Ray J’s Manager to Kanye West: “Watch Your MF’in Mouth!”

ray j manager kanye west famous video

Kanye wanted to get people talking when he debuted the music video for his song “Famous,” and he has accomplished his goal.

In case you missed it, the video shows Kanye in bed with a bunch of naked wax figures that resemble Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, George Bush, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Caitlyn Jenner, and Bill Cosby.

Chris Brown laughed at the video and asked why his wax figure had a “plumbers butt crack,” but one person who isn’t laughing is Ray J.

Kim’s sex tape co-star wasn’t too happy about being featured in the video, and he refused to give a comment to TMZ. But his manager, Wack100, had a lot to say.

Wack told the TMZ cameraman that the video isn’t accurate because it doesn’t show Ray J f****** Kanye’s wife.


“If they didnt show Ray J with his d*** in Kim Kardashians mouth, tell Kanye to go back and reshoot that s***, tell him he a long way from Chicago and he better watch his m*****f****** mouth.”

Peep the video.

Meanwhile, Yeezy is unbothered, and he challenges any of the celebrities he depicted in his video to sue him for using their likeness without consent.

kanye west famous video lawsuits


  1. Ignore Kanye. That is the worse for him. He will be mad those people ignored him and are paying him no attention.

  2. Koonye ain't nothing but a buzz whore
    But the video wasn't accurate : where were Koonye's koonyettes (his gay assistants) ?

  3. Would somebody pleeze explain the intent of the video? I don't get it. Nude celebrities in bed together. Does the song explain it? I have to put on gear before I listen to KW cause he attacks my soul.

    • the intents of the video (pick one of these) :
      – buzz whoring
      – attention whoring
      – look at me whoring
      – publicity whoring
      – "career reboot" whoring
      which one did you choose ?

  4. So it's about whoring? And he put himself and his wife in it. He's calling everybody a whore. WTF

  5. I saw that damn famous video the other night. Was it art? No. Was it provocative, thought-provoking and rather interesting? Absolutely! Lol regardless of my personal opinion on him, Kanye sure knows how to deliver a spectacle! Im at least interested to see the fallout from this.

    • I tried to see link @BE but the video was removed 🙁
      What was it about Black Enga?

      • It was a close up slow pan of all the people in the bed with Kanye: Amber Rose, Ray J, Kim K, Chris Brown, Ann W (of Voque), Donald Trump, Rihanna, Caitlyn Jenner, Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby O_O! and someone else that I cant place. They looked synthetic or plastic but their likeness to the real people was spot on and creepy as hell because some of them appeared to be moving and breathing.

  6. I still can´t get over the fact how much the energy of this site has changed. Too bad, the realness is kinda gone.

    • Sure did. Now he mad and shit lmao !!!!! Where was the lie in Kanye’s video……Nowhere. Enough said. Ray J. and his manager, both need to sit down. Ray started the effect, now deal and accept the cause.

  7. Well the manager pretty much summed it up. “Is Ray J dick in his wife mouth”. LLS

  8. wats baffling is y kanye wifed a woman shown geting smashed on the web 4 millions to see.i think kanye was paid to marry kim lol.

    • He was going through some difficult stuff at that point in his life. They're not going to stay together, and the only reason they're together now is for marketing.

    • Amber Rose or Kanye's gay assistants aka "the kanyettes" ,or Travis Scott ,or Ricardo Tisci, or maybe Kim K's publicist Jonathan Ceban, or Kanye's boys from Paris…

  9. That's some kind of weird…..tho, naked wax figures like some freaking orgy,…. who does that?? A sick f*ck that's who!!!!!

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