Drake Sends Special Message to Rihanna

rihanna drake billboard ad

It looks like Drake and Rihanna’s relationship is heating up, and Drake sent out a special message to his boo for the world to see.

The Toronto rapper rented a billboard after Rihanna was announced as the MTV VMA’s Video Vanguard recipient. The billboard message reads, “Congratulations to Rihanna from Drake and everyone at OVO.”

Cute or thirsty?


  1. Who the f*ck cares about either one of them she is a industry whore and he is a fruity and sellout puppets like the rest of the retards out there.

    • LOL if he said "Congratulation to Rihanna the LOve of my life" that would have been something worth reporting LOL LOL

      poor pathetic played out lesbian nobody wants. chris got his justice the God given way

      • Yep it's a shame that THIS chick can't be HONEST with herself… I'm sure everybody in the Industry knows THIS already. Ha Ha Ha hella PR stunt

        Yeah Chris Brown around laughing his behind off…over THIS pathetic shyt. ??????

    • @Chris! Eeeeeeeeew, yuck!…your so nasty!???? This is just another sad attempt, of mass distraction!…There celebrity scandals, and love reports, have ghotten old and rotten, just like most of their genitals!….Rihanna done f*cked everybody, she's pretty worthless now, like that old rag you clean off the stove with!

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