Rihanna Hooking Up With DiCaprio – Leo Tries To Hide Pics

rihanna leonardo dicaprio

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio were caught making out in a bar in Paris, and now Leo is doing anything he can to stop photos of the two hooking up from going public.

There had been rumors in the past that the Bajan bombshell had hooked up with DiCaprio, and over the weekend the two were seen together in Paris at L’Arc nighclub partying alongside super model, Cara Delevingne.  RiRi and Leo were seen making out, and some people even snapped photos of the the hookup.

rihanna leonardo

“Rihanna and Leo were really going for it.  They were passionately snogging and didn’t seem to care if anyone saw.”
“They were using tongues so there was no mistaking it for a friendly smooch.”

Photos of the two making out were being shopped, well that is until the 40-year-old Oscar nominee stepped in.  Using a French privacy law, Leonardo’s lawyers sent a notice to publications that he objected to the photos usage and under that law they could not publish them.

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  1. He's gay, she's diseased…sounds like the perfect couple

    • I wouldn't want to be in pictures with her !
      Another thing lmao celebrities hate it when u don't want to be seen or ask for pictures in certain settings ! How do I know this because I do public as well as private security I've worked for a lot of celebrities foreign and domestic !
      When we meet there's always a timetable for regular staff to get flicks .
      After that its business as usual ,when I refused to even ask or line up for pic I was always asked what's his problem or the PA would ask me to get in on the flick .
      Listen all celebrities aren't good people an if I didn't like the vibe or the act I would do a great job my team would do a great job then we leave we always get a call when they come back .
      But it didn't always sit well with the act like every one must love them shit I got family members I don't like if I'm not fake around them I'm damn sure never fake on the job !
      Some acts were actually cool and would only deal,with me directly I mean kick out their PA and just kick around me and talk about all kinds of shit like hey man I'm just as human as the next one !
      Some were woooo lil assholes !!!

  2. They make a cute couple. But I think I see his point of view that she hooks up with a lot of guys and she might have a lot of infection. He does the same thing but he is a guy it looks bad when a woman does it. But if that was the case why are you hooking up with her.

  3. Robin has stated that leo is her ideal man. She got it bad for dude said he makes her knees go weak when she looks at him. I dont know if he will ever claim her but she his plaything.

    • Translation, Rihanna wants white privilege, DiCaprio wants to sexually and secretly creep around with a herpes having negro bedwench!

  4. And that picture is old that was a year or so back when he was sticking it to her.

  5. Dicaprio is a A-list Oscar nominee. He can't have his career ruined by being seen with a cocaine snorting, black slut! Don't get mad, I'm only being real!

  6. She is such an all-a-rounder, I wouldn't claim her either, she would be a best kept secret, or lack thereof.


  8. Leo's ashamed of Rihanna, He knows if her broadcast their relationship, is fame and money will go!
    Black women act a damn fool, when their dating rich powerful white dick! But these men are ashamed of being with black women.

    • Chris north from good wife sure aint. Nor Robert Deniro, George Lucas, Eve's husnand max somebody and the prince from monaco I think thats the country is married to a black woman ( saw it on youtube ) but me personally I will stick with my own kind.

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