Drunk LeBron James Caught Going Home With Two White Girls

lebron drunk white girls

LeBron James was really drunk and left the club with two white girls who are definitely not his wife.

Celebrating the release of “Trainwreck,”  the comedy starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader with LeBron playing a semi-major role, the King was out in Hollywood and got a little too turnt.  The married NBA megastar was seen leaving the club, and he was so drunk he was slurring his words when trying to talk to reporters. 

lebron club white girls

“Trainwreck Friday night, make sure you go see it.  Amy Schumer, Bill…Bill Hader’s unbelievable, and uhh I’m not that good in it,” a wasted James blurted out.  Ahead of him was two white party girls who left the club and got in the car before him.

lebron drunk white girls 2

In the video below you can see the “ladies” get in the same car as him while he drunkenly talks to paparazzo.  Guess he’s embracing his new Hollywood lifestyle fully, and partying with other women then going home with them.


  1. I know ALOT of black males love white women, but this is one black man that does not go ape shit over white girls. Lebron has never been into them like that. Now I’m not sure if they are his assistants or what but I doubt he is f*cking them….at least this public anyway.

  2. Black males are not looking good right now. Didn’t his wife JUST give birth to their daughter? Shouldn’t he be at home bonding with their new baby. I guess he couldn’t resist the opportunity to be around white people.

  3. We all know Bron plays around a bit now and then, and I can’t say that he has never gone with a white chick, but I will say that ww in the car looks like a publicist or handler. IF he was going to be with a random chick from the club, I don’t believe for a minute that it would be an older plain jane like that.
    Y’all know that the studio never sends their stars out w/o handlers to keep them on track and fend off
    possible problems. She fits the profile for that type perfectly.

  4. why did they not do this Negro here like they did Eddie George??? They accused him of cheating, why did they not blast LeBron like that, too?? – laughing – it seems to me that da Kang can do no wrong to the world, yet, others can! Double standard much??

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