Rick Ross Fires Shots at Drake!

rick ross drake meek mill beef

Rick Ross was just inserted himself into the never-ending Drake and Meek Mill feud.

After Drake took shots at Meek during his Philly concert, and Meek’s goons rolled up on the Toronto rapper after the show, Rick Ross went on the “Drink Champs” podcast to put his 2 cents in.

When N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN asked Ricky about Meek getting “destroyed” by Drizzy, Officer Ricky says nothing was lost because they’re all rich…um, okay…

Rick then says if the back and forth between Drake and Meek continue, he’ll be jumping in to back up Meek.

Peep the fake thug going in:



  1. Who cares, no one is buying this,never ending beef shit!… You're not gonna generate more sales, or get people to spend more money at these wack as shows, and events!….people definitely don't want to buy whatever crap these Niggas are paid pennies to peddle either, f*ck their endorsements!…. Trick Ross can alwasys go back to being a corrections officer, they're always hiring! LmBao!

  2. Drake is so hawt with his beard. I love that he is selling so well and that he has fully crossed over. He"ll be doing movies soon just like the prototype Big Willie lol

  3. Like somebody really gives a hot damn. They all need to go some damn place and shut the hell up.

  4. He need to step into Victoria Secret and get bra for them double D's he toting around…lol address that back support!!!!

  5. It's not like he brought it up. It was Andre's diss, and Drake's tantrum that brought it up. He's just being honest.

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