Family Let Bobbi Kristina Die Instead Of Being Paralyzed

bobbi kristina murder

An alternative doctor, who is a spiritual adviser and faith healer, was asked to help Bobbi Kristina Brown in the final days of her life, and he believes she could have kept living.

The spiritual healer’s name is Jollie Harris III, was brought in by Whitney Houston’s goddaughter, Brandi Burnside, and her husband, Max Lux (of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood notoriety) to try and help Bobbi while she was in hospice.  Harris believes that the 22-year-old’s death was a “mercenary killing.”

“In my opinion, she was euthanized. No one should have to leave the earth the way ‘princess’ Bobbi Kristina left here. It was inhumane.”

He claims that while he was let into Bobbi Kristina’s room she displayed motor skills and reacted when he was pressing on her pressure points.  “They said that she was in a coma, but I noticed right away that she was NOT in a coma … She had motor skills,” the faith healer added, “She was breathing on her own.”

bobbi kristina nick gordon murder

Harris says that after his interaction with Bobbi he believed she could still live, but her aunt, Pat Houston, and a team of doctors did not want him using his spiritual methods on her.  They believed that Bobby Brown’s daughter would not want to go on living if she was paralyzed.

“She said that Bobbi Kristina would not wanna live being a paraplegic. She said that Bobbi Kristina would not wanna live being bed-ridden. She said Bobbi Kristina would not wanna live if she could not sing or dance or perform like she normally does.”

“Doctor” Jollie Harris operates out of Los Angeles where he has the Feed God’s Sheep Missionary Church, so take his for what it’s worth.


  1. In a rush to get that inheritance no wonder pat never said nothing to nick when nick said he owned bk pat was laughing waiting for bk tonoverdose

  2. We can't finish a list. What does Pat have over Cissy. We know all the past uglies. Pat had no right to run everything. Bobby's family are blood relatives and should have made divisions about the things that Bobby now owns. Wish I could get everything here.

    • A more money grubbing fame whoring bunch of people would be hard to find. Particularly that thirsty Aunt Leolah. Bitch was holding out her "inside info" in hopes of getting a reality show, but the jokes on her. Nobody cares.

  3. nick gordon did not kill that girl bobby brown set that shit up nick is a fall guy come on man nick already knew the deal

    • Bobby wasn't even around bk at the time nick was he gave her the last injection BKS fault she died crack head ass her and her mama wanted to get high they both paid

  4. all of this is about whitney's money they didn't want bobbi live man can't y'all see that shit

  5. If the aunt had not be called crazy, we might know how Whitney died. Remember Pat said she was upset because the picture was sold. I feel for the remaining Houstons, they are like zombies, except Pat.

    • Peep this, if U go on YouTube right now where Mrs. Carolyn Whigham of Whigham Funeral Home, she had a prss conference explaining exactly who basically took that pic of Whitney. Listen to that press conference real good now.

  6. Stop it already. That child died while in the bathtub. Everything else was wishful thinking from family, friends, and a public wishing her well. Keep her body alive for the next 20 years or more. Why? It would have been cruel. The family did the right thing.

  7. Falling off DOAHSK- this was on RadarOnline way before you reported it- sick of your late info- might want to start working more often!

  8. Uuummmm, when did she become a paraplegic? First time I have ever heard of this. How do they know what she would have wanted? As human being the instinct to fight to live is very strong whether it's was voluntarily or involuntarily, she held on and fought for a long time. That should have counted for something to them, but I guess they had their minds already made up.

    Something is not right here, this news is very disturbing…. I almost wish they would have just kept this out of the press, I mean how is it going to help now, Sad, very sad. Poor kid didn't have anybody on her side.

  9. Something else that I read today that made me sad. We really need to take better care of our children. SMH

    ‘I saw myself, when I was a little kid’
    Palo Alto, Calif.
    I tutored a kid. This little black kid. He looked up to me a lot. One day he asked me, “Mr. Ebbie, is jail a good place to be?” I said, “Why would you ever ask that?” He said: “My daddy’s in jail and he said he gets three meals a day. And sometimes my mom can’t make me food and I’m hungry.” I went home and I cried that night. This is a kindergartner. Teachers told him he was going to jail. I looked at him as a 5-year-old. I didn’t see a criminal. I didn’t see a drug dealer. I didn’t see a rapist. I didn’t see a gangbanger. I saw myself, when I was a little kid 10 years ago. The candidates, a lot of them, are from very privileged backgrounds and benefit from a white, male, Christian power structure. And that’s O.K. I don’t think that white people should feel guilty about their privilege. But they should feel a responsibility to acknowledge it.
    — Ebbie Banks, 17

    Read the full article here:

  10. Yes. I definitely believe "Dr" Jollie over the physicians at Northwestern University Hospital in Evanston, Il(where Tyler Perry flew her for a third opinion.) I'll be sure to request the good "doctor" for a consult should I be found unresponsive.

  11. Bk was a drug addict and its her fault in the end she ended up dead and she hung around junkies whononly cared about her money pat was waiting for that moment where she ended up comatose

  12. Can we let this girl rest in peace? Yes, we all say it R.I.P.
    That means let them go….let them go on to glory, to the other side.

    Your soul can't rest if people are still trying to debate your passing….that makes you have unfinished business. She is gone. This debate could go on for decades.
    Things done in the dark ALWAYS come to the light. We Dont need a spiritual healer to from Love and Hip Hop to tell us nothing.

  13. Bobby Brown is a lazy, coward ass fat f*ck to stand by and allow Pat to control his daughter's destiny like that.

  14. Her death was already in play at born. If only Whitney Houston had disappeared, got off drugs, etc., they may still been alive. The hidden hand does not like problems and Whitney was one, then Bobbi became one then annoying.

  15. We can go on and on about what happened and at whose feet we should lay the blame.

    But we got to remember, shit you set up will have repercussions 50 years from now.

    Cissy got involved with a married man (Whitney’s father) and that was a broken home in the wake.

    Cissy lived to bury both her daughter and granddaughter from drugs and see both sons on drugs.

    Look at BK’s circle: heroin addicts, all of them.

    Heroin is making a comeback among whites and apparently among blacks with money.

    That is the piece, the heroin and the karma. Everything else is just a footnote.

  16. Bobby Brown's Holistic Doctor Reignites Bobbi Kristina Death Conspiracy Rumors
    Overshadowed by the fake nurse news is a shocking interview with Bobby Brown’s holistic doctor, which reignites the Bobbi Kristina death conspiracy rumors, and suggests that those disturbing rumors may be rooted in truth. Details at link above.

    Holistic Doctor Who Examined Bobbi Kristina Believes She Was Euthanized
    The holistic doctor who examined Bobbi Kristina after being brought in by Bobby Brown is convinced she was euthanized, while still fighting for her life. Details at link above.

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