R Kelly Burned His Bridges w/ Mr. Biggs!

R Kelly Stiffed Ron Isley

“Ron Isley is never going to work with R Kelly again.”

HSK Exclusive – A source exclusively tells HSK that Ron Isley wants nothing to do with R Kelly. Know why? Not only does the “Showdown” singer reportedly owe Ron Isley “money for working with him in the past” … he also “avoided Ron’s phone calls” when the legendary Brother reached out to him for his guap, before he checked into jail to serve his three-year sentence.

“Ron asked for the money to help out his wife, while he was away.”

We’re told that’s the reason why R Kelly didn’t perform with Ron Isley at this year’s BET Awards in Los Angeles.

Here’s the drop:

“Ron Isley is never going to work with R Kelly again. Since Ron got out of jail R Kelly’s been avoiding him.”

Ron Isley vs. R Kelly


  1. You don't know what your talking about. I worked for Ron Isley and that is not true ok….he was not set up

  2. All of the people on here don't even know what they are talking about,all of you are commenting on what the "news" told you and one person said they read the transcripts,you lying ass if you did you would no what the truth is. All of you just stop.

  3. No he wasn't stealing and he was the head of his brothers estate,so if a royalty check comes in what is Ron supposed to do with the check?

  4. Again that's not true and she didn't say that on unsung that was your interpretation of it and she did and still does receive money from the songs,go look it up

  5. Da radiant1 boy you need to take several seats,Ron is touring because he loves performing and his money straight that's well let not tell his business. But you spent a lot of time talking about stuff you don't know and A'ngela Winbush ain't touring with him lol! You are so off and wrong….smh!

  6. Kim didn't marry Philip it was Krystal see what I'm talking about all ya'll got wrong info… Lol

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