Rihanna Struggling to Sell Concert Tickets

rihanna struggling concert tickets

Is the Navy turning their backs on Rihanna? The singer is struggling to sell tickets to her Anti World Tour, and concertgoers have been shocked by the turn out.

A fan posted an Instagram video from the singer’s London performance at Wembley Stadium. Behind the stage, the seats were purposefully left empty of course, but when the camera pans towards the back of the venue, there are thousands of empty seats.

The stadium has a 90,000 capacity, and thousands of tickets for the show went unsold.

According to the Daily Mail, fans who attended the show were left disappointed because Rih Rih “rushed through the songs and everything was double the tempo.” Also, the singer took frequent breaks up to 10 minutes long and “nobody knew what was going on.”

“People weren’t too happy with the performance.”

It’s the fans’ fault though. Who would actually pay money to see Rihanna struggle twerk and sing off-key?



  1. Folks are getting tired of seeing the same ole shit. Damn girl, U done made your money. Don't be so damn greedy.

    • EXACTLY!!!! She needs to come up with something new and maybe take a break in order to do that. The last album she came out with, I honestly almost forgot. The two singles "Work" was OK @ first, but it was overplayed…then her performance live made me like it even LESS, so when the video came out, I didn't even bother. "BBHMM" I was cool, I liked the video. Other than that…meh….

    • Sho you right, very few black artist have, the only one I can think of is the one and only MJ . He was the sellout KING. Maybe even WHITNEY at her height could do it . But those days are looooooong gone.

      • Not to bring her up because shes overkill but Beyonce has sold out wembley more times than even Mike. Beyonce,Madonna,The Rolling Stones,and a handful of artist are the only ones doing stadiums this size and actually selling them out.

    • It's the idea of doing a concert in a football stadium. She should downsize to an arena of 40 thousand or less. It would look better, more doable. She's an idiot.

  2. Good. Her star is beginning, was beginning to fade. Can't sing or has any overall talent, she should be grateful she's managed to last this long in the game. Sure she's still pretty, but beauty in the world of entertainment only last so long, and if you're pushing 30; if you ain't got no other talent to back you up; your days in this industry are numbered. That explains why she was pulling all those wild antics a while back…

    • The wild antics work no more. Look at Gaga and Miley. They are done and so is Rihanna. Thankfully it's happening to Kim K. All those nudie attention seeking photos are pathetic. So now she is bringing out the kids more.

  3. Beyonce time up too y'all just ain't realized it her lemonde crap was all hype just like all her albums we tired of they saggy tits. Time to retire girls.

    • Sadly people have bought into the formation and lemonade nonsense. The made up drama is not working for her. Oh yea, she and JayZ live for renting houses for $100K a month and taking endless vacations. GTFOH.

    • I agree who would want to see this talentless broad. She can't sing or dance just like her competition Beyonce. People need to realize these illuminati puppets don't care about their fans. All they want is the money.

          • No it's your mouth full of Satan's cum
            No you can go back in jail and move like Rihanna while your prison friends play with your butt and cum on your ass faggott face

      • And they have over inflated net worth. Rihanna can't retire, she will have to give lots of money back or they will come and take it. She can't get out of it unless she is in a casket. Sadly for them.

        • They sure do Anonymous. Just because someone has earned 50million it doesn't mean they have it in the bank. Everyone associated with Jay Z is losing money hand over fist. I can understand Rihanna but how Beyonce let him get her to this point, I will never know.

    • Her visibility and name are too big at this point for her to really dip too far down, unless she just stops caring. She also has Jay fully supporting her career. She's not like other pop girls who people swap like cards. If she was with some other team, she would already be gone.

      Only a tiny group of acts can pack a stadium, and even they use payola to fill seats. Most acts aren't selling out any venues. People today don't actually like music. Payola fills a lot of seats. The most successful tours are packages/festivals where they're selling all kinds of other stuff and people mainly go to get drunk.

      • Naw not even with all the illuminati/industry backing behind her will save her slowly dying stardom. Aside from her lukewarm performances and her mediocre singing, what else does she have to offer? Looks? Yeah she's pretty, but a pretty face even in this shallow entertainment industry can only get you so far. After the age of 30 in this industry, especially with all the drug use, looks are quickly depleted. Throwing p*ssy and being an industry pass around's gotta be exhausting, until someone new comes along to replace her. She's got no personality or mind of her own, and after all these years, no one is going to want to hear what she's got to say. What a sad pathetic life is stardom.

        • This generation doesn't like actual music, so her lack of talent isn't even relevant. If she continues playing the game, and Jay Z keeps pushing her, she'll stick around and grow a brand strong enough to last and put out other "artists." Jay Z will keep pushing her because its a symbiotic relationship, and acts like her are his cash cow.

  4. It's not entertaining to watch a performer cry. If a concert performance isn't better than the album, I don't want to spend the money. If she's declining, her replacement is being groomed!

    • Rita Ora was supposed to replace her but she is a bust. Studio work can only do so much. It's all about electronic robotic voices now. Yuck.

  5. It's cyclical. Remember when Gaga was all over the place and making a mint while people were begging her to disappear. Then came Miley, the worst obnoxious human. She went away eventually. Rihanna was before Miley, being obnoxious as ever with her driving, pot smoking, and a boyfriend every week. Beyonce stayed quiet for a while and is struggling to stay in front. Now is Swift, making a boat load of money while playing Kanye's victim. She is all over the place with fake boyfriends. Now Rihanna's is trying to come back to the front burner but the interest is just not there. She wore out her sympathy card from the Chris Brown thing. When you have no talent and a studio creation, it's so much easier to be forgotten. Even Mariah Carey is resorting to stupid stunts to back back to the front burner.

    • Personally I predict that of all the industry girls to come and go, beyonce will still be one of the few who remains. A few other obscure ones may remain, well the ones with talent-janelle monae. Beyonce has been in the game for 20 years, and has rode many waves. Perhaps in later years it may be better for her to reside in the background and come back, or go onto bigger and better things regarding business. As for the rest of these industry whores, Im honestly happy to see them go. Hopefully as Rihanna's stardom fades, so does chris b's.

  6. Speaking of Mariah I see that her and Blac Chyna are besties now. Mariah must hate the Kartrashians but this is a new low.

    • Mariah's star is also dropping. I really believe her romance with the billionaire was either a stunt or he's decided to move on, thus the divorce paper dragging drama with Nick to divert from the fact that the billionaire tasted and decided he's moving on.

      • He ain't taste shit (she making him wait like she did nick, until after they get married)…that is why he is still sticking around and talking about not signing a pre-nup.

        Once they are married that shit won't last very long, he will get bored and tired of her.

  7. You won't catch me spending hundreds of dollars to see a concert featuring a woman who can't sing or dance. This also goes for Keenan Ivory Wayans old hoe, J-Lo!

    • Where you've been. People were wondering about you and what you had to say about the fixed up NBA championship.

      • I was in Las Vegas on personal business. I'm back in Los Angeles. You can read my comments in the Ayesha Curry story. I will continue to support Ayesha Curry 100%. The NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL are all fixed!

        • You've been telling us that for years. I never doubted you but there have been several distinct things I've noticed that lead me to believe you're right. On a different note, I hope Mrs. Curry's actions doesn't hurt her husband's caeeer. I don't feel her opinion was wrong. I feel she should it should not have EVER been voiced on social media.

      • By the way it is no coincidence that the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship and the Republican national Convention is in Cleveland!

  8. Meanwhile, last month, Beyonce old out the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl hold over 90,000 seats. Wherever Beyonce is, I bet you she is laughing her ass off! I am no fan of baphomet Beyonce, I'm just stating the facts and my opinion!

    • Beyonce didn't sell anything but that wack ass story to the media. She did not sell out the Rose Bowl, never have and never will.

  9. she's boring im tired of her old bad girl act she not "young" to be actin teenie bop no more and that wig is tired lol

  10. her reign supreme days is winding up and she knows it. people are simply sick of the whore and her whorish ways hoing with every other woman's man. stay damn tuned.

  11. I forgot who said it, but a music producer told Adina Howard that if she chooses to have a slut image, her career wouldn't last long. He was right. The same thing applies to Rihanna. Her hollywood career is coming to a end. I don't think she saved any money!

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