Big Freedia Escapes Jail Time

big freedia probation

Looks like scammin’ the system has paid off for Big Freedia.

The New Orleans artist was popped last year for continuing to receive section 8 housing vouchers even though his income was well over the eligibility limit.

Big Freedia signed paperwork admitting he got $695 a month in federal housing vouchers from February 2011 through December 2014.

He lied on his paperwork, telling government officials he was making only $12,000-$14,400 a year. His real income wasn’t revealed, but he was going on international tours, had a TV show on the Fuse Network, was selling his own Big Freedia merchandise, and was featured in Beyonce’s “Formation” video…so you do the math!

He plead guilty to fraud and was looking at up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Instead, he was only fined $35K and sentenced to three years of probation. He must pay his fine off in increments of $500 per month, and he must do 100 hours of community service. He will also be subjected to drug testing since he failed a bunch of test while out on bail.


    • Wait….sorry, I'm not trying to be funny but does he look like James Brown in a weave or is it just me?

      • He does look like J.B!….LmBao!….Hey, Hey, Hey, Heeeeey! ((James Brown voice)???????????

    • Oh damn….i just said the same thing. I thought it was just me.
      Okay…we're seeing the same thing.
      At least I'm not totally crazy!!! ?

  1. If he had been just another scamming n*gga in N.O. he'd be doing time right now.

    #Black celebrity privilege

    • Yup, I wondered who spoke to the judge for him.

      Also, unattractive men are even more unattractive as trans women

  2. These drag queens are ridiculous and most if not all of them don't have any sense. Like I said drag queens are very entertaining they really are.

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