Black Screenwriters React to Will Packer’s Lies, NOT Riding Along to Producer’s Oscar Submission

Will Packer Ain't Down With We The People

“Will Packer is a COMPLETE EMBARRASSMENT! He’s never hired a single Black writer. He’s full of sh*t,”~ Industry Insider

HSK Exclusive – If Will Packer had his way, the self-proclaimed ‘power producer’ would have you believe him to be a man repp’in his African Roots by aiming to use his Hollywood position to benefit oppressed talent to level the playing ground and keep art alive.

“We need more content produced by, written by, directed by and featuring filmmakers and actors of color,” writes Will Packer in a Facebook posting revealing the producer’s Oscar submission. “I look forward to working with them [The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences] to be a part of positive change going forward.”

In the same FB post, Packer announces an element of “complete embarrassment” citing the Academy’s “lack of diversity” as the cause. Is it just us, did a jester just stage-left it? “It’s also unfair to the white actors, writers, producers and directors,” reads Will Packer’s #OscarsSoWhite post. “To create career defining content only to have it marred by the fact that a lack of diversity calls into question the legitimacy of The Academy’s choices.”

“Look at this hypocrite! Will Packer complaining about lack of diversity while he only hires white writers for ALL his movies.”
~ Industry Insider

Will Packer Ride Along 2 Oscars Rant

Not only does Will Packer’s social media blast convey contradictory regurgitation’s and loathed lies masked by Hollywood’s very own “Oscars So White” hashtag, it comes non-courteously of a profit-driven plot producer carrying a proven track record of at least 15-years worth of deceptive doings. Don’t believe me… just ask Patrick Goldstein. “When no one in Hollywood showed interest in his next film, an erotic thriller called “Trois,” writes Goldstein in a report for LA Times. “Packer flew to Las Vegas and used a fake press pass to sneak into the movie trade.”

“As someone who’s been active in the industry for roughly 15 years, from the position he [Will Packer] is in as a producer of several very successful movies, he [Will Packer] certainly has a view of the business that the rest of us on the outside do not.” – Tambay A. Obenson | Shadow and Act

FACT: Will Packer once let it be known that he relishes in being the only Black guy “in the room,” unveiling a perverted play the Hollywood producer clearly perceives to be an advantage to his sole benefit. Know why? Because to Mr. Will ‘Power’ Packer, his picture-perfect perversion makes the most dollars and cents. And what a shame that is. SMH.


Will Packer Oscars


  1. This Nigga Will Packer is a f*ckin joke! This fag got Ice Cube on the gram exploiting MLK Day, for Ride Along 2 ticket sales to make Universal Studios money. Did y'all know Will & Jada Smith's anti Oscar speeches were both written by their white publicity team?

      • Some say schools, others say programming chambers. 1 cannot be taught what 1 gifted. That's why Will Packer is on the hunt for ideas & content! Cults feed propaganda, not teachings. Think: Apples & Oranges.
        "For years I have avoided almost all society, because I cannot tell people I am deaf. I have to appear as a misanthrope; I, who am so little of one."
        — Beethoven

      • There handlers tell and put these synthetic demonic clones up there to mind control the sheeple that idozlie them.

  2. There is a movie A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN (2004). What if there was a day without black people?
    What if there were parties we didn't show up at? We have no reason to celebrate so why do we continue to do so? Begging, chanting, singing, praying, none of it has worked or works! The Oscars are part of the entertainment industry which is part of white supremacy. Why do we think these individual pockets of racism are different from the actual cause?

  3. Screw Kevin Hart /Ice Cube & F–KBoi Packer aka robbing folks of the South that has poured many amounts of $$ into his pockets only to not have them recoup their funds

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