J. Holiday is Tired of Black Women Like Beyonce and SZA

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J. Holiday, the singer who brought us songs like “Bed” and “Suffocate”, went on the attack to drag black women like Beyonce and SZA for using their pain to sell records.



  1. everything he said literally went in one ear and out the other. As a artist there is nothing wrong with taking life experiences and using it in your work I mean wtf else are you going to sing and rap about?? And he mentioned black dudes don’t swing their dicks around..? Thats some wierd shit to say. And random af but He use to be cute ??‍♀️

    • Didn’t watch it, but from what you said he it sounds like he is mad he no longer has a career and is trying to put himself back on the map by talking shit about those who do.

      Any man that chooses to step on/ drag women is the lowest type of bottom feeder.

      • I agree. He’s nothing a punk. He’s mad that he’s a one hit wonder and now taking his frustrations out on women. As a black man he should praise black women not put them down but then against a lot of these dumb ass coons are turning on black women which I’ll never understand because at the end of the day a black man came from a black woman and that means that he has self hate.

    • Uh, what about Usher and Ginuwine and others taking shirts off, wearing wet draws, and literally showing their…to the audience.

  2. theyre shaking their titties talking about feminism getting cheated on cause they have no self respect and their man respects them even less. hence y these bitches cant keep their man at home. he shoulda really went in

    • BLACK IS HER RACE. Latino is her culture. Why does this still need clarification in 2018??? smdh.

  3. Beyoncé can’t help it that black pepeople worship lightskin. She’s where a he is because black people worship European features. Beyonce cashing in on self hate like any other hustler would do. I don’t take black people seriously at all. A dead race of people . Black people are over ain’t coming back. I stay to myself away from this race filled with nothing but black looking white supremacist.

    • Beyonce is where she is because she had no real competition for yeeeeeears and her team is top notch. There are plenty of other darker complected women who were bigger stars than Beyonce in their day …Diana Ross and Whitney Houston to name just 2. SZA is huge rn, and she has a darker complexion. you gotta get of that colorism BS, because it really is BS. not everything is related back to that.

        • I don’t argue with dead peasants. Shoo fly shoo! Go eat out of rhe white man and woman’s dumpster somewhere behind they empires that your dead peasants ass built. Don’t even know a nothing about colorism. Whitney wasn’t darks kin and neither was Diana. Half you fucks mixed with slave masters blood but wanna claim to be black because they wont accept you. You can only be accepted by other dead folks. The ancestors ain’t claiming you fucks either . Gumbo fried chicken koolaid blood sugar having peasants. I enjoy watching you all suffer daily .

    • The only dead person here is you.

      To speak like that means you have no soul…keep the self-hate to yourself, no one is interested in the BullShit you are spewing.

      • Don’t own nothing but the one drop rule talking about somebody dead. I’m loyal to my ancestry and bloodline I don’t support no cracker barrel fuckery. Black mask wearing mules.

        The time is nye when yall charade is over. Ancestors ain’t got no one drop rule. They ain’t gonna help you like they been stopped helping you . Only ain’t few of us left. Black people are the real 1 percent. Most Of yall Are White SUPREMIST IN Brown face. Die off!

    • And you said Bey suffers from self hate? Then what do you suffer from because your whole thread screams I hate my self.

  4. He called BW mfs. WTF happened to him to go from love songs to this. His songs about to be removed from too many playlists!

  5. It seems like”another” frustrated artist with a hit or two
    willing to do/say anything for some attention/record deal

  6. Why are people mad? He’s talking truth, at least part of it. He is saying he takes care of the women in his family, he’s not a coon, not a criminal, not someone to be thrown in the pot of reprobate black man who mistreat and cheat on their women, not the object of hate in Beyonce and other’s records. He’s defending good black men.

    Is he broke, frustrated, out of the limelight trying to make waves? Maybe, but what is he saying that lacks credibility. Beyonce and the others are just manipulating the public to get money. It’s all about the money, they don’t care about nothing.

    • Oh yeah, the other part is that black men for the most part have abdicated their role in the black community. But that’s not all black men. Time to take some responsibility. The destruction is real.

      • .You’d be surprised how many folks take Beyoncé’s music seriously. J Holiday raised some valid points, that ought to be considered. I wonder if these points were made by a trending artist will there be a backlash?

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