Jodeci’s Front Man Falls Back To Feenin


“I felt so embarrassed for him … security tossed him on street like they were throwing out garbage.”

JoJo Hailey Needs Help!

HSK Exclusive – The front man of 90’s reigning R&B group — Jodeci — may want to consider checking into rehab … like, yesterday!!! Know why? We’ve learned ‘JoJo’ Hailey’s alcohol addiction has gotten to the point where the 42-year-old singer doesn’t only require the attention of a doctor, he could need diapers too!

This, according to a witness who spotted security forcing JoJo out of downtown L.A.’s Cork Restaurant, a few weeks ago.

“Jo Jo was so drunk, he defecated on himself in the restaurant’s bathroom. He had like about 18 shots of liquor before he turned into a complete idiot and was 86’d from the spot.”


Here’s the drop:

“Jo Jo did go to the bathroom, but he was so drunk he shit on himself. I felt so embarrassed for him because security tossed him on street like they were throwing out garbage.”


  1. I seen K-Ci & North Carolina buddy Petey Pablo at the TGIFridays on North Tryon .. they were counting the coins from the change the waitress brought. K -Ci was all skull.. his head looked sunk in. Petey was an ass trying to bang some Brittney & Becky.

    Counting coins? Guess they needed that 53 cents..

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