Louie Rankin Finds Refuge In Toronto?


“He couldn’t handle living in Jamaica.”

HSK Exclusive – He may be the “Original Don Dada” — but that doesn’t mean those graced by the presence of the Dancehall DJ-turned-Screen Actors Guild member recognize — let alone respect — OG Louie Rankin. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Nas.

Sources tell us the “Belly” and “Shottas” actor “lives in the basement of his mother’s house in Toronto Canada.” Though we can’t confirm exactly how long Rankin has been there, we can tell you the Jamaican native is reported to have been deported from the US back to the Caribbean island … before he “moved to Toronto.”


“It’s hard for Louie Rankin to live in Toronto … they don’t show the OG no f*ckin’ respect.”

Here’s the drop:

“Louie Rankin gets no respect out here, they paying him just a-buck-fifty to host Jane and Finch parties. He’s got a fat white girlfriend who tries to talk Jamaican that takes care of him. She pays for everything.”


  1. Louie OX Rankin is rich as f*ck. He has been living up in Canada for years now. Louie OX Rankin has been getting the money, by his restuarant in Hanover , Ontario, called OX caribean cuisine, located downtown, and by acting in shows , movies , singing and rapping on stage as well as in the studio. The Don Dadda has taken over Canada, but is planning on going to the USA again soon.

  2. This article and comments are hilarious. Ox is wealthy and owns a restaurant in Canada. This article sounds like the source is that fat white chick that’s pissed off cuz he aint messing with her lmao. He could of stayed in Jamaica but chose to go to Canada where most of his Family is and his daughter. He will also be returning back to the states, so I don’t see any Karma around here.

  3. Its sad to say that most of the info in this article was and still is true. Ox may have co ownership of a restaurant in Hanover but its a dump and makes little money. His white girlfriend was supporting him. He was on welfare. I heard he does crack and is an angry drunk and is only getting worse. He has supposedly made a cpl movies but none have been released. All of his ‘new’ music is just remixes of his one song. Hes rolling the streets of toronto claiming hes a gangster but has a known prostitute/stripper supporting him claiming to be his woman. I even heard rumors hes got a new fat white girl in Barrie that hes using now too. This well known and repected Don Dadda is just a shit talkin has been trying to live off everyone else. Then act like hes tough. This old ass man needs to slow the f*ck down.

  4. Louie OX Rankin, what a phoney this ‘OG’ is. OX travels from Canada, to Jamacia, to Trinidad, while being on a welfare cheque , he currentely cannot enter the USA, because of criminal charges. He has many kids, with many woman, and doesnt pay child support , for any of them, he has even knocked up some young girls, and he is 63. He buys and wears fake bling sold at flea markets. Don Dadda is a dangerous alcoholic.

  5. He lives in a boarding house above the forum with a bunch of hurting methheads that whole place is over run with Iv meth use. That restaurant is a pile of dirt not a single person goes there. The wholetown knows to stay away from there.. Og should stand for old goof he gives little girls meth same with his buddy jay that lives there too and I mean young young girls. 14 15 16 year olds. Get them hooked on meth and get free sex all day.. He’s a clown goof and so is everyone that hangs there the cops need to kick the door in.

  6. Louie is living in Barrie , Ontario, Canada, now. I seen him cruising with his fake employees and his fat gf. He moved out of Hanover, Ontario , Canada and closed down his restuarant . All Louie ‘AKA’ Teddy Bruckshot , does is get drunk, does street drugs and trys to f*ck girls younger than half his age, even teen age girls, and he does this while cheating on his wife. Rankin is broke as f*ck and all his money he makes, from doing songs, movies , and shows, he doesnt claim on taxes , and is on Welfaire. But he doesnt care cause he is an over 60 year old ganster wanna be.

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