Kim Burrell Radio Show Canceled After Homophobic Sermon


Gospel singer Kim Burrell is really feeling the heat after her explosive homophobic sermon went viral.

After getting canned from the Ellen Degeneres Show after referring to gays as having a “perverted homosexual spirit,” she radio show “Bridging the Gap” has been canceled.

The radio show, which aired at Texas Southern University, is no longer a part of the programming.

The fallout for Kim continues, and even her buddy Pharrell Williams is distancing himself from her.

The two were supposed to perform a song on Ellen’s show, but after Kim was axed from the performance, Pharrell told Ellen, “There’s no space, there’s no room for any kind of prejudice in 2017 and moving on.” he added.

Do you think Kim deserves all the backlash?


  1. Time to let this go and let this woman live, gheez enough already

    • Exactly, she’s a pastor, so Pastors are now suppose to accept homophobia even when its against the teachings in the bible also its been proven that homophobia is a mental disease.. smh

      • It’s not a mental disease…most never recover from the sexual abuse they encountered as a child.

      • @11:34
        Women only became property as a curse of the fall in eden. Now can YOU accept that. Being under a man as property is a CURSE and was NOT what was originally designed!
        GENESIS 3: 16
        16 Unto the woman he (God) said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; AND THY DESIRE SHALL BE TO THY HUSBAND, AND HE SHALL RULE *OVER* THEE.

        The beautiful thing is that all earthly things, curses included, will come to an end. So saiath the same book!

        So all this pompous great millstone mysogynous talk (especially done by effete, defeatist black males who are too afraid to stand toe to toe against the neanderthal enemies, but love to bash and denegrate black women) will be silenced.

        The book of Isaiah says in the future 1 out of 6 black males will be dealt with because of their failures to protect and foster their nation, instead, chosing to run off with all sorts of perversions and proclivities. #RunTellDat

        • You are so right and I have been telling them this has well! It also tells them in Malachi 2:11-17. They better get their souls right! And make amends for how they have treated their Almighty, their Black women and their nation!

        • Black men better leave those other NATIONS(especially the EDOMITES) alone, they are abominations. it is CLEAR in the word!

        • I always like to say people do exactly what they want to do in the name of the Lord. So it never ceases to amaze me that when there is something in the scripture that Christians don’t agree with or simply don’t want to do, they find a way to interpret the scripture to fit their musings. But if it is something that they agree with than the scripture means exactly what it says. For example, if the Bible says that Jesus was born to a virgin, or thou shalt not kill, there is no need to take away or add to that. But if the scripture, (Corinthians 14: 34-35) tells woman they are to remain silent in the church, and therefore should not be preaching, these Christians do all in their might to interpret or explain that away as being untrue. Or when Timothy 2:12 explains that women are not permitted to teach or exercise authority over a man: she is to remain quiet, some Christians still come up with reason why women are preaching in the church and it is not in direct violation of the scripture they want you to believe. And although there are several scriptures warning against these false interpretations (Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:6, Revelation 22:7) people still offer amens to those who blatantly worship themselves and pass it on as their love for the Lord. Such an interesting thing, don’t you think?

          • The bible is metaphoric NOT literal…that is why people interpret it in different ways moron.

            • If it is metaphoric then why are things such as Jesus’ birth or death taken literally? Why not stroke the entire thing with the same brush? And lose the sophomoric responses please.

            • The above response is not mine idiot.

              I am just replying to your stupidity, because you are touched in the head to want to combat something you obviously do not understand nor do you care about, so just STFU instead of talking shit, because it makes you look as stupid as you are.

            • Childish responses only make you looks, well childish. But that’s what people without intelligence do. They resort to name calling and curse words to cover up their insecurity and inferiority complex. It’s is not me whom you are angry at. It’s your lack of an intelligent response, lack of couth, and your lack of maturity. But that’s something that you can work on. How’s this? I’LL PRAY FOR YOU!

          • LOL…bitch please.

            You are just mad for being called out after your lame ass attempt to call someone else out…

            I don’t accept prayers from heathens so keep that BS to yourself.

            • And next time STFU about the bible if you don’t know what the f*ck you are talking about, asshole.

            • Being called out? Name me one thing you said of intelligence? And if you think you offer anything in ways of a rebuttal, then well I pray for our public school education. It has indeed failed you.

            • But I will give you a shot.

              Jesus’ birth? Metaphorical or literal?
              Moses leading the Jews? M or L?
              The 10 commandments? M or L?

            • Jonah in the belly of a whale? M or L?

              It’s your chance to show me that you have original thought as opposed to being a cow. Let’s see if you know anything about the Bible.

          • Everything I said is more intelligent than that BS tirade you laid out.

            And the only cow here is your mom for having a sow like you…move on trash you have made no point and all you are is a boil on the ass of society.

            • And this is my last response to you, so you can keep talking to yourself.

              Get a life and stop trying to correct someone when all you seem to know how to do is blow smoke from your ass, fake ass not-know-it-all.

            • Shame you on you for being a cow and a coward, and less importantly, a message board gangster. I bet that serves you well in life.

      • there was a time that homosexuality was considered a mental disease…. remember that , it wasnt until recently within the last 25 years that it was turned around . NOW if being adverse to a homosexual lifestyle , aka ” homophobia” is a mental disease than you are saying PREJUDICE OR ANY KIND OF ISM , RACISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE ALSO. THINK ABOUT IT. FOR ALL YOU HOMOS THAT USE THIS AS SOME KIND OF BANNER

    • I find it strange no one has said anything about the same thing just happened to Vivica Fox. She said something far less demeaning and clearly meant no harm or disrespect to the gay community but she too was shown the door by being fired and abandoned by her business partner.

      I think all Vivica said was that the stripper type show she put together was created for WOMEN to have an certain experience and her cast would not be dancing for gay men. This caused a huge reaction for the LGBT community. Their reaction led to her dismissal from the show. So, now I guess the general public who are not gay can’t have an opinion and damn sure better not openly express it in fear of retaliation from the LGBT? Really? That’s what our society has come to now? And while the LGBT has formed such a hostile take over of sorts what exactly do they do about the racism that still very much exists in this country? They have don’t shit but create their own brand of racism and because so many gays hold certain positions they’re going force their way on the entire world. If you not down with them you’re out.

  2. I’m surprised the radio show was cancelled, considering it was at a “gospel” driven station on a Black campus. I would think her own would have her back…

    • Some of “her own” have been tainted by the psychotic death-type of the Neanderthal.

      Proverbs 3:31 Envy NOT the oppressor and choose NONE of his ways.

  3. God will give her double for her trouble! Blessing don’t come from radio stations and television shows…they come from God, who will give her double for her trouble and beauty for her ashes!

    • Happy New Year Mama?
      Here you are found on HSK telling the truth as always!?

      Kim stepped on a WHOLE LOT of toes not limited to Eddie Long & NOT excluding Pharrell who is known in the industry to “duck out fast in times of trouble & leave folks hanging.” Don’t believe me…just ask Robin Thicke!

        • I second that. Plus edomites have the cottage industry cornered on stealing and “lifting” intellectual property. He got what he deserved.

  4. Who the f*ck are you to say what affects who and how much?

    The system was NEVER designed for us to be here so these f*ckers systematically wiping us out should be OUR main concern, shit for brains MF…

    • It’s probably hard for people to move when CAC demons are constantly shooting at them, trying to take their money, flooding their communities with nonblack owned businesses, flooding poor communities with drugs and guns so they can incarcerate people, giving people diseases, stealing our resources, stealing our ideas, ruining our governments abroad, and etc.

      Maybe if you CACs get off our nuts for like a few minutes…

    • Africans are NOT the same people. We were lumped in together as the construct of RACE. (meaning all things black are African) which is a fallacy. Aborigines are not African yet they are lumped in too. African sold our people to the edomites. So did the Arabs who had us in slavery before the white (see Trans Sahara Slave trade). The Africans (Hamites) told the edomites (neanderthal) things that was known about who we are. These neanderthals and the ignorant of our people love saying we are African and then blaming us that Africans “sold their own” which is a God damn lie! We will be leaving this shit hole pursuant to Genesis 15:13-14 This is prophecy. We dont know the exact day or hour, but we about to be up out of this bitch! Very interesting what will take place shortly after! We have a home and we will be going back to it, and NO it’s not what you call modern day Africa! #ComeQuickly2ndExodus!

  5. Gay whites control Hollywood Ellen is a dyke make more money than Kim burrell and a top ranking lesbian satanic witch

    With her bloodsucking ass

    Fuck eddie long baby raping ass bitch too

  6. Be glad when Black’s quit being to be accepted by white society we paying money trying to earn our way to heaven From a god gay whites went us to praise don’t matte if jesus was black or white it still about white supremacy blacks have to take dick to be around gay whites now the make these same blacks praise satan and get surgery

  7. People in the industry have to support the gay agenda. The industry would probably prefer it if every entertainer, athlete, musician and actor was gay. But, if you can’t submit to that then the least they expect is that you openly support the lifestyle. This is the price / consequence of admittance into show business; pro gay agenda. Pro trans agenda. Pro paedophilia – eventually.

    Kim must have realised what would happen once she opened her mouth. Everybody knows that in her industry, you don’t insult the gays or the Jews

  8. She doesn’t deserve all this, but she does come across fake, especially when she rants against gays.

    Why not rant against women wearing pants or people cursing too? Why not rant against CACs? CACs have done more evil than any gay person ever could.

    The thing about all that anti-gay ranting, especially in the church, is that it isn’t about anything.

    When people say that stuff, they look like a clown. It’s so random. It sounds like “we have to stop the illuminati.” If you can’t think of anything better to be mad at than random gays, I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Maybe they wouldn’t be single if CACs weren’t killing black males, flooding poor black communities with drugs and guns so they can incarcerate black males, and giving black men diseases.

      • Look a here…if you believe a set up is the main reason most of you f*ckers are in jail…you are a f*cking fool!

        How about keeping your hands to yourself, wrapping it up and stop f*cking with ho ass bitches…dumb MFs.

        • That asshole who calls white people cac obviously is down low. He keeps focusing on the white man. So that means he’s got his mouth on the white man’s dick and I mean literally.

      • 19:05 –
        A CAC uses anyone and anything to kill blacks, they will even use dogs! #PROVEN! If you think they are just using black women, then it’s clear you are trying to use subterfuge to hi-jack the black man’s mind that you are commenting with. You sound like a Creepy Ass Cracka to me!

  9. Yes. Just as Kim has a right to speak freely, all the people distancing themselves from her have a right to demonstrate disagreement and dissociate from her as a result. We all have to take responsibility for our words. How many other peeps have lost jobs because of what they posted to Facebook and/or YouTube? Kim Burrell isn’t special (and definitely not as special as she thinks she is).

  10. Folks betta recognize that it is a new day and time. You cannot pop off on the gayz any more, even if you are church folk. You will be destroyed. I hope Kim hasn’t forgotten her humble church choir roots. She will be reacquainted with them with a quickness, cuz her career is now flatlined. The gayz have wealth and bought their freedom and we all have to respect that, even if we don’t accept that.

    • @19:08 – Interesting…. Black women don’t impregnate themselves and Guns don’t kill black men in Chicago – OTHER BLACK MALES DO!

      Take responsibility and ownership of your community. Stop being a hypocritical leader (lusting after neanderthals, yet bashing black women). Step the Fu-ck up and stop being a whining ass BEEYOTCH! #ThereISaidIt!

    • Anon 19:08 gay people have become some of the BIGGEST BULLIES in the world. However, we do not have to fear them.

      We better fear the lake of fire sinners are going to be subjected to unless they REPENT for their SINS.

      And let’s be clear, the BIBLE CLEARLY SAYS IT IS A SIN…and in fact AN ABOMINATION.

      Folks that have a problem with that truth have a problem with God and His Word.

      If gay people can come out the closet and proclaim their sexuality why can’t saints come out and claim their christianity?

  11. Why does racist Bill O Reilly, Sean Hannity, Howard Stern, and the list goes on and on still have a show? All these corporations are racist but smile in your face. Its a double standard.

  12. Why is it that Chris Brown beats up Rihanna and He continues to get awards(Grammy) . He still performs at award shows. Azealia Banks makes comments on social media and gets crucified. Its blatant racism and sexism.

    • It’s racism…even though you claim Chris Brown has gotten away with it? As far as sexism, you don’t think a male gospel singer would be getting the same reprimand?

      Half of y’all on here claiming gays using homophobia to make their points are using as many -isms as you can to do the same damn thing!

    • Really? Why is Mike Phelps still representing the USA in swimming competitions when he’s been caught doping? Why has Lochte been able to salsa his way into our living rooms after staging a fake robbery at the Olympics? Why were Ben Roethlisberger and Patrick Kane allowed to continue playing sports with no black mark against their names after being accused of RAPE? Why isn’t Martha Stewart’s prison stint brought up every time she does an interview?


  13. Any man that wanna dress like a bitch and call himself a bitch name and wanna be treated like a bitch let him he tinks he has a euterus let him think that so I can laugh at his perverted freak ass these homos think they can get pregnant they think they can get periods

  14. So we just gonna overlook the big girl’s weight, huh? There are a whole bunch of verses in The Bible against gluttony too, but it clearly ain’t stopping Ms. Burrell from stuffing her face. Bible thumpers and they’re selective morality….

  15. GOD Bless you Kim, stand strong for GOD and he will stand strong for you. In a little while he will shut the mouths of all who came against you. He also has exposed all the fake preachers who punked out on you. We see a lot of people are not real Christians, many gospel artist are fakes.

  16. Interesting how Gay people can control Christianity so easily. humph but then again christian black people need to come out of christianity anyway …KIM B needs to take the advice in the bible and SHUT UP FOR A WHILE AND SEE WHAT THE END WILL BE. LET GOD SPEAK TO THE WORLD , black people need to know how to keep our mouths shut and let GOD DO and BE GOD.

    • Black people don’t need to come out of Christianity….black people need to stop listening to men and man made religion.

  17. damn nobody had her back. many are afraid to say what she said cause you’ll get cut off from that industry quickly.

    this is why athletes dont speak up about certain incidents in society because ya’ll not taking that fall with them

    if the truth can bring you down tho than down may be the place of righteousness.

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