they were dating they were both newjacks on the scene.

  8. Nothing in this situation ever sounded right to me, especially him magically becoming a racist once she was dissatisfied with him, as if he thought she was a nicely tanned white woman (Which, technically, she is lol) the whole time?

    • Some white dudes don’t consider their mixed chicks black until they don’t want to f$ck with her anymore…then they’re all types of n$gger b$tches….

      • ALWAYS Ni**ER Bitches when they talk to their friends behind closed Doors…Remember we came here as Slaves and will ALWAYS B in Their Eyes.

        • white men see blaque women as sex toys

          once their finshed with a blaque women they will go back to white women

          • CB first thing I agree with outta yo font. When they get tired of cummin on a darkie they toss they ass back and show they boys the nekked pictures

            • No matter what they do or whom they tell, they will never ever ever forget it! Why? It’s good! The mixture and differences that makes it feel so dang good. That is why I can’t not understand same sex nothing, difference is a turn on.

    • All Halle’s men are bad according to Halle. Just look at her exes and what she says they did to her.

  9. I don’t know to much about family law but why do she have to pay him if they are both taking care of her if that is the case why is not paying her money he have a job are had a job he looks homeless now but that’s not right for her to pay him

    • Men have been asking that very question for forty years. Not only that it’s non tax blew for the woman yet income for the man even tho he never sees it. Grab ya balls Halle.

    • you mean v stiviano and yes regardless of her trans look she’s a woman.

      her surgewon had her looking like a drag queen she looked more feminine and black before her nosejob.

  10. And if she thinks this is the end wait until the near future when Martinez do a double whammy on her. She will be crying the blues that hes racist and he abused her. She has daddy issues and confused as much. Nahla will be too.

  11. I dont feel sorry for Halle she chose to be with a white man over a brotha and got the same results.

    • The results are way worst dealing with her white Knight because no brother’s are getting checks from her monthly. White Privilege Wins again! Who’s next!!

  12. She went from David Justice, Christopher Williams, Wesley Snipes and whoever else and ended up with these white bums. She’s worth $70 million so I guess money aint a thing.

  13. hallie berry like most biracial people
    date/marry white people because they want
    white people’s approval sadly they won’t

    stop being something your not
    cos your only fooling yourself

      • is the truth sadly your so naive not to believe it
        do you know some biracial people bleach their skin??
        most biracial people in England date/marry white people

        they white people’s approval

        • Or maybe the person they fell in love with just so happened to be white.
          There are some people out there who are like you described but most of them aren’t.
          I date all races of men only because I don’t believe in limiting my choices based on race. I want my family’s approval but I don’t give a rats ass about White people think of me or my relationships.

          • @SayCheese With that fact that you’ve become very defensive to this white man/blackwoman dynamic I’m going to go out on a limb and say you date whitemen yourself.The hit Dog always barks.

          • say cheese stop defending white people do’t care about blaque
            remember what they did to blaque during slavery they ain’t
            innocent they killed young blaque children and teenager

            • ….And Native Americans, Dropped Atom Bombs on Asians, Burned Jews in Ovens, Killed their Mothers (Queens) and Fathers (Kings and Emperors 4 Power.


        • why did leana horn marry a white men??

          because she wanted white people’s approval or something like that
          blaque people need to stop sucking up to white people they do’t care




            • they date/marry white people for approval they want to be liked in the white community
              they think white men are weak so they won’t fight back but their wrong!!!

              black little girls are programmed into thinking white men are superheros and princes
              princes and superhero come in diferent color and shapes and sizes

            • @Crazy Chris I never knew Chaka Khan dated Whitemen.WTF!!if I’m not mistaken didnt Chaka have a legal name change because Chaka is not her birthname.

            • yes chaka married a white man and she dated plenty of others when ahe was smoking crack.b

            • chaka was given the name cjaka at a black panther rally by huey newton.

              chaka means fire her real name is yvette stevens.

              maurice white of earth, wind and fire was a blaCK PANTHER ALSO.

  14. This is how Esau really feels about you Blackwoman.All black women who thinks that is cool to screw white men ultimately will get screwed.Ask Halle.


      • Dorothy Dandridge and Halle are carbon copies of each other.Both are from Ohio,born in the same hospital,beautiful and had a affinity for white peen.Where did it get then though?

      • Dorothy Dandridge and Halle are carbon copies of each other.Both are from Ohio,born in the same hospital,beautiful and had a affinity for white peen.Where did it get them though?

        • Ms Tina chose a black man like herself in Ike. Where did it get her? Sent her into the arms of a white man. Fair is fair, marriage is hard between the same race and between different races.

    • Here you go. Since when does race have anything to do with women getting screwed over by men? All men have the ability to screw women over regardless of the color of their skin.


        • Please stop wit the minority shit!

          YT has programmed U to believe that u R a minority when in reality they only make up 10% of THE WORLDS POPULATION.

          Yes, we R only 12-16% of the US Population, but they keep harping on the minority thing to keep U thinking that U R less than the Majority, WHICH IS NOT TRUE!

          • I don’t believe I’m less than anyone or anything, but I know I am a part of a minority population in the United States and more importantly a group whose numbers continue to stagnate after being here 400 years. If we cannot increase our numbers above 13% we are doomed for remaining in an eternal cycle of losing. Hispanics are multiplying like hamsters and we are turning out gay men who won’t procreate and our men who will procreate are spending all or some time in prison. If that doesn’t change, nothing else will.
            As far as the rest of the world, they are primarily Asian, and believe you me, they don’t like black folks as much as white folks do. Ever been to China, Korea or India? Ha!
            You’d wish you were back in Bama.

            • I agree with some of the first paragraph but Asians love black people who do you think the Buddha was. also it’s only in America that people worship a white higher being. In Europe the Madonna is black. America is an experiment in social engineering.

        • Chris,
          I was never brought up to believe we were lower minorities. I was raised in an upper middle class, two parent home. My parents instilled pride in our race and they also taught us how to be tolerant to others. People can call me self hating all they want but I take pride in being smart enough to judge people individually as opposed to stupidly lumping them into one category.

      • What are you talking about?Race has everything to do with this.Do you actually believe dude would be getting Halle’s money if he was black?Please.

        • OF COURSE NOT.

          Black Folks have been getting the Shaft in the Legal System since the first Black Indentured Servant ran away, got caught, and was sentenced to a Lifetime of Servitude for Free, in 1620

          • didn’t that trailer trash red neck billy bob thornton have real sex with her
            in monsters ball???

            • Yep, and they gave her an Oscar 4 it.

              Started that whole Black Woman/White Man Thang that U C so much of these days in Film/TV.

              Part of the Agenda YT iz Layin out.

              Notice how Beautiful Holly was NOT paired up with Brad Pitt, George Cooney, or another A-List Leading White Actor?

              NO, they wanted to give you the Southern Redneck having his way wit the Pretty Black Woman to make the KKK Crackas wish for the good ol Days of Slavery.

              ALL part of the Agenda.

  15. This should be a lesson to all so-called biracials who actually think their privileged about darker hue blacks that the whiteman don’t care about any of that and when the smoke clears you’ll he on the losing end of the coin.

    • Life n this country is way easier for biracials. I’m sorry BA, but that’s a fact.

        • Yep Scorpiess it’s true. but the flip side of that coin is that your fellow blacks show you much negativity and that really hurts. It would be different if one was ‘acting like they thought they were white’, but you don’t have to do even that to bring out the worst in your own race. Someday in the not too distant future(maybe not my lifetime)this will change as mixed folks will be in a majority. Maybe 50 years or so.

          • not all lighter skinned people are good looking

            being light doesn’t unnecessary mean your going to attractive

            • Chocolatey Did I say one single word about being attractive? No. I’m talking about prejudice within the race about skin color. I am not talking about beauty or looks. We all know that a chocolate woman can be the most gorgeous woman on the planet, and we know that a mixed chick can be a straight up dog.
              A lot of your comments seem to be self projections. ijs

            • just pointing out the facts if you can’t take it then get out of the phucking kitchen

              being biracial does mean your going to be attractive looking there are some ugly biracial people out

              biracial people with blonde hair blue eyes or red hair and green hair it looks unnatural and unheathly

  16. To all who’s aware of the birth of Jacob and his evil twin brother Esau would know that upon birth the nations were seperated by the bowels meaning black and white were never meant to Amalgamate and all black women who are breaking this Law will be dealt with by the Most High.Duet.7:3

  17. who gives a damn what white people think is their fault
    why blaque people have self hate issue poisoning the waters
    and self hating blaque people drank because their wanted
    to feel what the white men touched with his dirty hands

    like i said they do’t care about blaque they would snitch on a nigga
    if they had a chance or choice

    • How one feels about himself is his own responsibility. If I looked for my own self esteem in the eyes of a Caucasian then I would have myself to blame. Self martyrdom and eternal victim-hood is a non starter.

      • excalty why are people so shamed to claim that their blaque??
        n1gga’s did nothing. white people did

        other races are ashamed of blaque people they should be ashamed of white people aswell

  18. SayCheese is a self hating whiteman loving coon who will he the next casualty to the whiteman just Like Halle.Behind closed doors after the WM is finished banging you out he’ll call you the nword and I’d you make him mad he’ll tell you go back to the projects.In his eyes the black woman is beneath him.Ask Halle’s Judge.

    • hallie berry is a typical biracial women
      her father walked out on her and her mother

      her mother probably bad mouthed her father in front of her
      like most women do when their boyfriend/husbands leaves them

      her mother probably called her father a racial name like most
      white women do when their angry

    • I take that as a compliment coming from you BA, lol. I love myself, you should try and do the same.

      • Say Cheese I have lurked and from your posts we have a lot in common. We both are from long term intact families and we have similar views on relationships. I really am glad that you speak out for the silent minority of us who don’t feel like we are destined for failure because of the white man and his prejudice. If I LET that prejudice defeat me, I would blame myself. Because of that mindset, I have done pretty well, and I would bet you have too.

        • Thank you Anon 21:25. You should speak up more, don’t let the ignorance of a few folks keep you from expressing your opinion.

  19. black man beat her ass & leave her deaf & the white man cum in her face & take her money…Halle CANT WIN…

    • That pretty much means she should throw in the Towel because Aubry had the”Green Eye Syndrome”from the beginning and he finally got it.

    • Kingdom8 That is the first thing you’ve fonted that I completely agree with. Halle is snake bit when it comes to men. I truly believe she would have problems with any man.

  20. This world is filled with ignoramuses. Love whom you want to love. I would never let anyone (family/friends included) dictate who I should be with. When you allow society to put you in a box, you lose out on the bigger picture. God has given us free will. The last thing you want to do is give your freedom to thought of another. We all bleed red , I bet if one of you racist fools needed a blood transfusion today, you would not ask if the person is white/black.Get yo mind right.com

    • U should only b able to marry white if u pass a test proving u do not think whites are superior

        • Far too many blks down deep think whites are better. We must reverse this thinking or we aint never gon be shit.


  22. Look at Stacy Dash her ex husband who was white use to beat her ass. Look at Paula Patton, Tamera Mowry. Black and mixed women continue to play themselves thinking a white man will treat them diffferent.

    • Right. But if you are going to point out those women don’t forget George Lucas girlfriend, Robert DeNiro s wife, Alfre Woodard, Wolfgang Puck, even that Ebert guy who did the movie reviews

        • Oh word? Ok well that’s my point. Everyone I mentioned is long term coupled up. black woman/white man together for several years. For some people it does work. *shrugs*

      • ADD WHOOPI
        DIANA ROSS


        DELLA REESE.

          MARY WILSON
          EARTHA KITT
          TINA TURNER


  23. Halle? I bet telling yall about legacy and family money. Connect the dots. How many sistahs you see doing this? Not many. Now how many brothas doing this? OJ went off cause he had to pay Nicole 20K a month.

        • No I was talking to BA. Hit the wrong reply. I have learnt a lot off BA, I research myself when he talks about things I know nothing about. But I don’t like his nastiness. Humble words work better. That’s just me tho.

  24. Lol….get ’em Jacky. That POS was mouthing off about running people off this site and now his punk-ass is getting run off. We are all entitled to out beliefs but that hateful sh*t got real old, real fast.

  25. Damn…what I miss??!! WHAT I MISS??? Jacky ainever responded like that! Not even to Anonymous!!!

    Somebody fill me in!!!


    • I think BA caught bad one, either jacky or someone posing as jacky came outta the closet for a minute b4 it was removed.

      • I don’t know what’s going on but I said nothing inappropriate to Jacky so someone is either cloning me or him.I find these comments hilarious!

        • Side eye @ B A …..ok sure. But, the real Jacky can see everyones isp address. So he knows,who he is addressing . IJS

          • But Jacky never addressed me why do you think the post was removed and I’m still around according to the consensus?

            • Hey BA. Is someone else using your name? Hey jacky is someone else using your name?

            • @Killa callan possibly because I’ve been cloned here on HSK in the past and Jacky would never downplay me in any way,shape or form and vice versa.We’ve talked several times and everything is Kosher.

        • You said something Slick to me awhile back that Ruffled My Feathers alittle but I want to be a Stand up guy and I’m offering a Truce if that’s OK with you.

          • Will the real Black Anastasia please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. No really . Stand up. This shit is getting ridiculous.

          • @Anon 14:37 The real Black Anastasia can’t be duplicated so who ever this clone is can hop from a cliff Pronto!Everyone knows me so I can’t be cloned.I’m flattered.

  26. Lets not forget this is the same bitch who disowned her black side. Halle mom is white and her dad is black and she doesnt talk with her father’s side. This is karma!

  27. That’s why alot of girls have issues with men because they didnt have a positive male role model in their lives growing up. Halle needs therapy.

  28. Something is not right, they have shared custody but she has to pay child support. For some reason I don’t think that Halle is the biological mother, I’m thinking she used someone else eggs and ol’ boy sperm. That’s the only way this seems logical.

  29. Another Fucked Up Mulatto wit a black father, getting f*cked.

    Brief concise and to the point.

    • The thing is Tyrone is that Black men know the true nature of whites and still sell them their azz, talent and souls.

      I don’t blame YT as much anymore, he gonna be what he only can be, which is savage and racist.
      I blame the black men (and definitely some black women) for bendin’ over.

      It is like the catholic church. Everyone is trippin’ over the 800 dead babies in the sceptic tank found in Ireland. This is what they do and always have done. The catholic church is no longer the issue, for it is the f*ckin’ idiots in the congregation puttin’ money in the collection plate to support this kind of satanic behavior that is the problem.

      During the slave trade, the black man did not know the nature of YT until it was too late (even though the conditions in the slave castles should have been a tipoff). Now, there is no excuse.

      We all sayin’ Halle is crazy; did anyone ever think that she is the battleground between her black and white ancestors? And y’all can call that batshit crazy, I don’t care.

  30. She aint no madonna…madonn kicked Carlos’ ass to the curb after she had Lourdes…

  31. I don’t even know if I believe Gabriel really called her the N word. Halle, as we all know, is crazy and hates men. Personally, I applaud Gabriel. He’s the first man that Halle has ever had to pay anything to and when her marriage to Olivier Martinez ends, she’ll be paying him child support, too. It will be worse than Sherri Shepard’s situation.

  32. Halle is getting what she deserves. She had Oliver beat her daughters dad. He was beaten really bad. Beck Olive should have to pay him too. That should have never happened. Oliver is crazy too.

    • Not that I was there or anything but I doubt that’s what happened. Gabriel was the aggressor that day. He got arrested. His formerly pretty ass must have forgotten that Oliver is a boxer. Boxers hands are considered weapons. But notice, Oliver didn’t get arrested or charged with anything.

  33. Halle Berry is learning the hard way that the justice system does not work in our favor. Halle has to pay Gabriel child support while legally the child is with Halle? In additin Halle has to pay for her child’s private school and room and board? Once again the white owned justice system protects one of their own. Looks like Halle Berry has gotten a second n***er wake up call.

  34. Have you noticed that David Justice and Eric Benet have married other women and are currently happy. Meanwhile Halle is still going through the same drama filled shit with different men. This is proof positive that Halle is indeed the bat shit crazy hoe everybody thinks she is. Just because a woman is pretty on the outside doesn’t mean she is pretty on the inside.

  35. Hella Crazy really thought she could beat a white man in the justice system? The white man owns and controls the justice system! They aren’t going to let a black woman beat one of their own. It doesn’t matter if Hella Crazy passes the paper bag test, she is still black. This bitch is not only crazy, she is delusional! Hella Crazy got to pay that white man lots of money for the next 13 years. I don’t feel sorry for her! Hella Crazy played herself. Get your money Kevin Federline, oops I mean Gabriel Aubry!

    • white people are money grabbing so blaque people must be careful with their money

  36. That is what she gets for letting her other man and now husband beat up her baby daddy last year. I am so over selfish and bitter Halle. He is a great father and loves his daughter. Just because Halle didn’t have a daddy is no reason to place this on her daughter.

  37. how eric stayed married to halle after she won that Oscar I mean thew wqhole world seen your wife naked letting a ugly ass white dude phukk her.

    guess Hollywood had a problem with halle married to eric after she officially crossedover.

    white guys was like eric benet who is that hes a singer name 1 song exactly.

  38. Good for him, when you become a belly warmer voluntarily things like this happen to you.

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