Rick Ross’ Shady Baby Mama Looks For More Money

rick ross baby mama shady

Another of Rick Ross’ baby mamas is in the news trying to get more money

Tia Kemp is trying to get more child support from Ross, claiming the $1,951 she receives each month from him is not enough to support their son, William III.   Now don’t confuse Tia as the money-hungry THOT who had a kid with Rozay and recently sued 50 Cent for $6 million for putting her sex tape online.  That was a whole other money-grubbing baby mama of Rick Ross’.

rick ross baby mama

You might remember this girl as the one who let Fifty buy her a fur coat and then pose in a magazine with him while she wore it, and then putting everyone on blast with a tell-all book.   Well, looks like the book residuals have dried up and Tia is looking for a pay bumpup to $2,800 a month.   She cites the MMG honcho’s Atlanta and Florida mansions, plus his lucrative Wingstop restaurants, as proof that he should be paying more.

In her suit, Kemp claims that their son is a gifted athlete and she needs extra money to help develop his abilities.  Also, she’s due for a new fur coat.


  1. Who in their right minds would want to have sex with THAT man… And UNPROTECTED sex. Good grief

  2. Hell! This chick bitching about$1,951 of child support every month! Hell, Rick Ross can give me $1, 951! I can pay all my damn bills with that money! She ain’t gotta appreciated what she is getting! I’ll take that money and be happy as a clown! These fools looking for a lifestyle.

    • I’m not down for a literal smashing, though! – laughing really loud –

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