Diddy Forced Jackie Long To ‘Take That, Take That’!

kDiddy's Jackie Long Payback

“To prove he was the alpha male, Puffy smashed Jackie Long in the same bed his baby momma deceived him in … while Kim watched.”

HSK Exclusive – Jackie Long’s previous affair with Kim Porter is what’s said to have led Puffy to kick off a revenge smash session, targeting the ‘ATL’ actor. Insiders say that’s before the Bad Boy delivered Kim with a beat down, for leaving him out of the mix.

“Puffy was really mad that Jackie was enjoying the perks that he worked hard for … and Kim wasn’t sharing Jackie with him.”


You’ll recall Jackie Long being Serena Williams’ longtime boo. We’re told their relationship ended after the tennis icon learned dude was using her for her money.

“And then it happens … What you have been most afraid of … What you always suspected would happen one day sooner or later.” ~Serena Williams


We’re told it wasn’t before Jackie Long — an actor that’s been out of work since 2006, and is said to be surviving as a “bisexual opportunist who uses people to take care of him — was able to lock down Diddy’s baby momma.

“Jackie then went on to smash Kim Porter … and he enjoyed spending Diddy’s child support money and laying up in his mansion.”

Here’s the drop:

“Jackie Long was Ray J’s BFF in high school, although he’s from San Diego. Ray J and Jackie Long met in L.A. a very long time ago … and it was Ray J who introduced Jackie to his latest sponsor.”

Ray J & Jackie Long BFF


  1. I’m so happy I never called Jackie when he gave me his number. I cannot stand a loud, attention seeking guy. When I was leaving the place I met him in, he said, “Jackie Long will never do you wrong.” Chile, please. Jackie Long will never do me. Period. I won’t mess with anyone who touched Serena Williams based on what Keyshawn Johnson said about her. I value my southernmost hemisphere.

  2. Whoaaaaa. Hold up, how long did he date her. I do know she is a good rat, did you see the video of her twerking in Drakes hotel room….lol. Hey I got a joke for you Bella

  3. That’s a long time to be eating out of the garbage can. Or should i say, eating out a garbage can!!

    • Who said he was eating out of the trash? I know a guy or 2 who’ve hit a chick that smelled like dirty baby diapers and desperation. Condom or no condom, I don’t see how they do it. If it smells bad, walk away from the thang. Run, matter of fact!

      • Yeah, no shit, pun intended….bit if I run into a dirty cat, I might start beating him up again….lol

  4. Oh, noooooooooooo. I can’t be beating up on that thing, I only got one and beating on it would not be indicative of me loving it. But on the other hand, if we go out on a mission and he shoots off a round in the first three minutes, I will definately beat his ass, literally. Then have a conversation with it. I might say, look here man, if you ever do this shit again, I swear I will take measures will ruin your pleasure. I will make your ass numb before I go. Come on baby get your shit together. You bustin them nuts way too fast. Now look, Bella will be here soon, so you know I need 2hr minimum. You f*ck this up for me, I will kill you. You heard me man, Bella coming over….lol

    • ROTFL!!! I’m crying!!! If I get a 2 hr session, I’ll need to furnish some ice packs, unless you’re gentle.

  5. Nope, no worries. My nic name is master p, only. Because, my main focus is on the pleasue of you, the woman. But nope would never hurt you…I will fineness it….you won’t need a ice pack, no need. Nice and gentle….

    • Master P… Make ’em say ughhhhh!!!
      Gentle is good. Its great. Nothing wrong with it getting a little rough on occasion. Bonus points if you’ve got a firm grip and can slap a little something with a firm hand. But I digress.

  6. But, on the real, I see your comments and I. Got to say that I like it, you don’t let nobody talk shit to you….that is a turn on, you are a real chick. You don’t play girl against boy bullshit. You are real logical and I love that

    • I will pull my sisters to the side, lovingly, if I see them doing something that isn’t befitting of them. But I will never step on a woman’s toes for a man. But tbh, I’m a guy’s girl. I’d rather wear tattered denim, a t-shirt, Adilettes and a designer bag than wear a Bodycon dress and 6″ high heels. That’s just me.

      I like sports, cigars and cars, but I also love Hello Kitty, candy, cupcakes and my catty reality shows. Go figure!

      • I knew there was something in you…you have always commented fairly. This tells me that you are real. You understand what real and are very realistic. You are a rare breed and the man who snags you will have himself a an awesome woman that will always try to be fair. And this is how we all need to be. It will be a better place if more people, it our way

        • Excuse me for this book I’m about to publish, but here goes:

          I know I have said some vile things in here in response to the numerous attacks against me. With that stated, I’m sincere in what I’m projecting. I’m thankful that at least one person can see that.

          Within the past week, I’ve been told I’m everything from a lesbian, I can’t be a real woman because I’m not with the games stank b!tches play, I’m full of myself, yada yada. Not once did I ever address any of these folks or come for them until they popped up under my posts and/or posted my screen name. There are some divisive people here, and I know better than to entertain the d-vil, but sometimes, I feel it necessary to check a keyboard coward in hopes that he/she/it will think thrice before they post. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

          I wonder how many people here are living their best lives? Its easy to comment on the next person’s shortcomings, but its hard as hell to make something of yourself, especially when it feels like the world is against you.

          I’ve had a very blessed and abundant life, but make no mistake ELTHP, I was shallow as a pool of spit not long ago. But things happen in your life to teach you what matters most.

          Suze Orman always closes her show with a little adage she penned. “People first, then money, then things.” Mine was more like God first, then money close second, then things and people were like #143 on the list. Lol.

          It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I was no longer afforded the option of doing what I wanted to do, but rather doing what was necessary for myself and a couple of my family members who desperately needed me. Bye daily jaunts to Starbucks. Bye daily or several times a week jaunts to Neiman, Saks, Bloomies, et al. Bye alternating bi-weekly hair and nail appointments. Bye $1,500, $2k bags and $1k shoes before they became the standard. Bye new car every 2, maybe 3 years. I felt like I was the recipient of a serious smack down, until I was able to make the rounds again, briefly, and saw that everything I saw in the stores I already had. So I wasn’t missing anything other than spending money frivolously, acquiring debt and being a Veruca Salt of sorts (except I paid for it all).

          I always had character and depth, and I’ve always used my intellect for good instead of evil. But the sad fact is, I became known for being the girl who had it, rather than being the girl who IS it, if that makes sense. Everyone judged me superficially. As such, I took it and ran with it, and forged a bunch of superficial affiliations with people in superficial L.A. Most of them aren’t around anymore because money doesn’t flow in my city like it used to. If it did, I’d still be at home, on the side of my bed, tweeting or posting on HSK. Lol

          I appreciate your kindness and decency, because I haven’t felt much in the span of kindness and decency from the collective “human race” in awhile.

      • Let’s see, I have played sports all my like, it’s will always be a part of my life.

        My Cigars: Kuba Kuba Acids
        Cars: I love em too

        I fish, coach kids, DJ, cook every and anything. Tell jokes all the time, keep em in stitches….there is lots more. But maybe later on the personal emails. I can communicate like I want to then.

        • What sports do you play? I’m a fan of football players. Considered marrying one once, but it wouldn’t have worked out. Just as an aside, he coaches kids now.

          I’m a fan of the DJs. If I only had a set of Technics and my previously stolen record collection, I could be somebody! Lol. I have a good ear for music.

          Not a fisherwoman, but if you cook it and clean it, I can bake it or fry it! Lol

          • Cool. I played football and basketball in college. Played basketball over seas for 6 years . Music I my second love behind sports. I also played a little tennis. Got about 3000 albums from my dad. My pop played pro football. Now I gets fish, Im real with a rod…all rods.lol

            • Oh. “Rod” Levar. Lol.

              Were you in the NBA Europe? Loving the album collection. I wish I had 3k albums. Only problem is, I’d have no place to keep them. I need more square footage.

              What genres of music do you like?

            • Nope I played in Japan, ate Mitsubishi dolphins, and the Toyota Alvarks . I like all genres of music except heavy metal how about you?

            • I like some of everything musically, including metal. I grew up listening to punk, new wave and metal first, then everything else later.

              I just acquired the Black Caesar sdtk and D’Angelo’s Live at the Jazz Café albums. I am mildly obsessed with Black exploitation films, so… Lol. I also saw D’Angelo at the HOB back when, so his live vocals bring back fond memories.

              Do you tweet?

    • P.S. I thank you for the compliments. You’ve always been very cool. I come here b/c Jacky’s blog is unlike any other. He and I chat often online, and he is cool people. I have met my fair share of people, so I can vouch for a lot of what’s posted here. And if I know something that was inadvertently omitted, I may add it. But its never my goal to harm a soul. Even when I’m ribbing people, I do so lovingly. Well, that’s my intent.

  7. This just hurted my soul. I love Jackie Long… He was always cleared from all the publicity stunts… and now we finally get sum news on him… I just can not stand the sight of Puffy ***. He bumpin any n everything tht moves. This Niglet is so annoyin. Every since Biggie died… this thing became worldwide… I so believe tht this guy is n the society just like the rest of them!

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