Rickey Smiley Exposed “On All Fours, Moaning Like A B*#%h!”

Rickey Smiley Exposed Again

“Find as many hoes as you can, I might fly one in.” ~Rickey Smiley

HSK Exclusive – The man who once served Rickey Smiley up with random jumpoffs has returned … with a vengeance! We’ve exclusively landed another set 2010 email exchanges between Rickey and Triggs … with the comedian revealing more of his freaky fetishes.

Now, not only is TV One’s golden boy being outed for his M.O. of smashing as many “hoes” as possible … he’s also being exposed for being a bottom boy who likes his backdoor slammed!!! Don’t believe me.. Just ask ‘Triggs’.

“Because straight men beg for anal … [but] he still loves his hoes and bitches.”

For any of you who may question if Rickey Smiley is rscomedy@yahoo.com, we’ve dug up confirmation that he is. Know how? Smiley stated that himself … through this 2009 Tweet:

Rickey Smiley Email Exposed

Check out this sizzling tea:

Rickey Smiley Tea


  1. Well,I never pledged but an older gentlemen I know personally told me a story that made me laugh then once I thought about it made me think wow that’s fu..ck up! He said he wanted to pledge and during this time they made him put a pillow case on his head in the middle of the night threw him I a van drove for hours talking shit then the van stops they kick him out With no money or Identification in the middle of get this a racist area the gentlemen is 50 years old now so do the math ! They told him if he didn’t make it back before his fisrt class started he was out or face a punishment ! That shit ain’t funny! Not cool at all he told me that they put a sheep in a room gave them a condom and said get to work cut the light off and said we will be back and them condoms better be filled ! Wait there’s more blind folded squeezing crap to find the jewels !! The only one I thuoght wasnt to bad was the drinking punishment the pledges had to finish a whole keg by themselves and couldn’t puke it’s dangerous but as horrible as the other stuff!!

  2. Yeah, I saw the tape too. But it wasn’t Q dawgs in the one I saw. It was Bobby Blake, Flexx Deon, and Bam. I still watch it from time to time.

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