Rickey Smiley Thinks Porsha Williams is ‘Wifey’ Material

rickey smiley porsha wifey

Rickey Smiley stopped by the Wendy Williams show to promote his new book, and he was also asked about his feelings for Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dish Nation star Porsha Williams.

Rickey said the Porsha we see on TV is not the real Porsha. In real life, she’s a “thick” Southern belle who comes from a good family. He also says Porsha is wifey material and he would date her if they didn’t work together.

Peep the video starting at the 3:30 mark:



  1. That bitch is exactly who she is on tv…she is too stupid to be putting on an act.

    She is so desperate for a man she would screw him, fortunately he is smart enough to not shit where he sleeps..unlike the rest of these morons.

    • But let me be clear I am not a fan of either especially after that BS he pulled with the sister a while back and the shit his son said…kids typically don’t say shit like that w/o influence from those around them.

  2. Okay I thought he was GAY. He’s raise a son to believe that someone is own complexion is too dark for him.. The white or light skin women would make a fool out of his dumb butt..

  3. She already had that spot and didn’t work out for her. His show isn’t all that but he makes a living.

  4. He’s gay. Porsha isn’t stupid. She tried to copy Jessica Simpson & it backfired

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