Darren Sharper Racking Up Prison Sentences

darren sharper sentenced louisiana

Last week, former NFL player Darren Sharper was sentenced by a federal judge to 18 years and four months in prison for the drug and rape case involving victims in four states. And now, the state of Louisiana has handed down its sentence.

Darren received a 20-year prison sentence by New Orleans judge Karen Herman.

Sharper pleaded guilty in state and federal courts in New Orleans, and pleaded guilty or no contest to similar charges in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Sharper played 14 seasons in the NFL with the Packers, Saints, and Vikings. He was employed as an analyst for the NFL Network before he was fired when the rape allegations came to light.

He still awaits sentencing in the states of California and Nevada.


  1. This is ridiculous a 20 year sentence for some bullshit he did. I already know if you all don't know the system is designed for us to fail like education, jobs etc. that make it hard for all of us. They keep building and investing in prisons and have us locked up in there like a caged animals. And all of this need to stop.

    • How about stopping raping women in four different states? Would that be an option?

    • So he should get less time for rape? He should be lucky we're not third-world….that's what he deserves…lopped right on off since you want to take it…

      • I agree. That's what's wrong with black people…no accountability like the other person said.

      • He actually did get less time. His original deal included everything he did in all states, so I am not sure why the story says he still needs to be sentenced in Nevada & California unless something fell through. Hopefully it did so he can spend the rest of his life behind bars.

    • He got exactly what the f*ck he deserved, hell if possible I would have given him more time and sent him to the most dangerous prison in the nation. Im not going to f*cking cape for someone just because their the same skin color as I, and then blame that shit on the system. His ain't shit mother likely failed him, and most of all, he failed himself.

      • Probably his ain't shit daddy was absent from the home. Never helping out financially 'cause he had another 4 – 5 kids from 3 – 4 baby mothers. Maybe did some time along the way. You know –

  2. Good looking, rich and famous & still raping hoes. Doesn't make sense … dumb ninjas smh

  3. Serves him right and f*ck him. Throw him over and under the jail. Celebrity aside, the majority of niggas out her straight up ain't shit.

  4. Brothers and sistas check this out:

    1. Stanford student Brock Turner convicted of rape and doesn't go to prison

    2. University of Colorado student Austin Wilkerson convicted of rape, doesn't go to prison

    3. Owen Labrie raped a 15 year old girl in New Hampshire, doesn't go to prison

    4. David Becker raped two girls in Massachusetts, doesn't go to prison

    Darren Sharper raped women and he is in prison. That is where he belongs. These white boys raped women, but they didn't go to prison! This is BULLSHIT! I'm sick and tired of the racist double standard in Amerikkka. These white boys getting preferential treatment from the justice system is white supremacy at its worse! Any white man who doesn't think white supremacy exists is telling more lies than Hillary Clinton!

    • Yep one of them has Judge Persky / 'Pesky' to thank for that. Good old white superiority at work right there

    • Worst part is you don't see the feminist protesting. I hope all those victims sue the men and the judges for letting them walk. It's the least they can do. They were victims just like the women Darren raped.

      • White feminist don't give a f*ck about anyone who doesn't have the complexion for protection for the collection. Gloria will never seek to represent women of color.

    • …You face much, much more 'gross' abuse at the hands of white men worldwide, but by all means, continue living in White-people-do-no-wrong-land, Troll.

      • Actually black women & children do not. Check the stats. Who is more likelier to kill us? It's black men.

    • What a horrifying story. The agony the one sister must have gone through while her sister was sexually and physically violated then murdered, knowing she would meet the same fate.

      I just want to know: was the rape epidemic more or less during apartheid?

      • For black women and children rape during apartheid was more or less the same as it is now. Back then a lot of black women wouldn't speak out because "you don't want to put black men in prison". For white women its a lot more now simply because they don't enjoy the extensive police & military protection they had back then.

  5. So he likes raping women. Big Bubba is waiting for him. He will be someone's biatch in jail. Giddy up mother f*cker

  6. We know why the whites ain't going to jail it's wrong when anybody rapes regardless of color but f*ck all these rapists regardless of what color you are

  7. Maybe he has a brain defect. I can't understand why a man who can have any woman in the world would do such a thing. It's a shame. I'm surprised he didn't get a good lawyer.

    • There is a WHOLE lot of men out here just like him
      They just get away with a lot because they are powerful and have a lot of resources
      U would be so surprised with how many good looking succesful men who does this on a regular

      • Ive think about this too. Though they may be alluring and handsome, I would stay away from male celebrities, rich men of the upper echelon. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and money and power often go hand in hand with moral bankruptcy.

    • Rape is not solely about sex.

      It is about power and control among a few other things, that is where people get confused.

  8. Jail been hard on this lowlife. Look at him, he looks bonkers, hair fallin out, unkempt.

    Wait until he gets to prison…

    right where da f*ck he belong!

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