Rihanna’s in the Middle of Chris Brown & Soulja Boy’s Beef


We all thought Karrueche Tran was in the center of Chris Brown and Soulja Boy’s beef, but according to Soulja, we’re wrong.

The rapper sat down with Hollywood Unlock along with Floyd Mayweather, pledged his allegiance to the bloods, and said he and Breezy have been beefing over Rihanna for years.

Soulja says after Chris assaulted Rihanna back in 2009, he and the singer started to get close. RiRi started attending the rapper’s shows, and he even broke up with his then-girlfriend Teyana Taylor to make room for Rihanna in his life.

Peep the delusional video:


The look on FLoyd’s face says it all.

Do you really think Rihanna is the reason for the beef?


  1. No. This man needs medication and all those around the table laughing at him knows it. Sad. Some black me can be a joke and feed the stereotype and this is just proof!

    • Black men abandoned by deadbeat dads become so distructive and coolish. What happened to the strong black men? Obviously black males are not raising their sons.

      • Wrong! Mines isn’t nowhere around and my son turned out just fine. So don’t assume all black men will be destructive as they get order just because the father’s wasn’t in the boy’s life. That is simply is not true.

      • No bird, angry Black birds like you were taught by white feminist/lesbos to disrespect and run off Black men. Now those same white women voted Trump in office, how you dumb birds feel now?

    • @08:21 #PREACH! Only a defeatist male would bash the women of his race and not take a stand nor take the lead. I have not seen any other race of males do this. I could be wrong. But this seems to be a staple of a weak assed male. The same type of male that such defeatist complains about is a mirror of HIMSELF! Stand up and lead or shut the f*ck up and continue to let the new age moral degenerate black males continue to cause destruction and mayhem. They need course correction – this starts with the real Black Man putting on a condom or refusing to bed a chicken head to start with.

      Deuteronomy 28: 54
      54 So that the man that is tender among you, and very delicate, his eye shall be evil toward his brother, and toward the wife of his bosom, and toward the remnant of his children WHICH HE SHALL LEAVE:

      @ 20:53 If you don’t know your true heritage/lineage and who you truly are by now, YOU, sir are part of the problem!

      • Everybody sees what’s going on in our community. Everybody knows that black males have abandoned their children. i’m talking about and most of them not all but most black man in general have failed their kids especially their sons. I don’t know why more black males don’t get vasectomies since they hate raising their damn kids but they love having bareback sex.

        • @17:26 – those chicken heads and pigeons you live around do. But you need to get out, get up and do something! You sound just like the neanderthal with those stereotypical views of black women. But then again, you are most likely the spitting image of the black male stereotype. Like attracts Like. You wouldn’t even know what to do with an educated, refined, well-traveled Sistah!

        • @18:40 Truth! Forget knowing what to do with them, he could never pull one, due to his pure stupidity…that is why he is a pissy bitch.

        • Down low closet queens Love blaming black women to deflect from their lack of masculinity. Write what you want on gossip blocks the whole world sees how black males have abandoned community family etc. you’re not fooling anybody.

  2. I bet/hope this fight in the ring never takes place! This isn’t entertainment, it’s dysfunction in the black community for all the world to see!

  3. FIGHTING OVER HERPES CARRYING COKE HEAD RIHANNA !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ Millionaire ….Illuminati Puppets Fighting Over STD’s !!!! Sad but True.

    • Why? Men can be more trouble than they are worth and not everyone needs to be hugged up under someone all the time.

    • To be fair we don’t know what she’s doing behind closed doors just saying.

  4. The beef did not have nothing to do with no damn Rihanna HSK! It all started on Instagram about K-Tran’s picture she had posted and Chris went on her pic and was teasing Kae. Jar and Chris was playing and somehow Soulja jumped into the Convo. Plus, Soulja talked shit about Chris doing drugs and was doing it in front of Royalty. That was way below the belt and wasn’t true either, so Chris went off on Soulja! Soulja telling lies on boy and talked about his daughter.

    • Soulja boy did an interview and he said it was really about rihanna and not about kae. It’s on utube.

  5. Rihanna is a biexual whore so yeah she will f*ck Chris and souljah and why tell Floyd he f*cked tiny while she WS married

  6. A man who brags to the world about the sex he had with his ex is a low-life. Straight up low-life.

    • Chris Brown is a bigger hoe than Rhianna and the Navy put together. His dick is almost falling off rotten from all the p*ssy he’s been in. Nasty ass niggas out here talking about females. Primitive mentalities.

  7. HaHa he said google him and Rhi and not one picture of them came up together. This dude needs rehab.

  8. No matter what the story is, it always balls down to a race war in the comments section. Black women don’t know how to treat black men, black men don’t know how to love a black woman, black women can’t raise a male child on their own, black men are becoming effeminate because of strong black women, Spanish, Asian and white women are taking all of our black men, etc. Geesh, can’t a mofo article just be about coke heads Chris Brown and Rhianna and Soulja Boy??? Everybody goes the way phuck in left field over these stories.

    • It’s CAC trolls and their sock puppets, bruh.

      Anyway, in other news…check out Habesha/Ethio movies. They’re like some of the dopest indie black movies.

    • No one said you had to read the comments.

      Shit if you know what they are going to say and you don’t like it, why bother.

        • Then don’t read them. You really think anyone gives a shit about you or anyone else complaining? Get real.

  9. IDK.. .dude giving too much detail for that to be a concocted Lie.. .but just my opinion.

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