Gucci Mane Shuts Nicki Minaj’s Trap … Literally!

Gucci Mane vs. Nicki Minaj

The Ultimate Selfie!

Leave it to Nicki to take Ratchet to next level … but, she’s probably wishing she didn’t call Gucci Mane’s bluff. That’s because the Trap House rapper has Turnt It All The Way Up on Nicki … rocking Twitter off the charts … after the ‘Twerk It’ temptress shot down word that the Ice Cream Man smashed that.

Gucci Goes in on Nicki Minaj

Now, it looks like the cat got Nicki’s tongue. Know why? Because not only are her professional mic skills now on blast … the feisty remarks she’s famous for seem to be in fall back mode.

Check it:

Gucci Man & Nicki Minaj Beef Nicki Minaj vs. Gucci Mane